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In all fairness, doesnt Xbox have this??
Sooo. But the iPhone 6 I think......
Because an iPad is so much more than a laptop
Enough said. Not sure if there is a new design Apple can put out that I like more than the IPhone 4. I'm hoping apple does more refining of the iPhone 4 design, and a boost in features and specs. Because when they do come out with a different design, I can still get a better phone and keep the iPhone look and feel.
I'm assuming you can be grandfathered in with unlimited like ATT. If not. That sucks
Totally agree, I have a 5 year old laptop and bought an iPad instead of buying a new one. I use my laptop for college related stuff, and I will buy one in 1-3 years. But the iPad 2 delayed my buy from 6 months ago to 2 years from now
I'm pretty sure everything kills you, including time. As long as you eat in moderation, you'll be just fine. Moderation is something I'll have to learn once I'm older lol (I'm not fat)
Why don't they just use the camera to detect the light from the back of the device and the sensor from the front? Is that possible? When I got my IPhone 3G, I thought that's how it was measured. I do agree when I got my iPhone 4, it only sometimes changed the brightness
I normally agree with apple on most of their lawsuits. This one seems a bit general. "copy the look and feel".
Yea. I've tried both. It's dead now and plugging it into the computer puts it in a loop of on/off.
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