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Those clock faces look nothing alike. Not only do they show completely different times, but minute markers are significantly longer and the five minute markers are squatter. Plus, the Mondaine watch face is an actual watch face whereas the iPad clock is simply an image of a clock face. I think Apple gave them a gift.
Also note that the iCloud cover is completely different, leaving one to wonder, just how many pictures did the photographer have to take before the sun was in the wrong position to create the flare.
Are you suggesting that people have ever given another reason for people buying Apple products? Like what? Mind controlled zombies?
Good idea pulling the bar away from the wall. More approachable now.  
Yes, but you wouldn't know it. When you look at the Apple Store there you see a bunch of people at the top of the stairs and a bunch of police officers at the bottom of the stairs (one set of stairs is cordoned off with the velvet rope). If you try to go up the stairs you are directed to the line which is about a 100 yards out of the way along one of the metro north tracks. They must be letting people in with passes or something as they have room upstairs. It looked...
Of course anybody could buy 2 iPads and have them delivered to their home or office on Friday and save the hassle of standing in line. And, of course, many people standing in line already bought their two iPads for delivery and are looking to buy more so they can sell them at a profit to those who don't wish to stand in line or wait for the back orders to fill.
If it looks better on a regular screen why the heck wouldn't they already have upgraded the site?
The Apple TV will not be available for in store pickup. That is, unless the price tag is so high that nobody will buy it.
http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...&postcount=139 I am puzzled by why this would come as a surprise to anybody.
Personally, I am looking forward to the day when the iPad can be folded like a piece of paper. Nano technology will make it possible. The step before that will be an iPad that weighs a mere 2 ounces due to Apple having taken out many of the excess atoms and replacing them with weak forces.
New Posts  All Forums: