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I tend to believe Apple will do this at some point. The 5S is getting a bit dated, they will give it either an internal spec bump with the same casing, or update both. I don't think the 4" model will ever be high-end again, though.
Definitely not as nice or as fast. If the iPad had a mouse, I would agree. I find I am much faster with a PC/Mac with a mouse than an iPad with a touchscreen. Just my experience with the data I deal with.
Makes me guess January for Macbook Pros.
 The article and you are right (your impression, that smaller consumes less energy). As the die goes down in size, the energy efficiency goes up; thus, an inverse relationship. I hope TSMC can produce enough A10s for the iPhone 7.
It does get cheaper; however, the iPhone overall does not. The savings is invested in some other part or the flash storage type is upgraded (faster) and it ends up the same price or more expensive.
Looks like a real world experiment with some design concepts.
Pretty cool, your reaction that is, totally lends your argument a lot of credit and reflects very well on your character. Meant no offense on calling your language out, it is something android fans or blindly anti-Apple people typically do, so I can be short on tolerance for it. I can see your point, it does make sense. It sort of lines up with my thoughts on the fact the phone is getting more complex and has a great balance of features that have warranted the cost of the...
First off, your improper words are a pretty good start to discrediting everything you say.  Second, same OS? Compared to Apple? No. Compared to Samsung? Technically, however, the overlay is completely different and bloated (Samsung is quite famous for this). Compared to what? I am not following you here.  Now back to the point, you say my argument is stupid? If I pay more for something, I expect to get more. That is the logic everyone follows. Granted the iPhone is much...
   Because a $380 phone with 16GB is the same as a $650 phone with 16GB of storage. At least be realistic, this is a decent budget phone; I would much rather a Nexus 6P (which is $500) than any Samsung phone. I would argue it is much more pathetic for the $650 iPhone to have 16GB of storage than for a $380 phone, it is certainly not a point I would argue to take up for Apple. They clearly did it for the higher selling price, which is pretty much fine by me because I always...
  I do agree but I believe Marvin might be right about the chip being clocked up; I would be surprised if the clock speed is the same as the iPhones. Seems like a great way to get extra power from an older chip, preserving the A9 production for the iPhones/iPad; plus to save the cost of a newer chip. That said, an A9 would have been pretty awesome.
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