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"19 hours of mixed usage" sounds about right for how I will use it, and that already gets me through a whole day, which is all I care about. So already with Gen 1, they appear to have nailed all that is needed.
 1. Its as much a watch as the iPhone is a phone.2. It couldn't possibly be any clearer.
Definitely a tough product to properly state battery life. There is no defined pattern of usage. But its definitely not a product you stare at with the screen on for hours or even minutes at a time. Like every watch that came before it, you glance at it when you need to. Even adding the actionable notifications into the mix, your interaction with it will still be minuscule compared to an iPhone. All it has to do is last a whole day under what becomes 'normal' usage for...
RIGHT. From this I would have to assume you believe the US Government and its various agencies to be benevolent organizations that are doing what they can for the betterment of their people, and all people. As opposed to the unbelievably evil, lying, psychopathic murderous monsters that they actually are. Enjoy denial, and ignorance.
Very interesting post. Although I'd be remise if I passed up an opportunity to point out to someone that the reality TV show that you watched that told you who and how the "election" was "won"....is no more realistic than the outcome of professional wrestling events.
Correction: That enhances drawing/sketching/painting. Nobody writes on tablets. Even a virtual hunt and peck tablet keyboard is better than a stylus for writing on a screen. Anytime you see a commercial for a tablet product where someone is writing on the screen with a stylus, you are seeing desperation at work. "Look! You can write on this thing! Isn't that what you're sitting at home wishing you could do right now!?!?" No.
  You're both right, licensing has gotten worse not better as time has gone on. Media is virtually at a standstill. No innovation is happening anywhere, because the license holders are not doing anything. The same applies to Music/Movies/TV/Books. Look at what was just announced re: the Super Bowl. Its 2015 and thats the best they can do.
I don't understand this acquisition at all. Is Apple still after the golden goose of curation? Impossible. Its not something you are ever going to perfect.   Apple already had it as good as it gets with Genius. Genius collected the info about the Libraries/Playlists of hundreds of millions of iTunes users and used that data to create Genius Playlists. Then they acquired LaLa, and I think a few other similar small streaming outfits, and combined Genius with all of those...
Everything you just said was invented in your post alone. There is no PR fiasco. If you consider the measly cost of the acquisition, the hardware business alone will recoup that in short order...which means if Beats Music has even 1 subscriber, its profitable.
 Do better. You people are looney toons.
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