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Why would they put it on the App Store? They have always offered upgrade pricing. (Something, I believe the App Store does not accomodate.) They are in a ton of sales pipes as it is. The App Store is a huge step down from what sales outlets they already have in place. Putting it on the App Store would be stupid for MS. (Besides, if they did, they'd lose me as a potential customer...)
"An analysis of Verizon Wireless smartphone sales over the past year indicates why the carrier is suddenly demonstrating interest in Apple's iPad and iPhone" I wouldn't say Verizon's interest in the iPhone is sudden at all. Rumors of a Verizon iPhone have been going now for almost a year if not longer. And Android based phones are no slouch compared to the iPhone. The only reason Verizon is working on a deal with Apple is name recognition. People will buy big...
In two years MS will be releasing Windows Phone 9, which will be everything Windows Phone 7 promised to be. Microsoft will still be scrambling to catch up with iOS. In two years, Apple will be fighting off the same reputation MS began to have a few years back, and a couple years after that, people will be abandoning Apple foe some other new innovative company or Operating System. Maybe QNX? Google Chrome OS? Point being, this whole scenario has been played out...
Apple = success. Steve Wozniak = failure. But if you confuse the two long enough, and mix in a little news media, Steve Wozniak can ride the coat tails of Apple for the rest of his life...
I can't believe someone wasted their time reprinting this trash.
It's been hard to tell what Apple has been up to for a long time. Three days ago I read an article about European carriers threatening (internally only) to stop subsidising the iPhone should Apple release an embedded SIM version. Now according to The Telegraph (which more than likely is just trying to sell subscriptions, truth be damned!) Apple has been sent back to the drawing board. BS. Someone's just trying to make a buck off the old rumor mill.
This is Apple's big announcement? I'm not going to forget it because I am a little more than disappointed. Their music has been available on CD for a long time now. It's been remastered. Fans of the Beatles have their music in bulk by now. Does Apple really think such a small deal is going to get everyone's attention? This announcement should have been made to stock holders, as they and a small group of Beatles fans are the only ones who will GAS about...
What a shame, that was the only reason I had to update my iOS devices. Oh well.
You can't blame poor quarterly profits on a factor you have no control over. That's insane and stupid. Someone needs to fire that idiot.
I hope Jobs makes a full recovery.
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