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???It's replacing tens of millions of PC purchases per year. And has for 4 years.
Yeah WTF? Apple and their crazy ideas to make the best desktop in the world even better by sharpening the display so.They need to just stop already.Well....after I buy one, they can stop.
Wants iPad.Doesn't want to pay for iPad.Got it.
Remind what the good reason would be for enabling families to get away with one iPad instead of buying multiple?
Yeah I see most of those coming true....except the higher resolution display on iPad. I don't see that happening to the Air. I don't see the advantage of borking iPad apps, creating a dramatic difference between the Air and the Mini, and what of the iPad Pro? If that product does come to fruition in near future, are we gonna have a 4th iPad resolution out there?
It really think the tagline is just a joke in reference to the keynote/new products in September. And even if it wasn't, AppleTV wouldn't headline an event. And, we would have heard a lot about it already. It has been WAY too long since an Apple Cinema Display was updated (they don't even have USB 3.0)...but that wouldn't justify the tagline either.
Hardly. It is not as much of a choice as you might think. There is a very narrow window in which a female is ripe and in best physical health for both child birth and child rearing. They don't simply get to choose what phase of life that is.But the corporate driven culture that women should stop caring about their family responsibilities and care more about themselves instead is a disgusting anti-human joke that needs to be stopped.
Will surely be interesting to see how Apple reignites interest in the iPad. Touch ID and the A8X are enough to make me upgrade my Air, but for most people I don't think it will catch attention.
Women should be parenting in their 20s. 30s, the latest. So tired of this self righteous bullshit that has been programmed into woman to skip family life in favor of a job. A boring, meaningless money generating job. Don't kid yourself people, these women aren't aspiring to their dreams. They are getting jobs, like everyone else. Nothing special. Wanna do something really special? Be a parent. Be a mother, like you were designed to be. Freezing your eggs so you can...
None of the above. How do you power a 5k display with Thunderbolt 2?
New Posts  All Forums: