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Chrome usage would be 0% if not for the fact that its slammed in your face if you use Google to search for anything.
you just sold me
I'm sure someone who has paid for a Spotify-type thing will see the value in this. I certainly don't. I like the balance between iTunes Match/iTunes Radio for music.
Sometimes they are, just depends on how close you are to the cut off between first run, and the next scheduled batch. Apple knows down to the day when the next batch will be deliverable, and when they quote a long time frame in advance, its usually accurate.
Still?The droves of people who will say anything to minimize the popularity of the device will soon have nothing left to say, when real numbers are revealed. This is already as popular as the iPhone itself. Wait and see.
85% of who? Certainly not users. I haven't synced an iPhone with iTunes in a few years now. Its not necessary. At all. And the majority of iPhone users have never even used iTunes on a Mac or PC.
TIL the few people actually using Aperture sure like to post online.   In all seriousness, Photos is a fantastic application and basically THE photo organization app I've been dreaming about since the first day of iPhoto. I don't care that it has basic editing function. Thats not what its for. I'm sorry to those of you bummed about the discontinuation of Aperture, but that it is a standalone event not related to the release of Photos. Apple could have maintained Aperture...
 Pretty much the same drivel that was spewed about a 5K iMac last year.
Pretty much what I'm thinking. The Retina 5K is the best thing I've ever seen... I now work on it every day and I don't know how I ever worked on anything else. Its truly magnificent. That said, someone like me (the target market for the device) would be just as happy to have a super hi res 30" iMac. So yea, bring it on.
Neat. Can't wait to just use one.
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