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Those particular parts indicate nothing. Its assumed that because there are TWO to mention, that those TWO must belong to TWO models....which we automatically conclude are the rumored 4.7" and 5.5" models. Besides those two, got anything else? Because every single other part leak, like shells, displays, dummy units, etc... are ALL of the 4.7" device. So it is indeed fair to say that a 4.7" model is probably coming. There has been nothing to indicate that a 5.5" model is...
Where on earth did you get that number from? There is no such data anywhere that I am aware of. Samsung has not clearly reported that info, so its impossible to even know it, regardless of what your 'source' is.
 No. No. No. They are not getting off that easy. Some recent liars have backtracked and are throwing the cop-out "production issues" line to cover the fact that they were wrong about a 5.5" device existing, at all. There never was a 5.5. I wouldn't put it past Apple to plant that info in the rumor mill on purpose, but all tangible evidence shows Apple is making 1 new flagship iPhone (like they have every single year since its inception) and its a 4.7". 1 new size, 1 new...
I'm confused, do you not realize that plenty of people already want one, and millions would buy one if it were available?Or is this just about what they "need" or don't need to do for the bottom line?What are you babbling about now? No, if anything recent hires indicate a launch is further out in the future.It's only because we've been hearing stories of different hires over the last year or more that indicate a product could be coming to fruition now.
AI clearly confused the two. Darymple is the guy who's yep or nope means something. Gruber is a grub.
Technology is amazing. It never fails to deliver the dumbest things I've ever heard of.
Just like they did with the iPad Air and iPad mini? Apple can barely manage to get this iPhone and iOS launch done, and its at the expense of just about every other product or potential product. They are not working on TWO new chips. Delete this "rumor". At the most, this refers to slightly different clock speeds of the same chip.
And for those that just don't underatand, there will never be a "mid range" tower in between the mini and the Mac pro. Price wise, it would undercut the iMac and Apple would much much much rather sell you one of those.
Haswell, not Broadwell. The current mini still has Ivy Bridge and HD4000! Need more than that.
Don't get my hopes up. I am anxiously awaiting a Haswell quad core mini with Iris Pro graphics.
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