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Considering Apple has allowed App Extensions since iOS 8, something like this may already exist and work directly within the Photos app.
Why on earth did Apple not announce AppleTV SDK at WWDC? That was the time to do it. Even if the new hardware/software wasn't launching until the fall....the summer months are the BETA months. This is when developers get active and start spending time on what's new.
Last time I checked, the world is still full of PCs with platter harddrives that are slower than the Flash memory in the first iOS devices.
But it would be consistent with Messages on the Mac? SHIFT + ENTER is better for line breaks when dealing with Text Chat/SMS Applications.
This is definitely one of the smarter moves by Apple. Software Updates should never be optional to the user under any circumstance. Users are the absolute last people in the world who should be deciding whether or not to update. As a software developer, it turns my stomach when I see clueless people making statements about "why they won't update", as if they have ANY idea what has changed or why.   Mandatory overnight updates is fantastic. You don't own the software on...
They are useful Apps to almost everyone. They should be there. Even mentioning Bloatware and Apple designed Apps in the same sentence is a joke. It is not the same thing, for the very simple reason that Apple designed Apps are in a class unto themselves.
Some of the best photos in my collection of myself with my wife, or myself with my son, are from the front camera of an iPhone. Unfortunately, they are also the worst photos in my collection due to the abysmal quality of all iPhone's front camera (going back to the iPhone 1). So yes, please, Apple finally start making the front camera respectable.
In some regard, this is what AppleTV still has over the rest of iOS with their Apple-controlled UI across the board. Granted, that UI is stale and in need of refresh too, but at least it is the same across all apps.
Enough already with 3rd party developers thinking they know better than Apple and creating their own (terrible) UI for Video Playback. Every Video-playback Application on my devices has a completely different UI, none of which are any good at all: Netflix: garbage Hulu: trash StreamtoMe: from 2007 YouTube: from GOOGLE etc. etc.   Apple's built-in Video Playback UI and corresponding APIs should be mandatory. The Video Playback experience should not change so...
....? That is the entire point.==================I have to say, these changes to Mission Control are fantastic! It has tightened up/smoothed out quite a bit on my 27" iMac (which was sorely needed), and these split-view full screen apps are a much better way to work...e.g. On my 27" display I do not need Mail or Calendar full screen, but having them side by side in split-view on their own full screen space is great.Putting two logical apps like that next to each other...
New Posts  All Forums: