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Agreed, and I thought this is where HomeKit was going. I am not going to buy Lights, Locks, and Wall Adapters that each need their own hub plugged into my router. Makes no sense at all.
I need to see safety tests that have bene done on some of these products that are basically adapters for outlets. In general, it is unwise to connect any sort of plug/adapter/extension in between appliances and outlets. What have these rather cheap products done differently to suddenly make it safe to do so?
A brand new Apple TV and SDK is being announced. Has nothing to do with nor any bearing on the existence or non-existence of a subscription service to go along with it.
Keep up the good work. We need more curation, of all kinds. More stringent requirements, set the quality bar higher.   Personally I would love for Apple to start enforcing the use of their APIs more and more. Every year, Apple develops thousands of new APIs that provide great features for users. Developers just need to integrate them. More and more, I am disappointed in the lack of attention paid to new Apple APIs.   We're almost a year to date from the first beta of...
You're right, there are plenty of idiots that can't understand simple economics. The headphone business justified the entire purchase by itself...and they got the entire Beats service plus staff for basically nothing.
Just to clarify based on real data... 60% of 2 push notifications is not the same as 60% of 2000 push notifications. If you're going to compare Android and iOS in any way, you can't ignore real usage data. iOS is being used by real people every day. Android devices sit on shelves and in drawers.
Apple couldn't get spanked on services if it tried to. Do you have any concept of the humongous percentage of users that do not CHOOSE what services to use? They just use whatever is on the device they own. Apple product usage puts all other product usage to shame, and thus service usage goes along too.Compare whatever you want in your objective way, but its not reality.
Very excited for this year. iOS is by no means in need of major new features, but could do really well with a performance release. Optimizations and bug fixes across the platform. Same with OS X.
Either you forgot the sarcasm tag, or you're a bottom feeding lowlife that belongs in jail for the soon to be crime of wrongful accusation.
Exactly how much must you be staring at your watch instead of the road for a police officer to actually notice and pull you over.... While this may be a poor assumption, I'd say it's incredibly likely that you were indeed very distracted to get to this point.
New Posts  All Forums: