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The average user should not even have Flash installed. You're better off just having a backup browser like Chrome or IE that contains a built-in plugin if the need comes up.   There are actually tons of business and enterprise level applications still running on adobe media server that people use everyday...the average blogger has no concept of this, and thats fine, but Flash is still very important....just not important for serving ads or simple video playback.
I don't even care to be honest, I just have the occasional house guest that likes brainwashing drivel shown on NBC in the morning. But for as long as NBC continues to punish what few people actually want to watch their garbage, I will continue not caring.
When people complain about $5.99 for live access + on demand from a network....I think they forget Apple still charges $3 per episode on iTunes.  And this is all that matters. Access without cable subscription. The time has passed for networks to be "skeptical and trepidacious" when it comes to streaming. There is money to be made. They need to open it up.
Let's not kid around here. Hardware limitation there may be, but they were never to going to just "enable it" for older devices. It is a tentpole/bullet point feature of the 6s.
Im exited about that too...I just hope it works better than just about every other Bluetooth audio solution in the world. They aren't usually very good for A/V sync.
There is no misinterpreting going on. If you imagine any relationship at all between 4k on iPhone and 4k on AppleTV....you're in fantasy land. The new AppleTV 4 will never do 4k. Ever. That will be the #1 tentpole feature of the next Apple TV revision.
How much is your streaming performance affected by the VPN/Proxy?
Maybe so, but the model is right. If the market determines $6 for a month of CBS is ridiculous, the price will come down. Have to walk before we can run. I just want the option to pay per month per channel. Worry about the price later.
Smart move on their part. No matter what the numbers, any and all decline would immediately be attributed to Apple Music. Even though that is likely completely true.
You just described the success of every subscription service that has ever existed. But I'm sure that with Apple involved you'll have to find a way to make it suddenly different...because its Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: