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Yes I would agree with that. This is without a doubt the next 'way' people pay, like swiping the card became. And Apple Pay will surely be the catalyst that gets it going. I think I expected more announcements of new retailers, the way we get these bimonthly reports on the 20 or 50 new banks Apple has signed up. The speed of that part determines the speed of everything else. I just expected more speed than we've seen there. With that said, Apple Pay, CarPlay, and HomeKit...
  What I meant is that the expansion/adoption of Apple Pay rests solely on its availability at retailers small and large, and it makes no difference if Apple continues to add more and more banks. Even if Apple Pay were limited to the top 5 banks/major credit cards....it would still be in the hands of 90% of potential users. The lack of any significant progress made in the retail space inside of 1 year makes it hard to see where the momentum is.
Discover has promised support coming this fall.
....and zero new retailers.
They thought about it then too. We've been hearing this ghost story about Apple being its own carrier for 8 years.
I asked a serious question, which is why can't they do this now. As others have pointed out, the difference between cellular calls/carrier voicemail and VOIP is likely the reason why there are walls in place.
Why can't it do this now? Pretty much every VOIP operator has a voice-to-text conversion for voicemail. There is nothing special about it. But it works. How is it that Apple can make this wait until 2016, and probably bill it as a major feature? Like everything else...its probably not "doing it" thats the problem....its "doing it for hundreds of millions of users all day everyday". EDIT: I'm only talking about the voice-to-text aspect. Not the rest of the far more...
The joys of an "open" OS.
Nope, I'm sorry, not my problem, but your mistake. How you perceive it doesn't matter. It is what it is, and to be a good a product, it needs to be all of what it is. Its an iPhone Accessory. Thats why it Requires an iPhone. This isn't a debate. You trying to make a point about why you think the Apple Watch is just fine with 1/10th of the functionality the shipping product boasts is completely irrelevant. Apple does NOT ship the product you think is adequate, so NO, you...
You're basically describing how competition works. Someone more dedicated than yourself has the opportunity to replace your App with their own, by doing nothing more than staying on top of what Apple and the user base expect a modern App to be. I firmly believe in Apple's curation policies on the store, and I feel they should be even more rigid, to the benefit of the user experience. Far too many Apps on the store that have either A) not been updated in a long time, or B)...
New Posts  All Forums: