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Seems to do just fine in the current 64 bit iOS devices
When they moved to a 4" display for the iPhone 5, I don't remember there being AS MUCH complaining that there wasn't also a newly updated 3.5" model.   Clearly, following that precedent, Apple is not going to update the 4" model will new specs. There will be some incarnation of it, maybe two. But certainly not a "new" one.
 What gave you the impression that this is a good thing?
They can do better, not just "well enough". These non-tech companies that perform the "analysis" of tech companies fall into the main trap that someone like Jonny Ive does not: You must throw out preconceived notions about what something is before trying to tackle a project.  Talking about NFC in the same breath as Mobile Payments is just a way to confine yourself to a limited scope of ideas.
Because why? Because you're a completely full of yourself blogger that thinks you know what's best for Apple in terms of financial acquisition? I cannot for the life of me understand where people like you get the clout to make such comments, or even have such thoughts in the first place.
LMAO. Amazing and yet embarrassing at the same time that there are some people who believe that American involvement in any conflict, let alone Vietnam, is ever part of a response to a "tragic plea for help" What staggering ignorance and naivety. 
I believe in subscriptions. I believe in requiring internet for internet based products. I DO NOT believe in requiring internet for account validation to use an offline software product. With or without glitches, I believe that requirement is UNACCEPTABLE.
All true, all true, except what is not completely irrelevant to Apple is when their new #1 selling product gets released. I'm not alone in thinking that Apple misses a big opportunity not having a new iPhone to sell throughout the summer.
1. Because iPod sales are dwindling, and iPod touch sales aren't very impressive. I don't think most people would even notice if the iPod touch went without an update, or merely received a small spec bump to A7 class hardware. 2. Since the iPod touch and iPhone have always been mirrors of each other in terms of size per generation...when has anything ever indicated that slight differences in use demand completely different sizes? 3. I don't think it would be very well...
No one has been able to answer me when confronted with this question: Why on earth would Apple be developing a new iPod? Further more, why would Apple develop a new iPod that is larger than the new iPhone? Since you call it an iPod, am I to assume that is a Wifi-Only device? I personally doubt a 5.5" device is being made at all, but if it is, why would it be an iPod? On the list of things it could be: an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.....why would anyone think iPod, even just in...
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