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I for one did not see them using NFC because the physical nature of it is ridiculously insecure. What I did not foresee, but should have, is that it could be used in a way that completely negates the security or non security of the wireless protocol itself.
The watch far exceeds my expectations in every way. Just about every single idea I had is there, almost to the letter. And far more. Wow.
I could have done without the Reachability feature...but to have it is a great convenience. Well done Apple.
Not even close. Unless you demonstrate this is fragile and will break easily and is a horrible design flaw...then your comment is empty baseless FUD.
No, it really isn't.
Big incentives would a sure way to drive adoption of this.
Geez, what a way to say what we already knew... "We have to, because our device won't compete with whatever Apple shows tomorrow."
I don't think it is about speed. It is about convenience & security. Arguably a token based purchase made from an iPhone is potentially a lot more secure than a plastic card with a number and magnetic strip. And a wave of the phone is (supposedly) more convenient than taking your wallet out, your card out, swiping (if the reader/strip are both optimal) then pinning in a code or signing a screen. Even if its hold up your phone, wait for prompt, Touch ID, done.
I wonder if the 5.5 will ultimately see a high rate of returns....people exchanging it for the 4.7" when they decide it is too big.   It's seems plausible given what I know about consumers.
The intertwining of Color, Cheap, and China made the 5c an unavoidable name. It is a great name. And we'll see it revised with the 6c.
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