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I've gone out of my way a few times now to shop at Walgreens instead of RiteAid and CVS because of ApplePay. They are out of their minds if they don't think others are doing the same. These retailers need to wake up and get ApplePay turned on for the holidays before they miss a huge opportunity. This is not a fad, and its not going away....like you said, its the future....but while this is new, this a big chance to compete.
How can they even have an expiring exclusivity agreement for something that is nothing but vaporware? This whole thing needs to die off. Now. This half-cocked idea was completely blindsided by ApplePay, and they are struggling with the inevitable now: how to go down swinging. Retailers had high hopes for this for one reason and one reason only: No Credit Card fees. They were promised the dreamy possibility of 2-3% revenue growth just from credit card fees alone becoming...
We heard rumors about a device, possibly this larger iPad, that could run both iOS and Mac OS X. Not a hybrid version of both, but actually both, independently. Sort of like....when its docked with keyboard/track pad accessory, you automatically see OS X, when its undocked it runs iOS. After thinking a lot about that...It would be pretty cool. Basically a full blown Macbook Air with the right accessory, and full blown iPad without it. Not a bad deal.
Nah Rogan has a good balance. Plus the real Woz was indeed often just that... Goofy and aloof, rarely taking the work they did seriously.
I've been loving mine, but unfortunately it is plagued by severe issue with Mission Control...Basically its almost unusable...it animates unnaturally slow. We're talking bad. My Mac mini with HD4000 graphics and Yosemite can handle Mission Control   It seems to be an oddity and not related to graphic performance limitations as the graphics are insanely well-performing in other graphics intensive tasks (tasks far more demanding than measly Mission Control).   There are...
This is shaping to be good. Despite Rogan's frequent comedic roles, he is a very good actor. And Christian Bale playing Steve Jobs is just the ultimate choice among choices.
I have already cut the cord so to speak, and have no cable box. Just internet, and Apple TV. Not that there is really anything worth watching on any cable tv channel... But I would like the freedom to pick a cable channel on my Apple TV and subscribe to it for a range between $1.99 and $4.99 per month. There definitely is not a single channel on cable I would consider subscribing to for more than $4.99/mon.
 Exactly. Anyone buying brand new original iPad mini does not give a hoot about running the latest Apps and games, and never will.
No and No. The speakers are just fine, and the mute switch was completely unnecessary. There are about 50 dozen software functions that deserve dedicated hardware buttons more than Mute and Rotation lock, but we don't need any of them. Mute already has a hardware button, Volume down. Press and hold the button and the iPad instantly mutes, unlike iPhone where it gradually slides the volume down as you hold. Rotation lock can be turned on or off from control center and there...
This makes absolutely no sense.  This does.
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