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I love my iPhone 5 but the way apple is handling the accessories market pisses me off. Is there a legit car charge available? Att said they don't have them (nor did the store I go to have the ability t transfer data from old to new iPhone) I see none on the apple store. So you just have to buy a 30 dollar cable (rip off) and then plug it into the USB (if u have one) already on your car charger. Appears to me as though they are just being anal.
But the iPhone will not consume any additional power by being plugged in vs being on battery (I'm not an expert, but I'd believe its even more efficient to be plugged in).For example, today I left my phone pluggedin till 10, and still have 52% battery life left.So it doesn't really matter if your phone is on. 24/7.I actually do unplug my charger 9 out of 10 days. But I imagine most people don't, so that is a very correct statement.
30 bucks for a cable or adapter is just a rip off (don't even argue that it costed tons of money to design, theyll get there money back over the next 5-15 years)   I used a few "knock-offs" from china for my 4 etc.... NEVER a problem, so yea (plus i know like 10 other people who use knockoffs too   Apple should be making money on the phone not the cord that connects it   anyway, love my iphone 5
  Coal plants these days tend to be pretty clean (clearly not as clean as solar).   You have to remember that trees can not grow where those panels now are. Since everyone is very worried about CO2 emissions (though humans account for only like .12% of of CO2 emissions and CO2 levels follow temperature changes, anyway), those trees can not longer create O2 out of CO2.    You also need to factor in the fossil fuels used to construct them.  etc...   I'm just pointing out...
  Sometimes it can be shown that way by people who support solar panels   As far as the price goes, it depends on how you look at it. Over a 1-2 year span? No, not at all. Over 20 year span? From what I know (and I admit i have limited knowledge here) yes, you make your money back in savings.  The issue tends to be the initial investment.  Which I am all for solar panels but to place them as a full replacement for coal for the average american is just foolish. A balanced...
According to wiki: " Typical solar panels have an average efficiency of 15%, with the best commercially available panels at 21%." Looking at other sources, the average does seem to be in the 15-18% range (Kind in mind, as efficiency goes up, so does cost)
As long as you pay to put those panels on my roof and to take care of them.   The government could probably easily get major commercial buildings to do this.  But the average american and a small to low-mid size company can not afford the price tag, even on a small roof. (You can argue that they will get the money back, but they can't afford it outright)   Solar panels are also not very efficient ATM ( i believe less than 20% usually). Technology should make them more...
I message sucks, it is never is reliable
how did you do that? the apple store doesnt appear to let me?   did you use your carrier?
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