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I did not make your point. Farthest thing from it. The "masses" buy a song or a movie here and there from iTunes and all of that content is always available from iCloud, all the time. They just know they hit the Play button and it plays. Anyone who does anything even slightly more advanced than that is capable of figuring out how.
I purchased 2 identical 3 TB LaCie drives, 1 is the actual storage drive for the iTunes library, iPhoto library, etc. The other is a Time Machine backup, that includes backing up the other LaCie. Pretty good overall solution, short of a RAID setup.
What's so crazy about it? I use iTunes Match, so when it really matters, my music is indeed available from iCloud. But I still have a Mac with an external drive that stores my iTunes Library, and its been that way for a good 10 years or more. Various iterations over time, but I've always had iTunes Library stored locally on an external disk. And I always will. Cloud is convenience. Not reliance. I will always prefer a combination of local + cloud for the best of...
Is it remotely possible that it is less important the actor look exactly like Steve Jobs and more important that he acts the role accordingly? I just checked: it is indeed possible.
Fassbender looks different every time I see him.
^ Thank you.
"Not available in the US Store." Cool. That about concludes my interest.
How bad are things really across the country? At the address I live, Comcast is the only option. That usually puts you in a bad position of no real options.   I have 115 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. Unbalanced for sure, but it gets the job done. You probably assume I pay through the nose for that, but I had a first year promotional rate of $39/mon, and now in my second year I pay $56/mon.   I still think its overpriced, but compared to the rest of the market I don't think...
Let's get Photos.app already.
Right. This guy knows how it is. 4 hours is not 19 hours, or have we not learned our numbers yet?
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