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Why is optical a problem? I go HDMI out of AppleTV into my TV, and Optical out of my TV to the soundbar. It carries Dolby Digital sound with it.
Does that even work? I'd be surprised. There are more things you cannot use your voice for on Apple TV, than can. I do feel like the over emphasis on Siri has been misleading. The parts that work, are great, and make me wish the whole product had it integrated.
 Do you really think is acceptable when it is introduced along side a mature iOS? It is even called tvOS 9.0. They should have called it 1.0, like they did with watchOS. I love the Apple TV but am a bit disappointed that it is in so many ways a very very very baby version of iOS.
I'm surprised no one has asked this but: We need iCloud Keychain and/or 1Password. For all intents and purposes, a tvOS device is the same as an iOS device and shares these needs. Would be great to pull up the 1Password extension every time you need to input a login.
Honestly I'd prefer they get dictation integrated so that you can voice search/input most of the UI, instead of the incredibly dumbed down level that Siri achieves on it right now. Bluetooth keyboards are unnecessary. The Remote App needs to work obviously, but I'd rather NOT have to reach for it as the primary method of text input. The need need need to get dictation working. I know that traditionally voice entry for passwords is not acceptable, but maybe Apple could...
Got news for you. iPhone 7 is not going to look dramatically different.
They should not skip 3D Touch. A phone that is almost equal to an iPhone 6s in a 4" case would sell well at $99 / $549. Very well. Maybe even too well for Apple's liking...
Returning the product? Yes, that's ridiculous.But this is no minor issue, as far as these things go. I'm huge Apple apologist and excuse maker, and even I am seeing this as a very very very half-baked release
Eddie Cue or Tim Cook really needs to respond to this. They can respond to fucking Taylor Swift, but they can't respond to their own users. 1) No iOS or  WATCH App. 2) No Bluetooth keyboard support 3) No Dictation support for any text field, despite the misleading emphasis on Siri. They literally went out of their way to make it difficult to use the product. Any of the three ways that would have satisfied text entry, for now, are all missing. Absolutely...
The absurdity of this situation cannot be overstated.   Why in the actual **** would they disable Bluetooth Keyboards and the iOS Remote App? Are they completely fucking bonkers?   You can't even say its to promote Siri because Siri doesn't work for most of the interface and apps, and there is NO SIRI DICTATION on any of the key entry fields.   This is one of the biggest head scratchers yet from modern Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: