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Not ones that won't cost as much as the iPhone itself.
 HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I almost threw up from laughing so hard. I'll never understand where people like you get the clout to make such comments. Is it possible that you just don't realize how ridiculous it makes you look to criticize APPLE for how it spends $3 billion of its money? To casually say, "Yeah thats not gonna turn out well..." WHAT?! WHO ARE YOU? /rant
I take great issue with people who ignore generalization as if real stereotypes and demographics don't exist.
 Doesn't make sense to label it as an iPod. Not in the slightest. It barely makes sense to call the current iPod touch an iPod. Making it 5.5" and adding cellular radio for DATA only makes it an iPad. Far more iPad than iPod. People are more likely to buy an iPad than iPod. You think it doesn't matter which vowel in used in the name for the 5.5" device, but it certainly does.
 If both versions indeed exists, then this is what its referring to. A simultaneous announcement, with separate release dates, much like the iPads last year. And it probably makes sense to release the smaller model first as it will likely be cheaper and prove more popular than the 5.5 Despite what analysts think and bloggers may post, most people don't want a 5.5" phone.
I found his pic: http://www.governmentauctions.org/uploaded_images/copier-776439.JPG
That is biggest load of crap I've ever heard. The government doesn't care if you break the law. They have other agendas that involve your personal data.
 Which means that ONE Nintendo title on the App Store could potentially offset the company-wide losses for the calendar year. Unbelievable how stubborn they are. Stereotypically, the Japanese are notorious for this behavior....running things into the ground instead of ever admitting defeat, and making any rational attempt to salvage things. Nintendo is likely no exception, and will drown before ever reach for the life preserver that sitting right in front of them.
I've grown tired of you.
They will go bankrupt before they realize that they should have started THIS ^ in 2009.
New Posts  All Forums: