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Why? that is in no way ideal for a desk accessory. Where do you want them to put it? Under the spacebar? That is where they have to put it on notebooks. To the right or left of the keyboard? What about right/left handed people?There is already a piece of shapely plastic you can buy that cradles your keyboard and your magic trackpad and forces them to stay together (for some reason).In all the time I've used these products with my iMacs, I've never once thought "Gee it...
 Shame on Apple for taking all this time to debut nothing but a cheaper cable bill. At $40/mon it would be $40 more per month than I pay for cable.
Butterfly Keys and Backlight would be a nice upgrade. I'd buy one. Force Touch Magic Trackpad next would be nice as well.
That's called buy one and f'ing use it. The thing most people doing the bitching in this thread won't ever do.Usually everything I read other idiots write turns out to be wrong in my own experience.
Distractionary statement. Plenty can be done with even the "worst" of today's machines.
The thing is, I am both a geek and a power user… And have been so for many many years. I had to do very professional work on machines that were much slower than this only a few years ago.In my opinion there is no such thing as a slow Mac anymore.
Finally. The new model will be $99, the old will still be $69.
I still pay, ala carte, for Netflix and Hulu, as I see fit. If I don't want it one month, I can turn it off with a toggle. I don't want to get into semantics, but I can assure you that cord cutting does NOT mean going from one all-you-can-eat subscription to another, even if the new one is cheaper. Its about changing the way content is provided. LEADING WITH the Netflix and Hulu model, select amount of content for a low price. If you value it, you pay for it, if you don't,...
Going to have to wait and see what Apple comes up with. I have confidence in them, but the rumors about an all-you-can-eat subscription plan for AppleTV have me very disappointed. This is not what I have been expecting after all this time of negotiating, and trying to bring the right experience to users.
The hell are you talking about? The product is basically CREATED FOR a bedside nightstand.
New Posts  All Forums: