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How about, don't lose your shit in the first place?
 Maybe it doesn't have to be that way.
If Apple is getting in to the electric car game, its because they can already see the profit endgame. On the contrary Lutz, those auto manufacturers ought to start paying attention to the Apple rumors...because clearly Apple has figured out something they could not.
 Same was said about music players, cellphones, and tablets. This guy doesn't know Apple very well.
70% CPU.90% GPU.
There is no good reason for Apple to be holding back deliveries. This is not like previously launches. Extra week of lead time. iOS 9 is already released. Etc. I'm sure at this point the only motive is to prevent scalping, but such would be foolish with only days til general availability.   A lot of 6s are sitting at the nearest UPS facility already. They should just let them fly. Especially on the East Coast where they are expecting shipping delays due to the looney...
Those who complain about iPhone's battery and always list the the features they would allegedly "trade" for better battery life...here you go. This toggle is for you.
For those who don't like like cases, check out the Veil by Caudabe. This is what I've had on my 6 Plus and ordered another for the 6s. Its the thinnest thing you'll find and almost feels like there is no case on it. I can deal with its size in exchange for scratch proctection and the piece of mind to set it down on any surface. It keeps a close feel to naked aluminum, but with just a tad more anti-slip, so it doesn't constantly fall out of your pocket.
Why would you assume customers put that much effort into which updates they apply? Certainly not. Over 50% of users is something like 600 million devices. If 1% of them can name 3 features of iOS 9, that would be astounding.
I forgot that Sprint still exists. Do they do anything to attract new business? Besides having the slowest and least accessible LTE network?
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