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It does? Phil Schiller's statements could have been plucked out of at least the last 2 WWDC's in a row. "Next generation of iOS & OS X" Nothing unexpected about that. Of course they have iOS 8 and OS 10.10 to show off. June is 6 months into the year and Apple has released nothing except an 8 GB iPhone 5c. This is also the second year in a row that they've let the entire first half of the year go quiet without a new product. And quite honestly, 2013 was nothing special....
??? They all look like App Icons.
Well at least confirmation that we will indeed see the next version of OS X as well. Syrah, or whatever it was called internally.
When? Apple dropped the ball here. Big time.
I'd be much happier with a 4.7" iPhone than a 5.5" iPhone.   I seriously, legitimately, hope the iPhone 6 is one model, 4.7" or close to it, and the 5.5" rumor was never anything more than that.   5.5" is just WAAYY to big for a phone that goes in my pocket and is frequently used with one hand.
.....Or ditched the Matte screen.
Apple has always had over 90% market share in computers over a thousand dollars. I think since around the year 2000, and still to this day. Which says a lot. It means people that are actually buying machines to do real work, that require processing power and graphics, are almost all buying Macs. When I price out PCs, machines with comparable specs to a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro are all around the same prices.
iPhone dominates smartphone profits. By a large margin.   What else is there to say?
You have very poor reading comprehension.
There is no 5.5" iPhone.
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