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I just don't understand where people get the nerve to make comments like this. What do you have to back up this statement? What access to internal Apple engineers do you have, that fuel your comment here? You know nothing of what they can or cannot do at this stage, nor do you know their reasons for what they do. Let's leave it at that.
Did they even need to extend the lead?   I have these little Android devices I use for product testing, and I noticed there is nothing to stop me from going to Google Play and buying (paying for) a major title game that absolutely positively will not run on my device, or probably 90% of all existing devices that run on something called "Android". My Android devices are so awful they usually crash when even attempting to load something from Google Play.   There may be...
Is there really such a need for a purely-Thunderbolt hub, considering the way Thunderbolt allows daisy chaining?
I have to agree with all of this.
Despite the extreme cost of $299 (the previous generation floundered at the same price and eventually dropped to $199), the product is a great idea. For anyone with a MacBook, that has a workstation with HDD's, Displays, and other peripherals, but also takes their Mac with them...this is the ideal Hub. One cable, in, one cable out. For anyone with an iMac or Mac mini, like myself, I don't see the need. Aside from a few extra USB ports which you could get with any USB...
Just you wait. Wouldn't be surprised to see it at all when it gets released. They jumped to 10 in hopes of piggybacking on OS X success, and because if they gone with 9 first and waited, they would have been out of business by 10.
Well congrats on the dumbest thing I've read yet today. That's an achievement, believe me.
That's complete and utter nonsense. The 5s will drop frames and stutter through animations with the best of them. Apple struggled to get iOS 7 animations running smoothly, and they have to start all over again with iOS 8.  iOS 8 is far from mature and these are the kinds of things you'd expect.
No, they haven't, but troll away. Its all you're good at.
Time to start dishing out the troll bans.
New Posts  All Forums: