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But it is. You are not the average user. If you run out of space on a 16 GB iPhone, TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU, You are not the average user. The average user makes call, sends messages, and takes a photo here and there. At most, these people may have to delete some old conversations or remove some photos/video to make room for new....but this isn't a problem. We don't take pics and video on our phones for them to live there forever...they have final destination somewhere else.
They are not going to arbitrarily raise any prices. What they CAN do is offer premium products at higher prices than whatever the base model standard is. Try to keep up.
 I can definitely see Apple working something out to have carriers more gleefully promote iPhone...instead of pushing people on crap phones that simply cost the store less (what a horrid situation). But I highly doubt that Apple plans on punishing its user base by increasing the baseline retail price for a 16 GB iPhone. Not a frigging chance in the world, actually.
 I can't see them discontinuing 4", but I can see them not updating it and just lowering the price to make room for new models, yes.
Phone = One handed use. At least it should. It is what most significantly distinguishes it from a tablet, which is a 2-handed device. If they are really making a 5.5"...that device simply won't qualify as one handed. Not without major difficult. Regardless, I might get the fabled 5.5" anyway.
 Its not enough for ME either. That's why I bought 32 GB devices. I wanted more, so I paid more. Somehow you seem to have a problem with paying for what you get. "16 GB isn't enough for ME so it shouldn't be the standard/base model." Sorry, I disagree with that sentiment.
Subsidized prices are by far the most significant and important. I don't care nor pay much attention to the unsubsidized retail price. It appears Apple doesn't either. Their marketing strategy for iPhone centers around U.S. carrier prices. The rest of the world just falls into line somewhere close to it. Usually more expensive in some way. Not great for marketing.
 So you want a 4" phone? Do you have a 5s yet? What more do you need than that? Apple COULD go all out and introduce a brand new line of iPhones. All new same physical design at 4", 4.7", and 5.5". Something new and incredibly powerful at 3 sizes.  No one would have any reason left to buy an Android phone. As if they had reason now.
I don't understand? Did I miss something? The iPhone 5s will drop by $100 to accommodate the incoming flagship model(s). No surprise there. The iPhone 5c will do its own thing. Either it stays around as just an $0 - 8 GB model....or they keep a 16 GB version priced at $49 or $99. Yeah it would be weird having a 16 GB 5c and 16 GB 5s at the same exact price...they probably won't do that. But recent pricing structures lead to believe its an option.
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