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That is biggest load of crap I've ever heard. The government doesn't care if you break the law. They have other agendas that involve your personal data.
 Which means that ONE Nintendo title on the App Store could potentially offset the company-wide losses for the calendar year. Unbelievable how stubborn they are. Stereotypically, the Japanese are notorious for this behavior....running things into the ground instead of ever admitting defeat, and making any rational attempt to salvage things. Nintendo is likely no exception, and will drown before ever reach for the life preserver that sitting right in front of them.
I've grown tired of you.
They will go bankrupt before they realize that they should have started THIS ^ in 2009.
No. No they're not. Have you been following f ANYTHING at all?They are widely expected to introduce ONE new model at 4.7", while there has been zero evidence leaks or rumors about the phabled 5.5" device. That's nothing but a crock of crap.
I'll still hate them for that too. What a preposterous idea. Operating an automobile is an achievement of human motor skills. It requires physical skill, rational thinking, courtesy, attention to detail, and general respect for powerful machinery and transportation. It is an important part of people's lives to learn how to safely operate a vehicle. Fast forward in time to where cars are self driving and people learn nothing....just further degrading the sensibility of the...
 Innovators world wide should take notice and realize that nothing is protected anymore. Even billion dollar ideas can be stolen, and no appropriate punishment will ever be dished out.
I agree completely. I'm sure because of the actual device size, there has been a lot of confusion and rounding errors around the 5" mark. Some people interpreting the same device as having different possible screen sizes. Happened with iPad rumors, a lot. Until the mockup is made of aluminum instead of plastic at which point it looks iPod touch-ish.
 Missing points of interest. Apple Maps is still missing some POI data. iOS 8 is supposed to include an overhaul in this area. And to be fair, if it didn't show up on the Map, Siri wasn't going to do anything for you...so thats not an accurate knock on Siri.
 It is a completely genuine artificial creation on what one person thinks it will look like based on leaked details. This person used plastic or something similar to create the model. That has nothing to do with the material of the actual product. Further to this point, all of the leaked schematics show the back as a single piece of (presumably) aluminum, up to the point of the top and bottom insets on the back. This design does represent exactly that... And in my opinion...
New Posts  All Forums: