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trying out the keyboard now with iPad...actually never done this before. Its really cool, but damn do they need even more shortcuts.   Why no Command + W to exit an App? Or Command + Q to Force Close an App?
It may be the single greatest improvement to iOS text input since iOS 1. Such a relief to have, and to be able to abandon the old way.
If they have anything worthwhile, people will pay for it.
Troll post. Absolutely no reason for them to do this.-------- Slimmed down updates is great, and automatic overnight updates is even better. It should follow similar behavior to iCloud Backups and OS X Updates. Plugged in, Locked, Connected to WiFi, and between the hours of 2 and 4 am. Follow that criteria and almost all users will have the latest update within days.
Yes indeed it is ALL of those things...shrouded in the mystique and promise of what it can do for future artists. Guess what? People have to care, and hand over money to Apple, long before any of the fairytale ideas take shape.
The entire For You section is just that. It will probably be even better than the competition. But is that any reason for someone to switch? You can't market that. (Keep in mind, I'm not talking about informed people like us...I'm thinking about the tens of millions of Spotify users that do not know nor care about competing services)
Thoughts:   - Connect reminds me of Ping, and I have to roll my eyes at Apple once again thinking they are going convince anyone to use it. - Iovine and Drake were embarassments and should not have been allowed on stage. - $9.99 is just wrong. The only thing that would have swayed loyal Spotify users would have been price. Fail. -  A global radio station is a big deal? What? What kind of Time Warp is this? Radio is dead. No one wants that. On Demand music killed Radio...
I was with you until the "switch back to Spotify" statement. That doesn't fit. AppleMusic and Spotify are essentially the same, except the software UI will be better for Apple Music, with some added perks (the ones you mentioned). There isn't any reason to use Spotify instead. That said, Spotify users will not any compelling reason to switch. Apple made a huge mistake with pricing. The average Spotify user, that doesn't even know Apple Music exists, will need a compelling...
That's a bold, if not foolish, statement.iTunes Radio didn't make a dent in Pandora, because no one has any idea it exists. Apple is going to have to get clever with marketing for anyone to have a clue that Apple Music is a thing. It is very tough to tell people what to listen to. The average Spotify user won't see any reason to stop using Spotify. Apple Music is neither demonstrably better nor cheaper...at best its the same. So why wouldn't anyone switch? (Granted, I...
Apple needs to allow Ad Block to be installed in Mobile Safari. I can barely browse this forum due to the flood of ads all over the page. Is the front page not enough?
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