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I have not. I tried Plex once years ago and I found to be terribly clumsy and difficult to setup and I gave up on it and moved on almost immediately. Yes it does.  Not sure about that...I don't think so.
I may indeed need a pair of the little Beats now that I heard AppleTV is supporting bluetooth headphones. For my iPhone, nothing can beat the pair of Phillips Fidelio Lightning headphones I just got. Outstanding.
 some people. What sort of insane delusion of reality do you live in that could even possibly motivate such a thought, let alone a post? Are you people really this disenchanted with technology already, you have no appreciation for what these devices actually are? The iPad is still years ahead of its time.
I think you know the answer to that. The move to Apple chips in Macs is the move to Mac App Store only.
Those of you taking delivery of 6s soon...you might want to hold off upgrading your current phone to 9.1 beta. You may end up stuck trying to restore your new phone from backup...a device (like the 6s) with 9.0 cannot restore from a backup made with 9.1, etc. Then you'll have the unnecessary hassle of trying to restore the 6s to 9.1, then restore from backup...all the while hoping you activated the 6s properly. There is also the remote possibility (if your old phone is...
 Definitely do. I've been using it for years. Install the ServeToMe server application on a Mac or PC, configure for Local or Local & Remote access, and install StreamToMe on any Mac or iOS device.  The only thing it won't do is DRM content, but that stuff is easy enough to stream from iTunes in the Cloud.
I feel bad for T-Mobile retail and support staff. They literally change their entire policy, plans, and offerings weekly.
Seems kinda silly that Home Sharing would be a second class citizen when the new 3rd party Apps are going to let you do all kinds of simple and easy things like this. At least Home Sharing works on AppleTV, which is more than can be said for iOS devices with far more horsepower. Home Sharing is a joke on iOS. Having to reload the Home Sharing library every time you go to use it, which can take several minutes...pathetic. I'll just stick with StreamToMe. If only their UI...
You're network isn't setup right. 802.11ac routers + devices = no need for Ethernet. Even latency is impressive over 802.11ac. I still use Ethernet where I can, but for everything Wireless in the home, 802.11ac leaves nothing to be desired. Counting down the days until my AppleTV is using it.
Would almost bank on iPhone 7 sporting this.
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