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It will be really interesting to see what is done next year. I have a strong suspicion that next year there will be a 4" model....probably in the body of the 5s, that is updated with A8 processor and few other spec bumps from the iPhone 6. Still making it sort of "last year's phone" but not the leaving the 4" size completely in the dust.  There are simply too many people that want to keep to the 4" size for them to simply keep the 5c and 5s unchanged next year. And I think...
I had no idea there were Beats speakers in products like that. Pretty cool.My guess however, will be no way not a chance. Unless they are completely invisible as the iMac speakers are now and it's just a casual mention of "powered by Beats" or something.
Nothing is quashed, TouchID authentication on Mac is a great idea, but it should only be initiated by an iPhone. Even if they found a convenient place to stick a TouchID sensor on a Mac (there isn't one), I wouldn't want it that way, and I wouldn't want to manage two separate Touch ID sensors/databases.
To say quality control is suffering is wrong. They are falling short of meeting deadlines (inexplicably) and releasing unfinished software. iOS 8 launch is missing features promised in JUNE, and Yosemite is no where near as mature as it should be. Photos App not coming til 2015? iCloud Photo Library a total mystery? I'm not impressed by their ability to keep up this year. Especially since they managed to not release anything of significance from Oct. '13 to Sept '14.
Or at the very least, why a regular playlist doesn't get a dynamic artwork collage like Genius lists do.
No issues with Uconnect in my Jeep with 8.0 betas, 8.0 release, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, or 8.1 beta now.   Maybe its the shitty firmware in most cars, and not iOS. Unfortunately its on Apple to make sure it works, because you know car manufacturer's aren't updating squat.
All you need is the ability to authenticate from Touch ID on your iPhone, and pass that along to the Mac. It can be done. Securely. All the processing is done on the iPhone...the wireless communication is just for establishing proximity, and sending a Yes or No.
The way AirDrop works should be sufficient enough. Maybe even dial up the signal strength requirement so that the device w/ Touch ID doing the authenticating needs to be within a few feet. Bluetooth alone is capable of establishing this.
Bring on the Retina iMac. I'm in the market for a new Mac, would love to make this my next one.
I often wonder how many times we'll go through this cycle before people realize its not the current administration...its every administration, because not a damn one of them is a genuine entity with benevolence in mind.
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