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True, you have me there, but to me, the iPhone 4 was the biggest upgrade. I expect this one to be about the same jump. Mainly pulling for a 1.6+ ghz dual core and 1gb RAM is a given with that 4 inch screen. LTE doesn't matter to me, mainly due to battery life, I hope iOS has the option to turn that off. I want the phone to have LTE, but I'd only use it sometimes. So a bump in battery is expected too.   Plus a refined, sexy if you will, design; not sure i care much for...
I personally want to see apple enter the TV market just to see if they could pull it off. But the TV market looks to be a tough one, although i'm sure the iphone faced similar troubles.   Apple stock should go up because it looks like they will convert a long time PC user (me) to Mac. Though, I am a little worried about getting something new.   If the iPhone 5 turns out to be a good upgrade over the 4(S) then it will probably sell like hotcakes. I got my mother...
Damn Samsung will copy Apple and claim all of the patents are invalid
  You have to put it "4G" Its like T-moblie, its "4G" but not 4G LTE        a marketing lie more or less if you ask me
I'm not sure I care if it has 4G, I'll most likely just turn it off to save power. With my iPhone 4, I used to turn off 3G all the time so I could go 2 days between charges (on campus has wifi everywhere).  Anyway, 99% certain that I will be getting this phone.         On a side note, I have managed to get the funds together for a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, does anyone know the start time for a 16gb model? Additionally, there is that one person on...
  Just like Samsung will try to do the same. But in my opinion, that phone looks nothing like the IPhone.       On a side note: I think I may be biting the bullet and getting a Macbook Pro Retina display. (Though I still hate that Apple terminated the 17''). Has anyone had any problem with theirs? And what kind of start up time can you get out of a 16gb?
It would most certainly need wifi. 3G would be a waste. But the facetime is a good point.
You never know, if it is wildly successful, I can't understand why Samsung wouldn't, knowing them.
Anyone see a Samsung vs Apple lawsuit over TVs in the future? (assuming apple makes a TV)
As long as it's a nice one, I'll buy it in the future when I can afford it. Just don't get the parts from Samsung. My dad bought a 46 inch LCD about 18 months ago and it broke within 2 months. Samsung sent out a guy to repair it (under warranty), but it broke again a month later. So he took it back and bought a Samsung LED. It broke not to long again about 2 week out of warranty. Luckily, Samsung was nice enough to repair it anyway.    For 1000 bucks, it sure does...
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