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TIL the few people actually using Aperture sure like to post online.   In all seriousness, Photos is a fantastic application and basically THE photo organization app I've been dreaming about since the first day of iPhoto. I don't care that it has basic editing function. Thats not what its for. I'm sorry to those of you bummed about the discontinuation of Aperture, but that it is a standalone event not related to the release of Photos. Apple could have maintained Aperture...
 Pretty much the same drivel that was spewed about a 5K iMac last year.
Pretty much what I'm thinking. The Retina 5K is the best thing I've ever seen... I now work on it every day and I don't know how I ever worked on anything else. Its truly magnificent. That said, someone like me (the target market for the device) would be just as happy to have a super hi res 30" iMac. So yea, bring it on.
Neat. Can't wait to just use one.
 I don't blame the stupid little people. I blame the elite of the world that create and sustain things that distract, confuse, manipulate, and otherwise ruin humanity.
This was meant as a joke but its even more true than you realize.What Samsung sees is: "Did you see when the 6 came out, there managed to be some kind of hype that let every non techy person in the world know that there was an 'iPhone 6'? WE gotta get us some of that."
Clearly, this is a kind of opt-in thing that someone could choose to use for the sake of encouragement. Its not a bad idea at all. For health goals, and other things. Its like when people opt-in to the black list for casinos to help their gambling problem.   No, Apple is not going to ship iPhones that have this turned on by default.
Agreed. Its not like an iPhone, where the need to toggle between mute/ring/mute/ring is more constant. And its now a lot easier to find volume up/down on iPad simply via touch.
What are you talking about? Why are you such an ass about it? I have a 6 Plus and love it. But I'm not a total jerk toward people who think 4" is just fine and don't need or want any bigger.4.7" pushes the limits of one-thumb usage, and some people like that. Personally, I don't care about that and prefer the other advantages of the bigger screen, but not everyone does.
I'm so happy that useless mute switch is gone. So un-Apple like to have a near useless hardware button.
New Posts  All Forums: