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Whole website is down, DENIED ACCESS
The Next big thing from Samsung has chamfered flat edges and metallic back, like iPhone 4...
is anyone getting in?
you printed it the wrong size?
That sheet makes the home button on the iPhone 6 Plus proportionately bigger. I think it will be the same size home button as iPhone 5S?
That's bullshit. I have had every app I accidentally bought or was unsatisfied with from Apple. Their process is commendable and I can't think of any other online app store who has this good after service.
For the record, I only understand the true advantages of the iPad mini when my wife bought one. It's lighter, more portable, can put in your jacket pocket, and the speed is good enough. I tested side by side with my iPad 3 on games, iBooks, surfing same web pages, Zinio magazines for the last 3 days. I have come to the conclusion that the iPad mini is muh better in very way than the iPad 3 I have. Now I pick up my iPad 3 and it feels like a stack of heavy plates. I...
Anyone from Hong Kong see preorders as available? It popped back up after store went down but it all says unavailable.
This article is bs. How can someone come in from outside of HK and know what's happening locally in terms of sales. In Hong Kong the only reason all Apple stores are sold out is because it is NOT FOR SALE! In the store. As the grey market last year spoil the normal way of purchasing an iPhone, there is a lottery system whereby you can only purchase an iPhone 5 this way. It's to deter the grey market buyers who tries with every release to purchase as many iPhones as they...
I am a bit disappointed that they took away the swipe feature between lists in Reminders. I always would cross check list between personal and work to plan my time. Now I have to go back out on the menu and select the list manually. What a let down!! Why would Apple take away this functionality?
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