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Oh really? I cut the cord for $0. Because all I watch is what can be seen through AppleTV.Cutting the cord does not mean finding a different way to watch all the same crap. It means ditching the crap because you don't watch it, or have any desire or need to watch it.
I'm not comparing just the prices. I don't want to pay anything per month for anything that I'm not using. That's why I have an Apple TV, and no cable at all, right now. If so desire to watch content on ABC, I want to pay for just ABC...not a bundle of other channels. That's why I don't have cable now. This isn't a proposed solution to cable. Its just cheaper cable.
I like my setup...All I use is the Vizio remote that came with my TV. It controls my TV, the Apple TV, and Vizio Sound bar that I have...all required no programming.
I just don't get it...   We've been hearing about ala carte channels at decent price points (3.99 - 14.99)...but this has been apparently taking forever to get off the ground.   Now its, a single subscription for around $30? And this is what's coming soon?   The former option makes more money for content providers assuming the user signs up. The latter option is just like cable: ALL involved are getting a little piece from EVERY user, even if the person never turns...
 If you're gonna sign up for all of those, why shouldn't you be paying about the same as you would for cable?Ala Carte channels are for people who DO NOT want to pay for channels they are not going to watch. None of this has anything to do with offering all the same channels as cable for less money. If that's what you think this is all about, you've missed the point entirely.
I can't keep track of how many books and movies are all made about him. Its all boring.
I don't think you quite understand cord cutting. I have cut off cable because I don't watch any of that stupid crap on any sort of regular basis.It would be nice, however, on the off chance that something of value is shown on certain network, that I could pay $4.99 for a month of that network, right through my AppleTV, to get access to whatever it is.
Wouldn't be an upcoming product launch without yield issues.
This is pretty much how I believe (in my opinion) that Touch ID login on Mac should work anyway. I believe its an incredible waste of effort to build Touch ID hardware into Macs, or trackpads, or the mouse. You already have your iPhone setup for Touch ID, it already pairs to your Mac without effort....build this in to the OS and done. If you want Touch ID authentication, you authenticate on your iPhone or AppleWatch and you're done. I really, really don't see the need to...
New Posts  All Forums: