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Oh yeah. That's the argument. Xbox. Right. Xbox is for 13 year olds.
Not very good I would say. I highly doubt Apple's ability to keep a new product like that from leaking this close to an alleged launch/production.
What evidence? Like iOS 8.1 beta's references to Touch ID and ApplePay in the iPad firmware? That seems like evidence to me... With or without evidence though, it makes sense for it to be included...with or without NFC. As others have mentioned, the iPad is an increasingly popular POS system with additional hardware....seems ripe for the opportunity to build in NFC to make the iPad a better payment receiver than payment maker.
However, the iPad currently has 4 price points: 16, 32, 64, and 128. If they did away with the 32 here like they did with iPhone, they would go down to 3 price points, and the top tier expensive model would get cheaper. That's not what happened with iPhone. So one has to speculate if its remotely possible to see 16, 64, 128 and 256 options at the current price points. I'm going to say NO, not for 2014....but it is worth the speculation.
My guess is they absolutely WILL have ApplePay.....that does not mean they will have NFC. ApplePay is equally useful for every transaction you make ON the device....iTunes, Online Shopping and In-App purchases.
That is the complete opposite of what an iPad is.......so......gonna have to go with......No.
Its not overdue. Apple spent $400 million on Authen-tec. Plus god knows how much R&D of their own. They needed a year of iPhone 5s sales to subsidize the cost of Touch ID. It is arriving right on time with iPads this year.
I just don't understand where people get the nerve to make comments like this. What do you have to back up this statement? What access to internal Apple engineers do you have, that fuel your comment here? You know nothing of what they can or cannot do at this stage, nor do you know their reasons for what they do. Let's leave it at that.
Did they even need to extend the lead?   I have these little Android devices I use for product testing, and I noticed there is nothing to stop me from going to Google Play and buying (paying for) a major title game that absolutely positively will not run on my device, or probably 90% of all existing devices that run on something called "Android". My Android devices are so awful they usually crash when even attempting to load something from Google Play.   There may be...
Is there really such a need for a purely-Thunderbolt hub, considering the way Thunderbolt allows daisy chaining?
New Posts  All Forums: