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They're wrong, and so are you. But after all, what do you know?
Guess what size it is. Not 5.5
I highly doubt Apple would ever charge more, or premium-class a device, based on the glass becoming sapphire. No one would care.   "Unscratchable" makes a decent bullet point, but people won't specifically pay more for it.
1 GB is fine for iPhone. It does well now.    iPad use is different, and I would not be surprised to see the iPad Air 2 get 2 GB of RAM.   Like others have said, I rarely have more than 1 Safari page open on iPhone, but often have many open on iPad....enough to cause them to reload due to insufficient memory. Its just a differences of use pattern, and the product should accommodate accordingly.
Like how AI purposely didn't post the so-called comparison photo where this is shown next to a so-called 4.7" model...the photo that illustrates clearly that if one is 4.7 the other is not 5.5.....barely 5.0.   More fake crap.
Sources. They have no sources. The "source" says Apple is "considering"....so when it never happens, they were still right. Apple only considered it. Shameful that publications like this are considered by anyone to be reputable at all.
 Don't make me laugh. The reason we haven't seen ANYTHING, yet have almost enough parts to assemble a working 4.7, is because there is no 5.5. There never was.
Except it was. Completely. Totally new physical design.Totally new internal design (despite the SPECS being the same as the iPhone 5)Totally new manufacturing process.Totally new name.  = New Model Numbers.  It was new. I don't care if it takes the same photos or benchmarks the same as an iPhone 5 did.
Precisely the opposite. Other than 'rumor', there has never been anything to indicate that Apple will do anything besides introduce 1 flagship model, and 1 revised model for the lower entry price. The 5s and 5c would have been prime examples of two brand new model numbers.We'll see the same thing with the 6 and 6c or whatever the heck they call them. What we won't see is Apple present the iPhone 6 with its amazing new well-thought-out 4.7" display........and then say, "Oh...
This is almost definitely what this represents. The iPhone 6 and the new $99 offering, probably 5c-like, with 5s internals.
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