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This whole article is unnecessary.   iPad has very long upgrade cycle. Without contracts, people OWN these devices, and they are not as easy to trade in as a phone (size).   Does the tech industry run articles about people's upgrade cycles on PCs/Macs/Televisions?   iPad penetrated strong, and stays strong with the people that don't yet have one. I see people with iPad 2 just beginning to think about an upgrade. It is not mystery.
... iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.... There are no shortage of fantastic file management apps that allow you to both OPEN and SAVE TO from the Apps you use. And they are backed up to the cloud. This isn't 2010 anymore. iOS has full file management. On my Mac, I don't save important files to my e'ffing downloads folder. I use Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive. Coincidentally the same Apps that arte ubiquitous and functional on iOS. Sorry if I sound huffy, I just can't stand...
I completely agree with this. I think this is a great feature and should be on by default, but it would be more helpful for notify the user even in a subtle way like a little "+" symbol or something next to the WiFi logo, to indicate assist kicking in. This feature will never ever ever be used by me, because I know how to properly setup a WiFi network. For most people that don't have a clue, and will sit 2 rooms away from a shitty router with 1 bar of service, it might be...
The only way in which I can see this feature as a grey area is the fact that WHEN the Wi-Fi assist kicks in, you will still see the Wi-Fi indicator in the status bar...albeit probably 1-2 bars (poor connection).   HOWEVER, there is no written rule anywhere that says your device is using ZERO data when the Wi-Fi logo is visible. So, therefore no user anywhere has any recourse whatsoever over data being used at any point in time.   If the you as the user do not want...
People have to stop going to such extremes with their thought processes and comments.   iPhone replaced laptops for some people. iPad replaced laptops for more people. iPad Pro will replace even more laptops for even more people.   And there will still be people with laptops. Just fewer than when this all started.
 Uh...what the hell did they think it was going to be? Have they ever used an iPad with a keyboard? Any time in the last 5 years?
 You're not getting the Adobe software that is designed for Mouse input on a touch device. Its just not happening. They have made what they feel is worth having on a touch display, and its already available. So, don't wait around for that. And that ancient myth about proper file management makes you look ignorant. All of my important files on my Mac/PCs are stored in either iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. All of which are completely accessible on iPad.
This is simply not true. Touch cannot completely replace a Mouse. They are different kinds of inputs, like different kinds of brushes. I design graphics in Creative Suite. Can't do that with touch, its just ridiculous. You need a mouse for it. This just one example. That said, Order my iPad Pro through ATT.com. When I'm away from my desk, I'd rather make do with an iPad instead of needing a second Mac.
 Apple doesn't do worthless gimmicks. I have the 3 new Lightning peripherals sitting on my desk right now. Genius Apple made sure they recharge with the cable that is already plugged in to one of my USB ports.
Although I have no doubt that the Remote App will return in time, I think it was smart of them to force everyone to USE the new Remote, instead of throwing in the drawer and falling back on their old (shitty) remote app, and then saying "Hey this thing isn't all that different!!!!" IMO, they could have, and should have, made Siri and Dictation far more robust before doing this...but they didn't.
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