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Apple has continually underwhelmed people with their iPhone OS updates. I am sure this next release will do the same. I am also sure these improvements will come to fruition, but it won't be soon.
The biggest complaint I have of my Dyson vacuum is that it doesn't move the furniture.
That's hilarious!
I wonder if the real problem isn't that phone companies haven't upgraded their systems at an appropriate rate and are now struggling with data congestion. It's my guess that it's not an increase in traffic, but a lack of adequate cell phone networks.
Iwent to the iTunes store the other day to buy a song and when I saw the $1.29 price tag, I opted not to. The experience made me realize I need to check out the other online music stores that are available.
I'm not buying this fluff piece of junk article. Apple has for a long time been running .Mac or Mobile Me or whatever it is called. My year long experience with .mac sucked (it was overpriced, syncing took forever if it worked at all). And judging by the complaints of recent Mobile Me customers, the experience has not changed. Don't be swayed by fluff pieces like this. Apple's online "Cloud" or whatever bu!!shi! experience will not differ from years gone by... Hype. ...
The name sucks. The product is right on the edge of sucking as well. At least it's not a POS Kindle...
ATT has been having a hard time allowing it's customers to use Mms and tethering because it feared that the increasen in data traffic would bog it's network. Now we are to believe that ATT can handle an increase in data demands from new customers???
BS... Reprinting these "books" (read - downloading from an online source) costs almost nothing. Whereas printing a hardcopy and distributing it to resale outlets is a completely different matter. The book is already in electronic form before it goes to the printing press. In fact, it comes from the author that way. Comparing costs of eBooks to actual books is a false argument. Overhead costs on eBooks is nothing. The going rate for eBoooks could simply be determined...
Yeah, bonuses was the method in which the strike was settled... That's nothing but PR. It's more likely that the police showed up, dragged everyone to jail, shot the ones who wouldn't go, and gassed anyone else in the area.
New Posts  All Forums: