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Would love to hear from the sensationalists spreading this garbage how they came up with the idea that 320 Kbps mp3 is "better" than 256 AAC.   It is not.
What are people going to complain about now that iCloudDrive has a dedicated iOS App????   Oh thats right, that cloud storage is still not unlimited and free. Damn those people offering services for money!
What are you blabbering about? iTunes Match is a completely different service, that works just fine. Its also a measly $25 a year. Has no impact on Apple Music whatsoever.
People should know by now that the collecting of all of that data has absolutely nothing to do with advertising.Its terrifying when I think that there are actually people who believe that all of that data mining is just to better target ads to consumers.
That basically encapsulates the entire truth about Apple vs. everyone else.
Don't be silly. And don't put words in my mouth to derail the topic.Faux-feminisim has reached an all time high in the media this year, and Apple is responding to it. Who asks the question, "Why aren't more women giving keynotes?" That is the kind of stupid irrelevant question that comes from someone who has had their agenda written for them by #trending #topics.
Thats essentially my entire point. Its not for any legitimate, honest reason. Its for PR.
How so? To me this kind of attitude is just playing into the hands of those who want diversity for diversity's sake...rather than fair and equal treatment of all.
Must we continue to bark up the wrong tree? Who cares if women or men give the keynotes? As long as the person up there belongs there because they are best for the part, then it shouldn't matter. 
Are you completely blind to the disgusting trend of force-fed diversity in the media?  I'm all for competent and capable women playing any role a man can, and vice versa. I couldn't care less who stands up there to deliver the goods. I DO care however about whether or not the person up there belongs there, or is there because management is responding to a particularly grotesque PR trend that is eroding honesty and freedom.
New Posts  All Forums: