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Touch ID? What else? Touch ID is what will be used. If the iWatch is part of this, perhaps the iWatch sports Touch ID. Somehow I don't think the iWatch will have Touch ID, and you will still have to *gasp* take your phone out of your pocket.
I am still holding out for a refreshed mini this year. Hopefully the October release of Yosemite, that will undoubtedly be bolstered by a new 12" Retina MacBook, and a refreshed iMac (if not 4K), will also see a modest update to the mini.   I have no issues with its form, available ports, or footprint.   I just want a Haswell processor, with Quad Core options, 32 GB of RAM support, and Intel Iris Pro graphics.
Why on earth would an iPhone accessory that you wear on your wrist have storage for music? Explain how that makes any sense at all.
Is it going to have a Lightning port for charging/restoring?   I imagine so. I just don't like the idea of taking it off every day to charge it. My iPod Nano watch did not last long with me for that exact reason.
Wow you are just awful. Not only do you not refute a single point, a single FACT that I state....you offer no counter argument, other than some ludicrous opinion that you harbor about how the iPod touch is misaligned....I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK ITS MISALIGNED. It has nothing to do with this discussion. I'm talking about WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS, IN THE REAL WORLD! "Doesn't have a role right now" Yes, actually, it does. Not the role you THINK IT SHOULD HAVE....but I don't give...
Listening to customers is a terrible idea when it comes to design, or making a great product. People are ****ing dumb.
At the current price points. Try to change the price points and that all changes. They do not make as much money on a 32 at $199 as they do a 16. That is the point. It may only be a dollar or two difference, but that is still 10s of millions of dollars.
Because you haven't thought about it for more than 3 seconds. 16 GB is Apple's highest margin storage option, and is also the lowest price iPhone, and is also the highest selling model. They aren't going to want to mess with that in anyway. People that chose this model today do so with PRICE as the primary motivator. They don't care how much storage it has....just what's the cheapest I can get the 'new' iPhone. Apple has no reason to lose a dollar to two dollars per iPhone...
That is the same wish people have had every year for 6 years. We have a pretty convincing (and sensible) rumor to the contrary. There is no reason for Apple to change the base model.
Yes. I'm ok with that. Pretty much what I expected: 4.7" iPhone 6 16 GB - $199 64 GB - $299 128 GB - $399 5.5" iPhone 6 16 GB - $299 64 GB - $399 128 GB - $499 Come the event, we'll see if this is not 100% ^ I'm really confident in it right now.
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