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Guess there is something wrong with your ability to "get it", as I felt it the moment I saw it. I have a pretty great imagination, and the APPLE watch far exceeded them.It seems like there are always people that feel the need to criticize great things just because. Because you didn't think of it first?
That's it? They're missing an opportunity to charge at least $3,500 for the gold model.
There is no precedent for this kind of thing. All they have is past experience. Which if they beef up infrastructure to handle that, and traffic exceeds it, again no precedent.   Its easy to say that they should be able to figure it out and adjust accordingly.... but its easy for us to say that.
Whats the over under on how long before Walmart, Best Buy, and other's eat their words and are forced to accept Apple Pay? I give it less than 12 months.
So you're saying the On-Device Reset All Content and Settings takes care of Activation Lock? That is good to know! Because....restoring the device in iTunes, which is how I've always reset devices, DOES NOT turn off Activation Lock.
Uh....To Disable Activation Lock, you still need to login to iCloud > Find My iPhone > Remove the device from your list. Otherwise it cannot be activated by anyone else after trade/sale.
These new plans are great, and match up well with the utility of iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library.   I went with 200 GB for $3.99/mon for now. Until I'm able to migrate my whole iPhoto Library to iCloud, I think I can get away with this. I was paying $9.99 for 100 GB/ mon from Dropbox. They JUST ( as in last week) magically transitioned that to 1 TB instead of 100 GB. It certainly made me question whether I wanted to full switch to iCloud....but I decided to....
You don't have to presume to know that Steve Jobs said whatever was necessary to sell their current agenda, until it changed, and then would say whatever necessary to sell that new agenda. iPod video was trashed by Steve 1 year before he launched it on stage. Get a clue to how it actually works, and stop believing anything they say (or he said) was "personal" or sincere in anyway. Its all marketing speak.
 I can definitely see where the 6 Plus and iPad mini are close enough in size to debate needing both. For me, I'll be happy going forward with a 6 Plus and and iPad Air. Though I already know I will be using the iPad Air a bit less, as there a few certain tasks I hope to enjoy on the iPhone instead, that normally demand iPad. Games - many games that I have on both iPhone and iPad....I've opted to use on iPad. With 6 Plus I hope to reclaim some of that to my pocketable...
New Posts  All Forums: