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It's not a Roku either. I'm able to stream all my movies, music, pics, and whatever else I want with my Roku... So what you can stream from an iOS or Android device. That's lame...
I don't think the Verizon lawyer is being honest about his intentions of having the Obama Admin veto the decision in this case. When is a lawyer ever being straight with anyone?
I can imagine the serious violations of personal details and information Apple is going to have to deal with once this device comes to fruition.
By modern, of course you mean all...
This case is awesome! I used an aluminum bumper case prior to this one and while there is a visual difference in reception (I'm running a Cydia tweak that reflects signal strength more accurately), I haven't noticed a difference in the quality of phone calls or an increase in battery drain.
I for one couldn't care.
Seriously? This rumor goes around every few months. Let it go...
I've been a Mac user or over a decade nd experience has taught me to never upgrade and software or firmware for Apple products for at least a week or two because inevitably the latest version will break something. Whether it be an Airport Extreme, MacBook, iOS version, or OSX release, my experience has taught me to never jump on a new release.
You're right. Looking at Apple's line of products, besides a little customization, there isn't a whole lot of selection. Two iPad releases in the same year is a stretch, let alone two released simultaneously...
A few days ago there was a report about the price of a iPhone in China going for $1k US on the grey market. If the grey market is charging such a high price then how is it that regular Apple stores are doing do well? There's some PR bullshit going on here... When Apple first released the iPhone in China a few years back, sales were dismal, now we're supposed to believe China is the leading market for Apple? Complete BS.
New Posts  All Forums: