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The entire thing, completely half baked from start to finish....like all Amazon hardware & services. Meant only for those who don't know any better. Hence Gary Busey as the spokesman.
I don't know what they're thinking. Perhaps they think they do better if they have BRAND NEW products going into the 4th quarter for holiday shopping. But I know for myself, I have more wealth to spare on new Apple gadgets for the year when one comes out in March, another in June, another in October.
Is that true? I don't know about Timelines, but the last time Ming Kuo weighed in on his Q3 Apple predictions, he got almost everything right.
That could fall within the 10%, you know... Or, it could be just as accurate. If you're at all familiar with the wrist watch industry, you'd know that the high end models are astronomically expensive. I wouldn't put it past Apple to create a version of the iWatch that is solid gold, maybe even 24k. That could easily make the same product thousands of dollars more than a plastic or leather-banded base model. As long as I can get the leather banded model for a reasonable...
Finally, an iPhone that is drop-resistent. 
I'm all in for the 4.7 or the 5.5, whichever comes first. Assuming they both really are iPhones and the 5.5" is not $299 w/contract for a 16 GB.   There is no avoiding it now. This is what happens. AI is not the only site lending huge weight to Ming's reports. He is dead on balls accurate 90% of the time, and I would take his comments as about 90% accurate to what we'll see, but subject to change.   I do its think high time Apple make the mythical 5" iDevice, with 1920...
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Like you would have any concept of the difference between 1 or 2 GB of RAM in an iPad.
Is this guy a complete frigging moron?? No one has any idea that's the case. No one.
I would re-buy a lot of stuff in 24 bit lossless.It's not Apple holding this back either. A lot of artists are holding tight to this, as they know it's a once in 20 years audio improvement that is a new opportunity to sell the same stuff again.
Cue the comments on how Ive will continue to ruin the Apple UI like he did with iOS 7....   What? That's what the trolls on other sites are saying....
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