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All you need is the ability to authenticate from Touch ID on your iPhone, and pass that along to the Mac. It can be done. Securely. All the processing is done on the iPhone...the wireless communication is just for establishing proximity, and sending a Yes or No.
The way AirDrop works should be sufficient enough. Maybe even dial up the signal strength requirement so that the device w/ Touch ID doing the authenticating needs to be within a few feet. Bluetooth alone is capable of establishing this.
Bring on the Retina iMac. I'm in the market for a new Mac, would love to make this my next one.
I often wonder how many times we'll go through this cycle before people realize its not the current administration...its every administration, because not a damn one of them is a genuine entity with benevolence in mind.
it should also be noted that the Yosemite GM Candidate seeded is officially not the GM, or at least, the public release, as of this iTunes seed.     Can someone answer the simple question of why, to date, iTunes can't cache artwork properly, and always forces it to reload when scrolling the list (worst time imaginable)?
If that was their only way of making money off of your/my data, they'd be bankrupt. They are engaged in clandestine, illegal activity, selling our data to the highest bidder on a regular basis. Including the federal government. That's what actually keeps them afloat, and doesn't show up on the books.
I'm 50/50 on whether it makes sense to, after all this, separate Music and Video into separate apps. It makes sense, but then again, doesn't. You're essentially creating separate things to manage....separate apps that all have to log in to iCloud/iTunes Store. Separate Apps that all need Home Sharing enabled. Separate Library files to keep track of and make sure you move/backup when getting a new Mac. Lot of headache there.
So does DiCaprio....the only problem is, DiCaprio does not have much range. Even some of his best performances, you see mostly the same guy behind the character. Can't argue that he wasn't damn good in the Departed, or Django Unchained.
I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that this is not possible.
FWIW, i found the simplest is to program your TV remote to control the AppleTV. One Remote to rule them all, as it were.
New Posts  All Forums: