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Been saying they should do this for 5 years now...it was only a matter of time. Nintendo's profits have vanished thanks to iPhone. Their only hope of remaining relevant and bringing in any mobile gaming revenue is through licensing their IP to popular platforms.   Dare I say, a solid release of titles such as Super Mario might be enough to motivate me to get a dedicated bluetooth hardware controller for iOS.
I'm a pro. I use a Retina iMac. Can't wait to get this for mobile uses. Shows how much you know.By the way, nothing makes a person look more like an idiot than when they pretend to know what Steve Jobs would do.
 Those claiming that Force Touch requires a flexible display don't have the first clue about what Force Touch is, or how it works. They look at Apple's examples and literally believe the screen is supposed to dimple when touched. There are a lot of people that shouldn't be allowed to comment, for reasons of public sanitation.
I'm not in favor of getting rid of the Home Button, but will reserve judgment to see how the combination of Force Touch and Taptic Engine work together. It may be possible that Apple can simulate a tactile button significantly enough to warrant removal of the Home Button.
Force Touch is going to be a VERY welcome improvement to iPhone Multi-Touch. The "Tap-and-Hold" gesture that has been around since the very beginning is one of the weakest and most difficult gestures to both perform and program.   The range of Force Touch ability and it being built in to the OS is going to dramatically improve interaction with Apps. This is a very, very good thing.
Why shouldn't they? They are now a huge market segment. The Gold iPhone was really for China. It was surprisingly popular in the US.
 When did this epic troll melt of yours start? I am conservatively estimating 4 billion in revenue from Apple Watch for this year alone. Wrap your head around that number for a minute.
The only thing dishonest and partisan would be believing that any of what you see should be taken at face value. Reading headlines does not equal being informed about how things transpired, or where certain money is and why. Everything you see on TV is a sham for public consumption. Everything real is done behind the scenes, by people you've never even heard of, for reasons you couldn't even imagine. Start with the assumption that you know absolutely no truth about any of...
As much as I find the Stainless model and the Milanese loop appealing, I think the sport watch with sport band is probably far more practical and comfortable for wearing  all day everyday.   Plus, I can buy two of them (one for the wife) for the cost of one stainless with milanese.   Interesting product: first Apple product where you can buy the base model, or the holy sh*t omg expensive model, and get the exact same tech.
Is there any reason why I can't buy a leather strap for an AppleWatch Sport?
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