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LMAO. Amazing and yet embarrassing at the same time that there are some people who believe that American involvement in any conflict, let alone Vietnam, is ever part of a response to a "tragic plea for help" What staggering ignorance and naivety. 
I believe in subscriptions. I believe in requiring internet for internet based products. I DO NOT believe in requiring internet for account validation to use an offline software product. With or without glitches, I believe that requirement is UNACCEPTABLE.
All true, all true, except what is not completely irrelevant to Apple is when their new #1 selling product gets released. I'm not alone in thinking that Apple misses a big opportunity not having a new iPhone to sell throughout the summer.
1. Because iPod sales are dwindling, and iPod touch sales aren't very impressive. I don't think most people would even notice if the iPod touch went without an update, or merely received a small spec bump to A7 class hardware. 2. Since the iPod touch and iPhone have always been mirrors of each other in terms of size per generation...when has anything ever indicated that slight differences in use demand completely different sizes? 3. I don't think it would be very well...
No one has been able to answer me when confronted with this question: Why on earth would Apple be developing a new iPod? Further more, why would Apple develop a new iPod that is larger than the new iPhone? Since you call it an iPod, am I to assume that is a Wifi-Only device? I personally doubt a 5.5" device is being made at all, but if it is, why would it be an iPod? On the list of things it could be: an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.....why would anyone think iPod, even just in...
 Oh I totally get it. And it totally makes sense. It's just unfortunate that we have to wait on hardware while new software-for-all is being beta tested. 
Way too many misinterpretations of the article in one page of comments.   No where did the article state the 4S is doing better than the 5c. The article merely points out that despite the 5c being newly introduced at the same ON CONTRACT price point (not off contract), the 4S still sells. Not better, not well, not any specific measure...just that it continues to sell.
The reasoning for its popularity has two undeniable driving factors: Price & Size. While Price is going to be a driving factor, I'm sure there are people out there that simply want a smaller device. While I don't expect Apple to continue to offer 3.5" screens forever, its worth noting that the 4" display size is going to remain important for years to come, even if the flagship device is only available as 4.7". I still think Apple should be redesigning and producing a...
Historically this is as good an indicator as any for an accurate launch time frame. Not that we needed much confirmation since Apple has established their 'perfect' launch plan over the last few years.   Honestly though, I held out a small amount of hope that the iPhone 6 would be released sooner.  Would anyone here care if Apple released the iPhone 6 with say iOS 7.2, but released it in JUNE, rather than having to wait until Sept. so it can ship with iOS 8?   That's...
People, please. Stop making up numbers. Its not 1 in 10. More like 1 in 10000.   But without official numbers, its all meaningless. And the only reason to not boast the new subscription numbers, is because they suck. If they told you those numbers instead, this launch would look like an utter failure.   Instead they tell you how many Free downloads of a non functional app took place. Whoopty Doo.
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