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I didn't hear any dodging, he told it like it is. He acknowledged that in the current climate most people would still need cable to use the Apps that require that kind of authentication. But they have convinced several big players to go ala carte instead, and are trying to add more.   I think their plans are as simple as that. There are 2 ways to for Apps to go...the self-subscription, or the cable authentication. The former better than the latter for cord cutting. Apple...
...said no serious human being ever.
I fear that Nintendo is going to become insolvent long before they realize that a dedicated licensing program with lots of new development for mobile would have saved the company. What a shame.   I wonder who will buy up the IP in bankruptcy.
AppleTV is by far my favorite product and this update ticks all the marks I've been pining for for 3 years:   - That remote! - Aggregated Search - Siri - Apps - 802.11ac - Fast chip for better AirPlay   There's so much more, but that's what I really wanted to see. It is a no brainer update. How anyone could "not see a reason" to update is simply not looking for one.
FTFY. Desktop OS and Touch OS are two different things, and both are on equal footing. One is not better than the other. They are just different. One is not more capable than the other. But there different ways of doing similar things on each... because they're different.
That's a good guess. There will undoubtedly be people that eventually find a way to complain that the mini doesn't support the pencil. "I want this feature but don't want to pay for it" kinda thing.Well essentially, I don't want to carry both when I'm away from my desk...and I do want to have an iPad so it can just be an iPad when I'm not doing work on it. And yeah, re: server work...the iPad can connect to an SSLVPN, and has full featured VNC and SSH apps. I'm set.
Just to be clear: I don't give a good goddamn what Congress or the Supreme Court say I can or cannot do with physical media or digital data that I am in possession of.   If I'm not profiting off it, I am not committing a measurable crime. Any suggestion otherwise is invalid.
Considering the Apple Watch is not a standalone product and not meant to be one, its incredibly ignorant to put it up against iPhone, iPad, and Mac and say its not indispensable.   Tim's response is pretty much right on. You have to use it. To me, what is "indispensable" is the whole new level of elegance that it brings to notifications. 
Indeed. Now, you do understand why that product is not available today, and won't be until late 2016, correct?
For me it is all about the keyboard. I would rather have an iPad than a MacBook for when I'm away from my iMac...I just need to be able to do a certain level of work. The keyboard is essential, since I do lots of remote server management work. I'm really hopeful that the iPad Pro + Smart Keyboard can do it for me. I think it can.
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