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Yeah I certainly wouldn't knock the 6 Plus, its great. As long as you're resigned to its difficulties, you'll be happy with it.   I know the 4.7" lacks much of the one-handed usability too, but I'm hoping to at least hold it with one hand more comfortably, and scroll. The width and height of the 6 Plus makes it very awkward to hold with one hand. You'll see. It feels like most of the phone is not within your hand.
Fact. Funny, I've had the 6 Plus for a year and I preordered a 6s. The larger screen of the 6 Plus did nothing for me, except make it more difficult to navigate with 1 hand. I thought Landscape mode would be a big deal, but it wasn't. You can see why iPhones don't have landscape, and probably still shouldn't. I'm looking forward to the size of the 6s. I think its probably the sweet spot for size vs. usability.
Can't tell if serious... But for example, why can't I use iCloud Keychain or 1Password to log in to any 3rd party Apps? Only 1 out of the hundreds on my phone have included.
Yeah, any day now right? Those updates must just be waiting to drop on us... ...or developers have become complacent and don't see the need to work hard on new features just because its update season, especially when they aren't allowed to charge for them. I'm still waiting for iOS 8 features to be included in some of my most used Apps.
What are you kidding? Its a useful smart album, like every other smart album. You find it annoying. Right. I find people like you annoying.
I give zero fucks that you got into the ad supported model and have no other way of sustaining a job. That's fucking pathetic. I will block absolutely every ad forever, because it's my fucking web experience. I don't have to support the broken model.
I'm wondering with the additional week in the mix this year and the early movement, if Apple may let these deliver before the 25th.
All that is intended for is when people attach files too large to be attached, and Apple handles it automatically. Not in anyway a replacement for getting a URL for a file already stored in the cloud.
I cancelled my Dropbox paid account and moved everything over to iCloud. Between Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive...I can't stand managing all these cloud services. Its more work than its worth.   Finally decided to ditch Dropbox since I'm already using iCloud for Photo Library and App Libraries. I'm happy to pay $10/mon for 1 TB...but I'm not gonna have that x2 with separate services.   Setup a couple quick symbolic links and now my Mac's user folders are entirely synced...
This is not true at all. I still have 4 digit passcodes on my iOS 9 devices. Its under Passcode Options.
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