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The extra space is for all the people....not all the watches.
Neat idea, stupid product.   Just buy LTE iPads. Even if you have buyers remorse after purchasing a WiFi model...just sell it/trade in for an LTE model.
I gave up doing that after about 5 minutes as it makes no sense to kill the iPhone battery so that the iPad can have LTE. I just buy LTE iPads now.
Hope there is more than AppleWatch. Not to diminish it in any way. I just hope there is more. Retina MBA. AppleTV. Something.
That would indeed be utterly stupid. The AppleWatch has no need of that.
 These are not the reasons why autonomous driving is not happening any time soon, if ever. Little things like this could be worked out. They don't hold a candle to the obstacle of public adoption...the public could not be less interested in giving up DRIVING.  It stuns me how some people willfully ignore this, or just pretend like its a forgone conclusion once the tech is ready. Its not. Its something that all people would have to want, or it falls completely flat on its...
 It is almost some kind of strange mass delusion. It only exists in blogosphere; talk to anyone in the real world and its obvious autonomous driving is a fantasy. And its not for a lack of technology. I'm sure that fantasy you just stated exists in no one's mind but your own.  This is all correct.
A smart person wouldn't bet against Apple selling every Watch they can make in 2015.
Oh, its debatable. My iPhone does not need more RAM. Neither does yours. Who is the one lacking imagination? More RAM is far from pure imagination.
Funny. This is the first year where I really couldn't be less interested in what the iPhone refresh is going to be. I can't imagine wanting more from an iPhone than what my 6 Plus is/has/offers/does.
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