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I think what he means is that the availability of digital copies of episodes has definitely made fewer people doing the recording themselves.
There is no reason for it to ever go past $99. There is also no reason for them to maintain 2 models. These aren't iPhones. The hardware doesn't matter, and the last thing they need are "hardware options" for users. Without an internal storage model, there is no reason for it. I fully expect the new AppleTV to replace the current at $69. ***The only exception to this could be if Apple were to go all out with becoming a console for gaming. They may want Metal games written...
I guess that depends on what use it would have in navigating the UI. The way I interpret the 'touch pad remote', is that Apple wants to bring some of the feel/function of the Remote app to the included remote control device. And if the remote can activate Siri/Dictation as well, it helps fill the void of the keyboard. I think very wisely they are going for an included remote that has ways of doing what 3 different input devices would do separately.
Don't expect 4K video to play any part in the next AppleTV.There is no 4K content, every home still has a 1080p TV, and its just a big bag of expensive hurt. More bandwidth, more cost, more everything. People are satisfied with 1080p in the living room. The pain point is not visual quality, the pain point is accessibility, availability, and discovery of content. The pain point is UI navigation and playing the thing you want to watch. On the hardware side, AppleTV still...
Maybe it will drop low enough for me to afford some more.
Everyone should be taking burst shots anyway and taking advantage of all the AI onboard to detect the best picture, so pressing and holding the software shutter button makes the most amount of sense.
I can't begin to express how much more excited I am for the new Apple TV than the iPhone Success.
An iPhone retails for $700...someone has to pay Apple for that.   If you want your carrier to pick up $500 of it, and you only pay $200...they are going to find a way to recoup that cost from you. If it means charging you more for service, AKA your monthly bill, then they will (and they have). It also means they have to lock you in to at least two years of overpriced service, to ever hope to turn a profit on you.   Instead, your carrier will offer you an installment...
Financing or Outright purchase is the way to go. Subsidies never made any financial sense, and have done nothing to but skew the public perception of the value of the devices, and resulted in contracts with unrealistic timeframes and "overpaying" for wireless service when it was really just a different way of recouping cost.
New Posts  All Forums: