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Hence the point as to why its arugable whether or not 4k makes a worthwhile difference at normal viewing distance. Unlike our phones, tablets, and PCs where the display (and the pixels) are inches away (not feet). Fact is, 1080p is certainly "good enough" for the living room...and that is coming from someone who sits front of a 5K iMac all day. But, we'll end up with 4k in the living room anyway eventually...and that's fine. No one should be in a hurry to get there though....
 What a crack up this place has become!   ...people saying that if Apple wasn't going to release a 4k AppleTV...they shouldn't have bothered with 4k on iPhone.   Do you have any fucking concept of how many iPhones there are, and how few AppleTV?
 Yea, you're probably right. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that 4K content and 4K TVs are still in the extreme minority. Oh wait, yes, that is exactly why. People said the same shit when Apple TV 2 was "only" 720p.A year later when 1080p TVs went through a full holiday season, and content providers had started to up their quality to 1080p....Apple came out with a 1080p AppleTV and upgrade all iTunes video to 1080p on the same day. Expect the same thing to...
El Cap is without a doubt the best macOS experience I've ever had, that includes Snow Leopard. How much better it is than its immediate predecessor Yosemite is really astounding.   Every OS update of every platform breaks some kind of compatibility with some external hardware. It is to be expected. Breaking compatibility with a NAS is certainly disappointing, but the NAS vendor surely shares some responsibility in that.
Just got all 3 delivered and setup in seconds. Damn are these nice!   I love the keyboard...I'm putting away my fullsize Apple keyboard in favor of this one. I'll miss the number row, but the feel of these keys is too nice to switch back.   The trackpad is stunning. I'll probably use it the least out of everything just because I prefer the mouse, but it is a sight to see and use.   The mouse is noticeably lighter.   Using the existing Lightning connector on my...
I don't. Still not gonna turn it off though.
 I'm sorry and forgive my language, but this statement is absolute fucking bullshit.
Is the sole purpose of buying a Mac to upgrade the fucking RAM after you get it?It used to be 128, but since you can't demonstrate how this negatively impacts the user, this is bullshit.I wonder how many people that buy 21.5" iMacs know what DDR4 RAM is...See above.Wrong.They'd rather you buy an iMac. A New 4k or 5k display would cost almost as much as one.
I think people tend to forget that the needs of the average user have not changed (much) over the last 5 years, yet the desktop Mac you can buy for $1,100 has. The iMac was fast enough/good enough for today's average user 5 years ago. Only we, the geeks, have lost sight of that. Well, some of us anyway.
For this statement to hold any weight at all, you'd have to prove that going from 128 to 24 in a Fusion Drive actually negatively impacts the user experience.I don't expect you to put that much thought into this though.
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