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There you go again. Adding nothing to conversation, distorting previous posts, name calling, and borderline stalking. You bore me, like you wouldn't believe. Look at that line I bolded. How sad is that. Do you really feel like that's how the internet works? I can say whatever I want, and be completely right or completely wrong, and guess what? It makes no difference. At least its more interesting than what you contribute, which amounts to nothing more than out-of-context...
Can we please hear from all the people who think this means Apple is trying to clear inventory for the successful iPod touch product to get ready for the 'brand new' iPod touch launching later this year? Come on, please? I love those people.   What you just saw here is the extent of the iPod touch updates for 2014.
No. It is not. The iPod touch is a weak product. Its niche market is smaller than AppleTV. This aggressive pricing is in response to weak demand. Nothing more. The iPhone is not getting any cheaper. That's Apple's bread and butter.
I'm perfectly fine with 3rd party tweaks requiring an App to be delivered through the App Store. Rolls it in with ecosystem for discoverability and delivery, and easy install/uninstall. To remove the keyboard, you delete the App. Simple.  I don't like tweaks being installed on people's devices and they have no idea where it went. Not to mention the whole new UI needed for removing tweaks, bleh. Not needed. The "App" is already a hugely developed mechanism for delivery 3rd...
 Where do you get that idea? You mistakenly believe Amazon needs a massive support staff to sustain Mayday. They have like 8 customers. The only reason they can do it is because their device ownership is so low. I doubt there are more than 1000 legitimate presses of the Mayday button per day, worldwide. All of which can be handled by as little as as 50 support reps. Apple on the other hand..... No, they're not. It would require more support reps than Apple currently has...
 Life long star wars fan, and never knew this. Always just assumed the acronym came first....and now realize how stupid that is, considering how 'X-Wing' and 'Y-wing' got their oh-so-creative names.
You can't say it LOOKs like crap since to me it looks exactly like a frigging iPhone. Clearly, no one has had a single idea since Jonny Ive in 2006.
Yes it's great for all of that...but unfortunately $100-$200 overpriced.
Awful. Horrific specs. Should be $999 at most.
New Posts  All Forums: