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The reasoning for its popularity has two undeniable driving factors: Price & Size. While Price is going to be a driving factor, I'm sure there are people out there that simply want a smaller device. While I don't expect Apple to continue to offer 3.5" screens forever, its worth noting that the 4" display size is going to remain important for years to come, even if the flagship device is only available as 4.7". I still think Apple should be redesigning and producing a...
Historically this is as good an indicator as any for an accurate launch time frame. Not that we needed much confirmation since Apple has established their 'perfect' launch plan over the last few years.   Honestly though, I held out a small amount of hope that the iPhone 6 would be released sooner.  Would anyone here care if Apple released the iPhone 6 with say iOS 7.2, but released it in JUNE, rather than having to wait until Sept. so it can ship with iOS 8?   That's...
People, please. Stop making up numbers. Its not 1 in 10. More like 1 in 10000.   But without official numbers, its all meaningless. And the only reason to not boast the new subscription numbers, is because they suck. If they told you those numbers instead, this launch would look like an utter failure.   Instead they tell you how many Free downloads of a non functional app took place. Whoopty Doo.
I don't believe this makes any sense. Non tactile touch buttons that you don't look at while touching are counterintuitive.    Scrolling. If that were the only reason, it still wouldn't be any good. Who the hell wants a bastardized version of trackpad scrolling on iOS? As it is since iPhone 1, you touch your content and SCROLL it.    Apple experiments with everything, if only to prove that a vague idea is actually a bad one, and can be thrown to the wayside.
LOL. I'm so done with you. You are unimaginable. Why? Because he's black? Because he has produced "Rap" music? You are embarrassment to human beings.
No one in their right mind thought the iPhone 5 was going to be released. Neither AI, nor 9to5mac, other to be mentioned sites thought the iPhone 5 was in the bag. They were, instead, reporting that, regardless of what people were wishing for, the next device would indeed be a spec-bumped iPhone 4S AND it would be delayed until October. Both of which happened. That was as early as April or May, the bottom line never changed. The articles that said "widely expected" all...
Anyone that upgrades right now could care less... Edit: I just read your other posts....I see I shouldn't even bother.
I have no idea what that means or why Samsung is relevant. I want a bigger iPhone, and the leaked specs and subsequent plethora of mockups look exactly like what I want. EXACTLY.
They gambled and lost on the stupidity that Apple would skip the iPhone 4S, which just about every analyst and blog site (including this one) was saying would be the case (that 4S would replace the 4, not the fabled 5).
Just so you know...this is when the world stops listening.
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