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Wow, what state classifies urinating in public as a sexual offense???
WOW! No thanks. I was really looking forward to this product too. I think TomTom priced themselves out of most iPhone owner's price range. I'll pick up a magnetic compass and map before I'll buy this TomTom product.
Changing the commerical to reflect current pricing is pointless, Windows PCs will always be cheaper than Macs, and the commercials will cobtibue to have their desired effect on the masses.
It wouldn't be hard for Palm to keep pace with Apples updates and continue support for Palm Pre sync with iTunes. Apple has a shitty response time to security updates and hacks. With Palm and iPhone hackers waging war with iPhone updates, Apple can only lose.
Laughable. Apple can't do anything less than $999....
I've always thought Apple computers were more expensive, but it doesn't stop me from buying them.
It has become a popular phrase these days. Just goes to show you how many people follow the news and politics and can't hink for themselves when it comes to putting something in their own words. Sheep...
I am willing to bet Apple sponsored this study themselves as a counter to the MS sponsored study that showed Apple computers were too expensive. You got to love manipulation of the masses through media and advertising...
A Mac doesn't do a lot of things PCs do. Garmin didn't have much support for Mac's prior to last year. God knows there are tons of programs out there that are not ported to the Mac that can only run on a PC. I love my Macs, but MS has a lot more developpers and hardware support than Mac's will ever have.
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