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Speaking of AppleTV did anyone else's Netflix icon change?
Do yourself a favor and insist they refund you, and get a real carbon monoxide detector. I wouldn't have one of these gimmicky POS in my home.
You continue to prove that you have no idea what you're talking about.
If it were just Ads for Jenny Craig, you'd be so lucky. Instead, your insurance rates/quotes will go through the roof as Google sells your personal health data.
How does that make any sense at all? It stands in a category on its own. Its the most affordable Mac. Why would anyone who bought one want to move on to something "bigger" OR "better"?
Siri was not able to open Apps at launch. End of discussion.
You don't know much about Siri. It was not able to open Apps, and was very limited in specific commands for the first and second year.
I'm sorry but I would never have Siri make a dinner reservation for me. I wouldn't even THINK to do so. The mistake they made with Siri is that it could do niche tasks like this before it could do something as simple as open an App on your phone. They haven't built enough trust in Siri to perform the simple tasks, so advanced tasks like "Make a reservation" or "Buy me tickets" are way out of people's perception of what it can do.
I used to hate on Android because I was an Apple fan...   Now I've gotten to know it a bit more due to work and now I hate on it because of the actual miserable pile of crap that it is. It is way worse than I even imagined it was.
I agree. I have no reason to buy an iMac without a Retina Display. I'm much happier with a fast Mac mini and whatever 1080p display(s) I choose. As long as the 21.5" is still 1080p like every other 21.5" monitor I have no incentive to get an iMac over a Mac mini.
New Posts  All Forums: