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BS... Reprinting these "books" (read - downloading from an online source) costs almost nothing. Whereas printing a hardcopy and distributing it to resale outlets is a completely different matter. The book is already in electronic form before it goes to the printing press. In fact, it comes from the author that way. Comparing costs of eBooks to actual books is a false argument. Overhead costs on eBooks is nothing. The going rate for eBoooks could simply be determined...
Yeah, bonuses was the method in which the strike was settled... That's nothing but PR. It's more likely that the police showed up, dragged everyone to jail, shot the ones who wouldn't go, and gassed anyone else in the area.
An ebook display. Ohh.... Ahh... Whatever lame single-purpose tablet Apple releases, I know I'll still be happier with my 3 year old MacBook.
If Fox News reported it, then it must be true. I'm willing to bet they are just reporting it for the ratings or to increase viewers or some other self serving interest...
Of course this guy isn't telling the truth... Like anyone expects a CEO pimp to tell the truth...
Ooooh! Ahhhh!! Nevermind, this sounds stupid.
Being "honored" by GreenPeace is hardly an honor, it is definately nothing a company should give much attention to. But at least that will shut them up as far as Apple is concerned.
If Apple developers see it the way I do, I can understand why they haven't already fully supported Windows 7. Because as a Mac user if I were going to install a Windows OS on my Macs it would still be Windows XP. I haven't used a newer Windows OS since...
You come across like an asshole. Are you aware of that?
I agree with ou there.
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