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 I can definitely see where the 6 Plus and iPad mini are close enough in size to debate needing both. For me, I'll be happy going forward with a 6 Plus and and iPad Air. Though I already know I will be using the iPad Air a bit less, as there a few certain tasks I hope to enjoy on the iPhone instead, that normally demand iPad. Games - many games that I have on both iPhone and iPad....I've opted to use on iPad. With 6 Plus I hope to reclaim some of that to my pocketable...
And 2 types of cases, all in colors.
We have some serious whackaloons on this site.
This guy is delusional. iPhone 6 Touch ID iPhone 6 camera lens iPhone 6 Plus Touch ID iPhone 6 Plus camera lens iPhone 5s Touch ID iPhone 5s camera lens iPhone 5c camera lens iPad Air 2 Touch ID iPad Air 2 camera lens iPad mini Touch ID iPad mini camera lens Apple Watch Display Apple Watch wrist sensors ....all being made of sapphire. Did I miss any? Well worth 500 million.
1 full day of battery is all I would ask for. It would ensure that it works ALL day and never once has to come off your wrist during the day to charge, and gets you in the routine of taking it off and charging it at night.   The last thing you'd want is to not charge it over night, and have it die on you mid-day, having to take it off and recharge. Which means carrying around a unique watch charger, etc..    I'll wear it during the day. Charge it at night. It just...
Yeah and I mean, why would I ever need to look at the weather on my ___insert Apple device___ ? I can just look outside!
Why? Most of the people who buy a an entry level model do so based on price, regardless of what the storage capacity is. If the difference in margin is $1-$3 more with 16 instead of 32...you're talking 50-150 million dollars based on just first year entry level model sales alone. That might even be conservative. Arguably, iOS 8 makes 16 GB even more usable than before with iCloud Photo Library/Optimize Storage behavior and Auto-delete Messages. So if your only issue is...
One thing that I have not seen given much attention: Display Zoom There is literally a feature that lets you decide if you want more real estate/smaller UI...or scale up the entire UI to be larger!!! All this time wondering which they would do and the answer is both!
I do an AWFUL lot of things on my iPhone everyday. Holding it to my ear is not one of those things.
That wouldn't be necessary. There are many POS systems that utilize iPad, but the stand/dock that incapsulates the iPad can and does have the necessary hardware to facilitate this.
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