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Thanks for the quick reply! Ok then, I see your point. I'll leave it here. Take that spammers!
I'm not sure if this is where I ask for a delete of account, because I haven't been on this forum for yonks, but hopefully this is where you ask! Anyway, I'd like it deleted as I never visit this forum anymore, and... well, yeah, that's all. Thanks! -EDIT- Oops, sorry about the spelling error in the title! I don't normally make little mistakes like that, promise!
Hello all. Does any one know of any good free software that's similar to Flash only, well, free? I've heard of Pencil, and I've got it, it is really good, it's just I really want to find software that has Motion Tweening sort of things, (if that's what you call it). Basically everything that Pencil has, only more like Flash but free. Thankyou very much.
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