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Well congrats on the dumbest thing I've read yet today. That's an achievement, believe me.
That's complete and utter nonsense. The 5s will drop frames and stutter through animations with the best of them. Apple struggled to get iOS 7 animations running smoothly, and they have to start all over again with iOS 8.  iOS 8 is far from mature and these are the kinds of things you'd expect.
No, they haven't, but troll away. Its all you're good at.
Time to start dishing out the troll bans.
You're wrong, and completely full of shit. GO AWAY.
I love my 6 Plus, but it does not take the place of my iPad Air. I am glad the 6 Plus is now much more usable than my 5s was for more tasks....but the iPad continues to have a big role. I like it that way. People that don't have an iPad Air and instead an iPad mini....well I'm not as certain they need both devices. 
I can't honestly agree that this did less harm than good for Apple. I know far too many people who would otherwise know nothing of iPhone 6.... Tell me, "oh I heard that bends really easily". This is a fantastic case study of the way the modern fiction sphere works: total and utter fraud can and frequently is perpetrated through what passes for news outlets, such as social media, YouTube, and the idiot box. The real problem is, this happens far too often with other...
WTF are you make such a ridiculous assertion? FYI: I pay exactly $39.99 a month for 115 Mbps down with Comcast. And have never been throttled  
I love my 6 Plus, but Apple did a lot of people a disservice by not making a new 4" option also. My wife will never move on from the 5s now, and cannot benefit from ApplePay and other new innovations, because she does not like the sheer size of the 6. The 5s is as large as she feels comfortable with.   Disappointed in this to say the least. Maybe next year they'll wise up and refresh the 4" size.
Hardly. If you spent any amount of time with it, you'd find it useful. Not for typing out a paragraph, for filling in gaps and choosing suggestions. People spend so much time developing these things and you get people like you that use it for all of 30 seconds and then turn it off, and say Meh its flawed! Well, Meh! You're flawed!
New Posts  All Forums: