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I don't think that is the point....or even a point. Start down that road, and you can start arguing why you use an iPhone vs. iPad vs. Mac. The point, each device is capable in its own way. The AppleWatch, instead of being crippled, is extremely functional. You don't need to sell anyone on the idea that turning a crown to zoom in and out on a Map on a 1.5" screen is not better or even as good as on an iPhone with two fingers.....it was never meant to be. The watch is meant...
I will happily shorten all of my sleeves.
Why are you arrogant? These are not minor boosts by any means.Laughing at everyone next year?Shouldn't we be the ones "laughing" at you now, since clearly you have a 5s, and are not eligible to upgrade? (Btw, AT&T Next will ensure I can upgrade every 12 months, and pay on average less than I have every year for iPhones)
While they're at it, develop a benchmark test for the "experience of actually using an iPhone vs. anything else".
Well now....isn't that just a fantastic understanding of how intimately tied with the entire UI the crown is.
   Its DOA.
These are the kind of devices that ultimately will cease to exist thanks to Apple Watch. Yes, I'm aware Apple Watch will not track your sleep (but neither will this gadget when u take it off to charge it)....my point is, single function $49 wearables have no future whatsoever.
Cue the people who think this means Mac OS X coming to iPad.
Wow. Shame on you PayPal. Cheap ploy to capitalize on Apples popularity. PayPal isn't secure at all. ApplePay requires Touch ID. Good luck stealing a fingerprint.
 No it isn't. Precisely my thinking.
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