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HAHAHHAHA.  Sorry. No. -Actual Developer. 
Unless you consider a revised 5c with 5s internals to be an "updated 4" model"...then I'm sorry to tell you that absolutely will not be happening.
That's not going to Apple. Storage = Apple's profit margin. They would drop the 32 from existence, and slide 64 & 128 down in price point, before they would get rid of 16 GB model. Even today, at least half if not a larger majority of users have no need for anything over 16 GB. That still leaves millions of people who want/need more than 16. But no reason to axe 16.
I still don't believe it is really happening.   But if it does, I want one.
That's probably the most incorrect thing you possibly come up with....considering the last iteration of both iPads brought total feature/spec parity to the lineup, from the chip to the display to the battery. They are the same machine, except one has a slightly bigger screen and slightly higher clock speed (merely because the larger battery allows for it).
And Safari.
 This is iPhone. Sorry to disappoint.  It doesn't take much to know that with all we've seen...this is it.
I would love that too, but secrecy on that level just doesn't exist anymore. Not for iPhone. Too much money and too big of industry rides on iPhone. There are enough interested parties out there to assure that the iPhone cannot be completely kept secret this close to launch. Unlike, for instance, the Mac Pro. Apple was able to blindside people with that product because such a small market segment was waiting for it, and many have given up on expecting it. There wasn't a...
It has everything to do with reality. He realized he was completely wrong about Apple ever planning to create an iWatch or a 5.5 iPhone in 2014, and has successfully backtracked by using the common copout "manufacturing issues caused delay". Considering he has been pulling the same for years, I can't imagine the issues Apple must be having with those products that have been having "manufacturing delays" for several years now.
As much as I'd like to believe the iWatch was coming this year, there has been absolutely nothing happening. No parts, no product orders, no manufacturing leaks.....nothing. It's not happening right now. And because it is nearing the fall and Apple's major product launches, there is no possibility of that changing in 2014.   Kuo has no chance but to claim it is "delayed" because enough time has past without a peep to make it impossible for 2014. His guess was wrong, but...
New Posts  All Forums: