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Hey Apple can you run some of that fiber to my house while you're at it?
It's not complicated. NEXT is a better deal than subsidized purchasing, I've already moved over to it entirely for iPhones AND iPads, and it's the best change they've ever made.
It's almost too good to be true that Apple is a rare corporate "good guy" that is actually fighting the tyranny of the US government...but even I am starting to believe it.
It is both. There is nothing to be on the fence about. It is a great product. Just don't expect a full fledged iOS device on your wrist and you won't be disappointed. I never wanted that. I wanted it to be what it is: an extension of iPhone.
 This is kind of thing you hear on the news (if you're ever foolish enough to watch the news). "With all the reports we've been airing about how dangerous it is, are you worried?"
What you blabbering about?AppleTV is long overdue for an update. Rumor or no rumors.
If true, ridiculously disappointing.   At the very least I want a refreshed box that has 802.11ac, better AirPlay performance, and a MUCH better overhauled UI.
NEXT is better anyway.
Because AppleTV is mostly a wireless device and in a completely different location from the AirPort. It could potentially double as a wireless Airport Express, but that implies you're even further away from your router to begin with. Not seeing the logic behind merging these devices other than for merging's sake.
 What remains to be seen is if you can buy the new AppleTV, and skip having to buy the "hub" with any of these products. The "hub" is just a dumb wireless-enabler. HomeKit compatible devices should be able to skip that in favor of something like an AppleTV. If that is not what this is all leading towards, its a huge mistake and missed opportunity.
New Posts  All Forums: