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No and No. The speakers are just fine, and the mute switch was completely unnecessary. There are about 50 dozen software functions that deserve dedicated hardware buttons more than Mute and Rotation lock, but we don't need any of them. Mute already has a hardware button, Volume down. Press and hold the button and the iPad instantly mutes, unlike iPhone where it gradually slides the volume down as you hold. Rotation lock can be turned on or off from control center and there...
This makes absolutely no sense.  This does.
So wait a minute...I can't use it in Safari for online shopping?
More than 50% of buyers have no need for more than 16 GB....more than 50 % of buyers don't even know how much storage they have.
The web app is quite nice and a relief to have as we wait for Photos.app next year.   For anyone still confused, YES, you must wait for Photos.app next year to have a Mac client component for iCloud Photo Library.   Your iPhoto library is going to sit dormant, unless you manually manage it, which I MIGHT do, if I see any need. For now, all I really care about is having access to every photo and video I take available on my iOS devices, AppleTV, and any Mac or PC via...
 According to Apple Tech Specs: "Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 3840 by 2160 pixels on an external display"
Have you ever seen a Mac with a Retina Display? The experience is the same as the difference non-Retina and Retina iOS devices....one is amazing, one is not.
Not sure what you're talking about. I purchased mine for "professional heavy duty use" and these specs far exceed what they are replacing.
Ordered the base model.   Can anyone weigh in on whether or not RAM from Crucial for the 2013 iMac would be compatible with this? I don't see why not. Just wondering if anyone can say with more certainty.   Edit: I imagine its identical...ordered a 16 GB kit from Crucial.
Just ordered mine, should have it Monday. Pretty damn excited.   Does anyone have any idea if there is ANY reason why I shouldn't order RAM from Crucial (meant for the 2013) model...it appears identical to me?
New Posts  All Forums: