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Hopefully the parents will still be parents and tell the kids to be grateful. I know if my 15 year old (Don't have kids yet) complained that a 2 year old iPhone is "not cool", I would say, "you are right." Smash or sell the phone and say: "Now you don't need to worry about it." Here is a brand new Nokia brick phone, it can make calls, that is about it. Go earn your own 650$+ phone.
Wrong. Apps, taps, etc. My iPhone 6+ really feels it when I am traveling and multitasking (music, GPS, traffic app, siri, etc...). 2GB would really help the phone. I also found my 6+ to be fast but not like my 5 or 4 when I first got them. Hoping iOS 9 gets back to some of the basics. Just my experience. Never have this issue on OSX or Windows. You might get your PC/Mac checked.  That is not multitasking. I have to go back and then delete these screenshots. How is that...
 I have to agree with pmz here, I can usually get through the day with 40% except if I use my phone hard, GPS, cellular data, etc, then I need to charge up by 4PM. I imagine those that play games have worse problems. Days that I travel, the 6+ is barely enough, if it is; sucks for those with the regular 6. The 6+, during very moderate use, I can manage nearly 36 hours without charging but I am definitely at 0% by 36 hours (day, night, day). A slow and constant improvement...
I imagine Apple knows by now whether the iPad Pro is going to be pushed or not; 6 days won't result in any major developments.
Probably going to get one if the battery life is better than 12 hours and a stylus is included.
I am thinking possibly for the iPhone 7(2016).
Not for me. My 3G rebooted one. My 5, maybe a few times on iOS 7 but iOS 8 even on iPhone 6+, IMO, was/has been terrible. I swear it's like using my HTC One sometimes.Going to update to 8.2 this afternoon, hope it's as good as the previous user stated because I wouldn't say 8.1 is better than plain Android on stability in my experience. Looking forward to My Apple device to behaving like an Apple device. Even Yosemite needs some work on my mid-2012 retina 15".
I really hope 8.2 is coming soon, my iPhone 6+ feels more like an Android (lag and bugs) than I would like.
Why not? People have been wanting 2gb.
Unfortunately not sure ipad sales will pick up too much quarter over quarter. The Mini 3 is a bust vs mini 2. The air 2 is nice but not a jump (I'll still hold on with my iPad 2, keeps trucking along). Overall the user experience will be the same air vs air 2. A bit faster, for the average user, not worth 500-600 $. iPhones however, I see Apple rolling out over 55 million easy. Macs will likely have a strong quarter too.
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