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 When did this epic troll melt of yours start? I am conservatively estimating 4 billion in revenue from Apple Watch for this year alone. Wrap your head around that number for a minute.
The only thing dishonest and partisan would be believing that any of what you see should be taken at face value. Reading headlines does not equal being informed about how things transpired, or where certain money is and why. Everything you see on TV is a sham for public consumption. Everything real is done behind the scenes, by people you've never even heard of, for reasons you couldn't even imagine. Start with the assumption that you know absolutely no truth about any of...
As much as I find the Stainless model and the Milanese loop appealing, I think the sport watch with sport band is probably far more practical and comfortable for wearing  all day everyday.   Plus, I can buy two of them (one for the wife) for the cost of one stainless with milanese.   Interesting product: first Apple product where you can buy the base model, or the holy sh*t omg expensive model, and get the exact same tech.
Is there any reason why I can't buy a leather strap for an AppleWatch Sport?
Most $17,000 watches on the market are decades outdated. 
Having just learned that the model I'm interested in is probably what costs $1099....I just lost almost interest in Apple Watch for this year unfortunately.
Great machine, definitely want one but....that price is all wrong. Why does it have to $1299? This should be $999.
According to who? Compared to what?
Hows that again? Compared to what?
At this point they shouldn't bother until they can do an A8X or better. Unless the $399 model is selling more poorly then they anticipated. You can't imagine it sells well, since its the lowest perceived value of the lineup.
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