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Seems to count my steps. Wonder what else it can do automatically.
That is pretty cool. Yes indeed I would assume it means more usage due to: low signal.
Mine is all Home & Lockscreen on my 6 Plus because I can't stop staring at it.
Just curious...do you believe it makes logistical sense the way Apple delays production of new models as long as possible, vs. starting sooner and having more inventory at launch. I've seen a lot of people, who don't understand the real reasoning behind this, try to justify it, and its always entertaining to watch.
I almost forgot about Apple pay since I got my 6 Plus yesterday! Cannot wait for that. And rumored Mac mini refresh!!! Halelujiah! 
Shame on this fucking pathetic website for calling this guy out like this.
yea and its quite clear just from looking at it that its native 1080p
Out of style. Excuse me while I LMFAO at your narcissism.
Trolled? I take offense to that. I'm making a valid point. Did you not read the article? Their alleged speed tests show around 30 Mbps on N, and 90 Mbps on AC. That makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. The same router should easily be able to distribute up to 300 Mbps to an iPhone 5s over 802.11n, topping out at whatever their actual bandwidth is from their ISP. Yes, LOCAL transfers will always benefit from AC router + devices. But as far as internet goes, you need a...
Regarding 802.11ac on the iPhone....     My iPhone 5s has no problem getting 115 Mbps download speeds on 802.11n with the newest Airport Extreme.   It could probably do more, but 115 Mbps is what I pay for.   I don't think your tests are a good example of anything.
New Posts  All Forums: