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No, I definitely don't think so. Either Thursday after the event, or Friday the 17th.
The best part is the iPhone 5s being in the top 3. At $99, its still way better than anything that any one else has to offer.
Yep, seems to me that iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay will be launching after the event on Thursday, or the following day Friday the 17th. Same story with Yosemite.
Retailers will quickly fall into line. It will quickly be established as secure shopping vs. Non secure shopping.
Now that there is a secure option that doesn't result in my card being compromised twice this year? You bet your wise ass it does.I will go out of my way to avoid retailers that don't quickly adopt Apple Pay.
I had my hopes up too for a new Mac mini... Until somebody said something about Retina iMac.
Works fine for me and my many many year old library.
Considering iPad purchases REPLACE the purchase of a PC Mac or ShitBook for a lot of people, to not include them is psychotically disingenuous, and a fraudulent attempt to pretend that Apple hasn't taken over and made everything else irrelevant.
Neither do Mac Minis, and lots of PC towers.
That's ridiculous FUD Garbage. Get off this site if you're going to pander bulls*t
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