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I really feel sorry for people that are this clueless, and yet post such confidently wrong statements. 1. This IS the iPhone 62. Truetone Flash got smaller. WHAT A SHOCKER. APPLE MADE SOMETHING SMALLER.
Wtf are you babbling about? That's EXACTLY how it works....for devices with the same AppleID, which is all that makes any sense.Separate AppleIDs could be totally separate uninterested parties, and no you should not be able to sneak files onto their machines.
LOL. Lightning has gained no traction in the market place. LOL. Except for: Every single iPad and iPhone being sold, and ever new accessory made in the last two years. Guess again. Who cares what you already have. Do something new. Make lots of money. I for one hope they do this. 3.5mm is legacy technology and low quality. Over Lightning, Apple could deliver full 96Hz 24-bit audio and begin selling that high of quality lossless digital audio files. In a word, YES...
UM, what? Why are you sharing iCloud accounts? That's absurd! All you need to do is share an iTunes Store account. That has no bearing on the iCloud account that the device is using.
Nah, I'm still going to use 1 Apple ID for iTunes Store and App Store on all devices. Separate iCloud accounts for everything else. I suppose we'll benefit from some of the other sharing like Calendar.   My wife is never purchased anything with her Apple ID and I'm not buying the utility of Family Sharing enough to say she start making purchases on that instead of on my account as we always have.
iPad with cellular is not that much more expensive and the experience is much better. Hotspot kills the iPhone's battery life, so I don't see much practical use here, unless your iPad is RARELY connecting to it.
One of the better iOS 8 features. This will be limitless once 3rd party Apps are updated with their own creative widgets and share functionality.
Its going to a take a much better initiative than what we've seen to have any chance of MFi controllers taking off.
 +1There isn't much use for it when holding the device in normal circumstance.
Hopefully looks better on Retina displays. Not so hot on a 1080p monitor
New Posts  All Forums: