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Great machine, definitely want one but....that price is all wrong. Why does it have to $1299? This should be $999.
According to who? Compared to what?
Hows that again? Compared to what?
At this point they shouldn't bother until they can do an A8X or better. Unless the $399 model is selling more poorly then they anticipated. You can't imagine it sells well, since its the lowest perceived value of the lineup.
Thank you. Most people don't even think about that. Even the AppleTV, something I've never plugged into a Mac in 4+ years of ownership, has a port for doing so.
Including Restoring/Formatting/Reinstalling the OS? Nope nope nope and nope. Lightning port will be on shipping units. Mark it.
The extra space is for all the people....not all the watches.
Neat idea, stupid product.   Just buy LTE iPads. Even if you have buyers remorse after purchasing a WiFi model...just sell it/trade in for an LTE model.
I gave up doing that after about 5 minutes as it makes no sense to kill the iPhone battery so that the iPad can have LTE. I just buy LTE iPads now.
Hope there is more than AppleWatch. Not to diminish it in any way. I just hope there is more. Retina MBA. AppleTV. Something.
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