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Well now....isn't that just a fantastic understanding of how intimately tied with the entire UI the crown is.
   Its DOA.
These are the kind of devices that ultimately will cease to exist thanks to Apple Watch. Yes, I'm aware Apple Watch will not track your sleep (but neither will this gadget when u take it off to charge it)....my point is, single function $49 wearables have no future whatsoever.
Cue the people who think this means Mac OS X coming to iPad.
Wow. Shame on you PayPal. Cheap ploy to capitalize on Apples popularity. PayPal isn't secure at all. ApplePay requires Touch ID. Good luck stealing a fingerprint.
 No it isn't. Precisely my thinking.
With AT&T at least, its a fantastic option. I do not think Verizon is AS compelling....but both are still great options.
Except that's not how it works at all. People that opt for NEXT pay $15-25 per month less for the SERVICE.
Its not a scam....certain people are completely out to lunch with their off-contract phones...they think they're beating the system in some way...but actually losing money compared to other buyers. They are the same people that buy cars instead of leasing them. Because at the end of a 6 year finance having paid $500 a month for 72 months....they believe they are left with a vehicle that will just keep on working...instead of what they're actually left with, a vehicle that...
There is no scam. The only "scam" is paying $949 for a phone plus tax just to have the privilege of what? Switching carriers every other month? Because that's necessary? Or makes any sense at all? Why is it that everyone that thinks they're beating the system (but actually getting screwed) by buying off contract phones has to criticize the sensible methods that have been put in place for people to purchase smartphones? If you think AT&T NEXT is a scam, or anything other...
New Posts  All Forums: