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funny, cause on ebay, you can get anywhere from 450-500 for a 4S 64gb   All those websites are rip offs, a little effort and time about you can make 100+ more
  Well, at least you are honest.   I am currently typing on my macbook, first macbook, the screen looks great but i have yet to check for IR. With this hurricane coming in, its just not important enough ATM.   I do like the computer though
  I agree, the only thing that Ivy bridge may do is save power for a laptop but benchmarks show little improvement in speed, except like you said GPU.   Apple put their name on it, so something as bad as that shouldn't slip QC. (Assuming the problem is a little bigger than normal, but i could be wrong)   I hope mine is prefect too, i love the design of the laptop and the retina display is pretty cool
You seem to be very rational with your views and words. (just a compliment)I love my current dell. And have not gotten my retina yet.I am comfortable with spending such money; however, if I buy a German car, I expect the premium to be worth itOrdered it online via apple
On my retina. Well, the laptop that I ordered, they took 200 off the model, upgrades were cheaper and I got a 100 dollar gift card.Saved 220 because of education discount and got 100 gft card
Additionally: Reporting, even one from this very website:   http://www.extremetech.com/computing/134985-apples-new-retina-display-dogged-by-image-retention-increasingly-unhappy-users#disqus_thread http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2406360,00.asp http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/06/25/retina_display_image_retention_reported_by_new_macbook_pro_owners.html http://www.macrumors.com/2012/06/27/some-retina-macbook-pro-users-experiencing-display-ghosting/     So, there...
You are 100% wrong and unaware of my money situation, i currently owe no one or no company a single dime and have plenty of money to stay on track to graduate debt free (due to scholarships, internships etc..) . I believe somewhere I noted that it was most of my EXCESS income, meaning I did not need it for school, car, etc....... But 2500 is a lot for a laptop and it best be the best. If the laptop wasn't working great for launch, then Apple should not put their name on...
    Given that 2 laptops on apples floor have the issue, thats not good. 2 out of 2. I know that is not a very wide testing base, but thats enough for me to be concerned. Because when my hard drive broke within 2 weeks of owning my current computer, the 2nd one did not go bad.    I understand the differences between a LCD and CRT but for 2500 dollars, its a safe assumption to say that it will get worse and permanent(which has been reported by those with issues).   You...
One must also assume that you have no personal experience with the MacBook pro retina? As I have sat down with a few of them. And will have one shortly enough. (though for how long may be a question)
-The iPhone 4 certainly did not come out perfect and was a big enough problem to call for a public announcement directly from apple. (though I personally had no problem with my 4)- given that a CRT doesn't burn in when in is brand new in 20 minutes, it is only safe to assume the retina display will with enough time. Given that it is 2500, well, it's an assumption I will make.- I understand there are a lot of apple haters out there but when you go to the apple store and...
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