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We have two of these Griffin stands and despite them being a bit ugly, enjoy them very much. I have no issues putting my watch on it in landscape to take advantage of Nightstand mode. I also like how weighted it is, so it stays put. And being able to rest the iPhone on it makes it a great two-in-one. I found that I could easily run a lightning cable for the iPhone to where it needs to be, and cable tie it to watch's cable...keeping it all nice and together.
If Apple wants to avoid the iPhone lineup and skus getting muddied, they need to completely discontinue the 6 and 6 Plus upon the release of the 6s and 6s Plus (or whatever they call them). At the same time, they need to refresh the $99 offering. I feel that moving today's iPhone 6 to that spot would be a mistake. They need a 4" device at $99. Right now, its very neat and clean with the iPhone 5s still able to command that spot. Come this season though, the $99 spot...
We've yet to see it, so I can't entirely judge, but I don't know what to make of this "touchpad-bluetooth-remote" we've been hearing about for the next AppleTV.   Look, its very simple. A physical remote with physical buttons is very tough to match in terms of tactile utility for TV input. However, it lacks a tremendous amount of input capability for a device like AppleTV. Keyboard, for one. This is why the iOS Remote App is so superior. Everyone in the household has...
Thank you. Round of applause please. When people talk about wireless charging I feel like I'm surrounded by crazies. Thankfully, Apple still gets it.
And what is talking to a brick held up to your head?
Very much hoping this to be BS, and that Apple will never ditch the Home Button, or bezels.
Apple Music on Android is a huge disappointment. This should never have been allowed.   A lot of people at Apple must be furious over this. Clearly it was a decision made by an upper management team that has lost respect for the values once held deeply at Apple. Android is a stolen product, and people stupid enough to use it do not deserve access to Apple-created software and services.   There is no excuse for this. There is no money to be made on Android. Maybe the...
No, please no. I won't go so far as to say "Apple wouldn't" because they have indeed done a lot of stupid things in recent years that I would never have expected.   But this is idiotic. The home button is an essential part of the user experience. Apple got it right in the beginning, and they did it even better with the Touch ID sensor in the Home Button.
Power Reserve mode is a much better solution. It is easy to turn on, and accomplishes far more. All functions are disabled except the basic time in a very dim green light, and the screen will not activate automatically at all.
Not every function of every iOS device has to be considered for Apple Watch. The wrist worn notification device has very specific value and uses, and that should be easy to understand to anyone with half a brain.   Go look at the forums of certain bottom of the barrel Apple sites and look at the Apple Watch section. You'll find a plethora of idiots who don't understand what the watch is for, at all. People complaining about the lack of a web browser. On their...
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