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Lol actually, if you do the mathThat leaves apple with about a minute of down time a year.I don't expect it to be that good. But say like 99.5%That gives about 44 hours of downtime a year.My experience ( IDC about yours) is they haven't exactly kept this.I get better uptime from non apple services.Nonetheless, apple will fare just fine
I was just starting to use iMessage again. I like my phone to work, so after some difficulty with iMessage earlier on, I stopped using it. (Some of it was due to coverage) but my experience was usually poor even in good service. Since I got my iPhone 5. I've left it on and been much impressed but lately. It's been poor again. And will probably stop using it again at some point if this continues. Dont offer a service if you can't keep it running basically 24/7 say 51.9999...
  Like i said before, 2500+ charges = 0 problems At the current rate, my iphone 4 is more likey to turn to dust       I made note of that
True, just for the cord though. Just saying, everyone on here seems to think that just because they aren't "Apple Approved", means that they suck (i am sure some do). My mom, girlfriend, and I all used cords that were not "Apple Quality" for our iphone 4s, so probably a combined 2500 charges over 2ish years, we all three still have our iphone 4s as backup phones and ipods. So just saying, i also have to note, that we had cords from 3 different suppliers.   Though the...
It would be crazy though if iOS would be able to record that an unathorized cord was connected i'll wait and see if thats true lol
  never had trouble with the ones i got for my iphone 4, charges it nicely, everytime, for says 900+ times? (over 2.2 years ish)   They are fine, itd just be nice to pay 5-10 bucks for a quality cable, not 20 or 30   whatever they cost (i know its 30 for the adapter)
YES! Need some kind of accessories
I've looked a lot into this issue.However, aside from some initial roll outs, I haven't seen any issues with the LGs. Currently my MacBook is 2 months old and I test it about an hour at a time with NO IR.additionally. I use my MacBook some 10 hours a day, often with problems displayed for long periods of time.So maybe it was an issue at launch but none here.I even tested a LG at bestbuy. Good to go
My macbook pro runs windows 7, and i have to say microsoft did a nice job with windows 7. I wouldn't call it prefect but its nice. I use both OSX and windows 7 and have only minor problems with both.   But I hate the idea of windows 8, I haven't used it any, but from all the PC loving people I know, they don't even like it.   I will stick with OSX and windows 7.
  that would work fine, but most people (including I) seem to prefer a stand alone car charger without having to buy a highly priced cable from apple    a cable should cost 10 bucks, i don't want to pay an "Apple Tax" on a cable haha
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