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Ugh. These people are so dumb.
There is little debate over should they or shouldn't they. We all know full well that Apple will only do it themselves if they can MATCH or exceed performance, while also gaining other benefits such as cost/size/power.
We should be able to buy content from the content creators. The best scenario is to have a retailer middle man, like Apple, for the entire thing. Works for iTunes. Wonder how successful it would be if you could watch a show LIVE when it Airs, but still had to pay per episode (you then own the episode thereafter as well). I think very. I think $0.99 for a 30 min segment with ads, and $1.99 for a 60 min segment with ads, to Watch LIVE and own the content Ad-free on demand...
To take "exploration" from the actually quote, and turn it into "development" in the headline is a RIDICULOUS stretch.
That's the 65 million dollar question. Do they go cheap and make the iWatch a glorified fitness band? Or is it a full blown smart watch, the tech for which would have to drive the price up into the hundreds of dollars. I personally don't see it selling well, no matter what it can do, if its a $199 or $299 iPhone accessory.
 It really is a joke hearing Microsoft speak in these terms. They haven't fixed any of these basic issues you described (and the real problem is, they don't see them as issues). They can't possibly have any idea how to tackle a user-less UI, as they don't even have an OS that can operate well without an advanced user at the terminal.
 This is my thought exactly...these insanely high predictions could only make sense if Apple was either giving it away, or charging some ridiculously low amount for it, and it would be considered an iPhone accessory that is available in store at launch. Think about that for a moment....If the iWatch were, say, $79. And it launched in September along side iPhone 6 as an accessory (for iOS 8 devices with Healthbook)...how many could they potentially sell? Probably....a...
Its not going to sell well as it is, (just the S4), so they can't afford any bad press.
Boy ain't that the truth. It STUNS me how bad Windows still is with anything USB. It's embarrassing 
I personally wouldn't trust any mapping data of any kind that is not delivered the instant I'm using it OTA.
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