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All that is intended for is when people attach files too large to be attached, and Apple handles it automatically. Not in anyway a replacement for getting a URL for a file already stored in the cloud.
I cancelled my Dropbox paid account and moved everything over to iCloud. Between Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive...I can't stand managing all these cloud services. Its more work than its worth.   Finally decided to ditch Dropbox since I'm already using iCloud for Photo Library and App Libraries. I'm happy to pay $10/mon for 1 TB...but I'm not gonna have that x2 with separate services.   Setup a couple quick symbolic links and now my Mac's user folders are entirely synced...
This is not true at all. I still have 4 digit passcodes on my iOS 9 devices. Its under Passcode Options.
No, you just don't get it. You don't need to sell me on it. I'm here. I'm reading the article. Obviously I care. You need to sell the hundreds of millions of drivers in the US that DO NOT care. Good luck with that.
Umm no. Reading comprehension is your friend. They will undoubtedly make the best electric car ever made...which will cost significantly more than every other electric car, marginalizing it.
That hardly matters. This is the problem. Techies are so focused on the progression of technology, they completely ignore the real world that they live in...where the 99% of people that aren't reading articles about self-driving cars don't give a shit about it at all, and have no interest in playing ball.
This. The people that still don't understand this need their internet taken away. You cannot make a touchscreen tablet product work well with a desktop OS. No one has ever done it. Several have tried. All those products suck, repeat, SUCK horribly. I want an iPad Pro as my on-the-go machine. Retina iMac stays on the desk. No I'm not going to be able to create graphics and websites the way I can on the Mac, but I never could without a mouse. I can't even do it with a...
My mind is open to the idea that they are making an overpriced electric car.
Its not a self-driving car. This entire self-driving car illusion has swept over the blogosphere in a way that has deluded people into thinking its a real thing, with a real future.    Its not happening. Not this decade. Not in the next one either.    Its simply not safe to have a mix of driverless cars and driven cars on the road at the same time, and since most people have no interest in giving up driving their cars, its a total dead end in the real world. Sorry to...
For most people the experience is the exact opposite. Apps that use Metal scroll infinitely better than they ever did before. Maybe try installing a content blocker and see if that helps, or reset settings.
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