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The invite for the iPhone 4S event that unveiled Siri for the first time was "Let's Talk iPhone" Not hard to infer that there was intent in that tagline.
Considering the iWatch is an iPhone accessory....you couldn't be more wrong.
Nothing that small is made in the US.
Ignorance. That's funny. You know what's ignorant? Talking like a moron. You want to be taken seriously? Get a grasp on your native language, grammar, pronunciation, enunciation, and inflection. Want to stir the pot, and set yourself up for ridicule, and then scream "prejudice" and when people don't accept your childish behavior...by all means. Never, at any point, does sexual preference become a part of this conversation ^.
No it really is not. You getting buy with iPad 1 and 2 is no indication of the quality or capability of those devices vs. current. I mean for crying out loud, your iPad is incompatible with the overwhelming majority of Apps on the store, and is stuck at iOS 5.1.1. If you watch the same 2 movies over and over again and call that using an iPad then yeah I'm sure you have no reason to upgrade....
Zero. That's how much. People that buy half price Android tablets get what they pay for....what they do not get is anything remotely resembling iPad. I have every device under the sun around me for product testing (work) and I am very familiar with them. Kindle's are dressed up Android tablets that still fail at being anything remotely resembling an iPad. It is still an alien device that does not feel personal, does not feel like it really does anything. There is...
There is nothing even remotely hard to justify about iPad Air over iPad 4. Hold one in your hand for 2 seconds, and you have all the reason you need.
This is one overhyped machine. At the end of the day it will still be a vastly underpowered Mac for doing any real work on OS X.
Lengthly list that is not limited to me by any means: iOS 8: -iOS 8 is tough to evaluate, as very few 3rd party Apps work well or at all with it. Developers seem keen to wait until the GM is released to prepare their initial update....but I worry about the devs that are not on top of things. iOS 8 breaks a lot of Apps. -Certain iOS 8 devices still struggle with WiFi issues particularly the iPad Air on 5 Ghz networks. -It is very easy to overload memory on any iOS 8 device...
I wouldn't really call that "thinking". I can't even begin to think about describing the sheer absurdity that goes into thinking that Apple would even consider making a 4.7 iPhone and then 5.5 iPod touch. There is no fathomable stretch of the imagination that could even pretend to take that seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: