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Seems much the same as 6, besides some icon tweaks.   Thinner Fonts too...not so great on 1080p monitors or anything less than Retina.
 So as long as the 5.5's power needs are not also double that of iPhone 5s, we should see a nice bump in battery life.
None of what I said is incorrect. All of it leads toward the overwhelming likelihood that when/if the iPod touch even gets updated this year....it will be its own, modest update that keeps it in the shadow of the iPhone....but nothing more. You cannot argue that this is always been the case, and you cannot argue that ALL probability is that it will continue to be the case. Flagship iPod is not saying much these days. It says a lot more to say "least popular" iOS device. I...
This post a is joke, and insult. You ignore every single history and logic-based fact that I lay out and instead offer brilliant insight that amounts to "Maybe, maybe not." Glad to know you took it so seriously, and had such a well thought out response. Everything I mentioned was true, and would have to be OVERCOME for anything so substantial (and ridiculous) to change in the very near future.
Because of an overwhelming flood of common sense.
What is so "Pro" about a device with the same exact hardware, but less an than inch bigger? What's so "Air" about a device that will be negligibly lighter than the one that is .8" bigger? Neither moniker makes any sense for either model.
What is hilarious to ME is that people like you only seem to get outraged when you notice this type of reporting going on about something you're personally passionate about. The rest of time you take headlines for truth, despite the fact that half of them are exaggerations, the other half, lies.
 Yes there is! It compromises the entire design, for an incredibly stupid reason! Don't use your phone in the pool! Unbelievable.
We don't? I would vehemently disagree. I'm sure you're paying close enough attention to know the actual cover glass for the 4.7" has leaked, and it indeed curves at the edges, to match up to the curving sides. Case closed as far as I'm concerned.
New Posts  All Forums: