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What a shame, that was the only reason I had to update my iOS devices. Oh well.
You can't blame poor quarterly profits on a factor you have no control over. That's insane and stupid. Someone needs to fire that idiot.
I hope Jobs makes a full recovery.
You must have missed the law suit where Apple sued some old granny for making pot holders because Apple considered them to be confused with their iPod lineup. Talk about frivolous...
I have yet to see bloggers or news media report a story in full. Accuracy and truth have never been a part of journalism, but the illusion of them always has been.
For $99 you get very limmited hardware and the opportunity to pay through the nose for monthly content. It'll be like having cable TV, but you'll need another $99 piece of hardware.
Meh, who cares? I have a Mac, I like it, and I don't care if people switch or not. I think it's kind of a waste of MS's money to even bother acknowledging Mac's as competition. MS already dominates the market and will for a long time to come. MS should have spent their anti-Mac campaign dollars on building Office for Mac or something instead.
This is just more pathetic buzz created by Apple fanboys. I love my Apple computers, but that doesn't make me an idiot like most other Apple consumers.
Probably not. But then again he might not care since his desktops are based on Intel offerings anyways.
Still, I am happy with my really cheap and inferior cables and accessories...
New Posts  All Forums: