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I message sucks, it is never is reliable
how did you do that? the apple store doesnt appear to let me?   did you use your carrier?
You are welcome lol   Is there anyway to have your preorder shipped to another address, other than the address connected with your billing?
Anyone one else having their iPad/iphone allowed to access the apple store but not their computer?
Now if only the phone wasn't a fail. (Joking)   Anyway, I think the iPhone 5 is nice looking (i am not a fan of the 3G type design). I also think it is a bigger jump than many people think. Like the SII to the SIII. All you can do is make it faster with a better battery. Just the iphone 5 is better made and not so damn big.   I'm not a big fan of things getting so thin, so i hope in the future its more about the function (increased battery life, 10+ hours) rather...
May have alrdy been said. But you are right.I know it's slower and as an engineerig student, I know that everytime energy changes form, you lose energy.I would bet it takes a least 3 times the power to charge a phone wirelessly.I prayed apple would not include that cause u have to buy a 100 dollar charging pad and it's just a waste.The new connector that connects either way is much better
Samsung announces Galaxy SIV to be released on october 21st     Ready the copy machines!  
  i'm going to laugh when you are wrong and the iphone is exactly this (which i expect)
funny, cause on ebay, you can get anywhere from 450-500 for a 4S 64gb   All those websites are rip offs, a little effort and time about you can make 100+ more
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