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I'd gladly play a little with my money to find an alternative to Apple's overpriced cables and accesories. I don't mind paying $3 for a cable that works with only two of my three battery back-ups for my iPhoe instead of an Apple approved $30 accesory. I don't mind paying $15 for a charging cable for my Macbook when Apple's version lasts 1 year and their replacement offer is $80 bucks. Apple is not looking out for its consumers, it's looking out for its own interests...
This will go the same way as that overpriced web cam Apple made years back. Doomed to fail.
Nothing like some aptly timed PR!
I'll pay full price thank you.
Good luck Apple. Seems like you haven't been able to produce a single hardware or software product in the past 10 years that hasn't had major flaws. Your software upgrades break as many things as they fix most times. I am a huge Apple fan, but time and experience has taught me never to be an early software update adopter when it comes to Apple; and that all Apple hardware releases come with serious defects when they are first released. Knowing the news media and...
It's an antenna that doesn't ground itself when the user holds it with the left hand; fur use by Apple store employees only.
I agree. The current Mac Mini disposes of the need for an internet connected TV. The addition of HDMI to the Mac Mini is a nod to consumers who have been using the Mac Mini as an addition to their home theater system, or at least have been hesitant up to this point. This is not a sign of Apple moving in to the TV business. You really have to go a long way through some convoluted thinking to get to the conclusion that this is a sign that Apple is moving in to the TV...
Oh please oh please let the next iPhone OS update include being able to turn off multi-tasking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are not alone, I have the same problem with my 3GS.
Of course what he means by that is: "Apple's new terms are not in our best interests."
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