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Jesus. Do people still really not understand that Touch ID has nothing to do with security?  Your Passcode is your security. Touch ID is a convenience that allows you a way around having to enter your passcode. Touch ID will probably never exist on its own, without a backup passcode. Probably not in our lifetimes.
Wasn't one of the bullet points of Touch ID in the beginning that it was NEVER stored on Apple's servers? That it never leaves the secure enclave, period?
You people are so short sighted. "ARM could catch up to Intel i3 within 2 years" Do you think that even remotely interests Apple? That's lame. When Apple comes out the gates with their own chip for Mac, it will be something no one saw coming. Not just a repackaged ARM chip made by fucking Samsung.
I'm sure a lot of what is taking so long for them to make this move has to do with compatibility. Its one thing for OS X apps to have been recompiled. Its another to kill Windows compatibility. As much as I love OS X, Boot Camp is extremely important to me.
 Right. Apple's unmatched success with custom designing chips for its most successful products ever, is not going to make its way to the Mac line.  If Apple could have done it already, they would have. It is only a matter of time. There are no such grumblings, by anyone other than you. I have used OS X since the day it was released. I was using OS 9 before that. No one with any degree of sincerity believes OS X is being "dumbed down". Certain mundane tasks and features...
Definitely not breaking news. Nevertheless, i'm still very excited for the future potential of Macs built with Apple-designed chips.
I'm sure for Apple it has always been about How long Intel can continue to do better & faster than what we could do ourselves....and the time is coming where Apple could out pace them by developing for their own needs.   This last year was a prime example of Apple's innovations being held back by reliance on Intel.   Without any doubt, Apple is now in a position to make the processors they need for the machines they want to build, on their own timetable.    I'm...
And it will still run Android and still be a total pile of worthless shit.
I too am hoping iOS 9 focusing on polishing up the existing OS, and also giving developers more time and encouragement to update their Apps.   There were a lot of groundbreaking enhancements added in iOS 8...that only a fraction of developers have even touched. Just a few being: 1. Developers and can provide access to both 1Password and iCloud Keychain in their Apps....I have maybe 2 Apps that work with the 1Password extension and have yet to see a single App that will...
Cue the people that say its just lots of people with no lives spoofing their OS, and that iOS 9 doesn't really exist.
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