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Not every function of every iOS device has to be considered for Apple Watch. The wrist worn notification device has very specific value and uses, and that should be easy to understand to anyone with half a brain.   Go look at the forums of certain bottom of the barrel Apple sites and look at the Apple Watch section. You'll find a plethora of idiots who don't understand what the watch is for, at all. People complaining about the lack of a web browser. On their...
Video Calling was never going to replace Audio Calling. It has been around long enough and is common enough for it to have established its purpose and use case.People use Video Calling for loved ones who are far away, either permanently or temporarily. Its for when there is a specific desire to "see" someone...not simply because 'video is always better than just audio'.
Here's why this makes no sense at all:   1) A free trial is a free trial. Apple isn't making money for the service, neither should anyone else. 2) The entire purpose of the free trial is to hook users that otherwise WOULD NOT, I repeat, WOULD NOT just sign up for $9.99 day one and start handing over money to Taylor Swift every month for the rest of their lives. 3) Every artist in the world should be on their knees kissing Apple's ass for continuing to give value to...
I think this is exactly the direction they are going. Very sensible, user friendly, and powerful. Completely agree that there is little reason to maintain "iTunes Match" and "iTunes Radio", when iCloud Music Library / Apple Music roll it all in together.   And, Apple supporting FLAC natively (both 16 and 24 bit), even if they don't sell it, would be a dream come true.  But I think there is an obstacle when it comes to the cloud....   VOX is an app for Mac and iOS that...
Considering Apple has allowed App Extensions since iOS 8, something like this may already exist and work directly within the Photos app.
Why on earth did Apple not announce AppleTV SDK at WWDC? That was the time to do it. Even if the new hardware/software wasn't launching until the fall....the summer months are the BETA months. This is when developers get active and start spending time on what's new.
Last time I checked, the world is still full of PCs with platter harddrives that are slower than the Flash memory in the first iOS devices.
But it would be consistent with Messages on the Mac? SHIFT + ENTER is better for line breaks when dealing with Text Chat/SMS Applications.
This is definitely one of the smarter moves by Apple. Software Updates should never be optional to the user under any circumstance. Users are the absolute last people in the world who should be deciding whether or not to update. As a software developer, it turns my stomach when I see clueless people making statements about "why they won't update", as if they have ANY idea what has changed or why.   Mandatory overnight updates is fantastic. You don't own the software on...
They are useful Apps to almost everyone. They should be there. Even mentioning Bloatware and Apple designed Apps in the same sentence is a joke. It is not the same thing, for the very simple reason that Apple designed Apps are in a class unto themselves.
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