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 I've been thinking the same thing given the amount of detailed leaks from manufacturing this early. But perhaps they are just ramping up sooner (finally!) In order to meet that demand come launch.... But I have to wonder....with an obvious new resolution on the way....devs are going to have to update apps. Apple has rarely allowed much lead time for this to happen from announcement to release. Sure they give plenty of time for a new iOS update, but they had barely 2 weeks...
You're distorting the obvious reality. The 4.7" model will not go up to $299 starting point. It will start at $199. It is the 5.5" device that will command the $299 starting price. Meanwhile, the 5s as we know it, or a 5s inside of a new shell to match the new design of the new lineup, will be the 4" offering at $99.
 Well you're right if there is little to no feature or hardware disparity between the 4.7" and 5.5" models then 'premium' is the wrong word, but the size will be driving factor on price in the end. Just as iPad sees a $100 price difference in its two sizes, the iPhone will continue seeing the same. 
Is that not an exact comparison? Or at least, half of it is? The last 4" iPhone, the iPhone 5s, will stick around, unless Apple goes all out with a new design scheme, and rebuilds the 5s internals into a new physical design, one that used across the entire new lineup of 4", 4.7", and 5.5" iPhones.Either way.....The 4" device will be $99.The 4.7" device will be $199The 5,5" device will be $299 I see that being a stellar lineup for the fall, with a (possibly) brand new...
Have you looked at the mockup? One looks drastically larger than the other. I have no doubt they'll bill the larger version as premium and easily command $100 more.
3.5" & 4" iPhones have been separated by $100. Expect 4" & 4.7" and 4.7" & 5.5" to behave similarly in 2014.
Whoever put the iPhone 5 front plate over that mold and drew the arrow and wrote 4.7" on it should be fired.
 Well...I have to point out that the iPhone 5/5s/5c are not as easily one-handed as you describe. I have relatively large hands and I still find myself "rocking" the phone a bit for my thumb to reach the top corners. Honestly, 3.5" was the only truly EASY one handed device. Everything and anything bigger than that is going to present SOME measure of added difficulty for one handed operation. It becomes a question of tradeoffs. It becomes a question of market demand. Do...
^ please read some other posts that coincide.
 What do you want me to say? 16 GB is not enough for you. It is not enough for ME either, as I already stated and must now repeat. For the overwhelming majority of people...it does just fine. Do you not realize that there are 8 GB offerings too? In fact, brand new iPhone 5c 8 GB version? There is a big market for these devices.....people that care more about saving a $100 at time of purchase than the permanent storage capacity of the phone. Stop being pedantic and...
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