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In reply to the nuclear power plant comment Very true. You should teach a class for them. May take them months to understand.
I don't see this being so bad, maybe theyll make a TV and it'll be like an xbox. They sell it for a loss. Then I can buy TVs for people for christmas. Just gotta leave before they try to turn it on.
  Well, great resolution is great, but I personally (and a few other people) prefer the larger screen size, because what we work with requires it to be bigger and I like to work at a desk, leaned back where my face is 2-3 feet from the screen. If you want more real estate, just have apple increase the resolution of the 17inch as well.  But once again, I understand their business move
  How does the 15'' laptop have more real estate than the 17'' Not sure what definition you use, but at least mine is the area of the screen (square inches) which results in a bigger screen. Now more resolution is awesome. I have an ipad 2 and notice the ipad 3 or the "New IPad" doesn't show pixels like the 2 does. However, i use my laptop about 2+ feet away from my eyes. So the need for such a high pixel density isn't as high as for an ipad or iphone. I do, however, need...
That looks very nice and i like it but with the discontinuing of the 17 inch mac book pro, i won't make the jump to OS X, i will continue to buy iphones and update my ipad when it is old enough, but a 17 inch screen on a laptop is not only the selling point for me, but its the first requirement. That said, i like the airport express, i will probably buy one of those, as well as, the new iphone
You see, the thing is I need to be monitor free. I currently have an old LCD monitor hooked up to my 15.4 inch laptop. However, there are some 4-10 hours a day where I am not at my desk in my room. However , I continue to use my PC outside of my room (iPad has helped cut down on it some). Weight isn't an issue. I already have a book bag with a book or two that'll always weigh more than a laptop.So I don't want to have to carry around a monitor to have a big screen. Nor do...
You couldn't be more wrong. I am waiting for the day to switch to mac and just install windows along side it. My brother plans to do the same I'm sure. I am happy with my dell but will say macs are better in a heart beat. Having an iPhone and and iPad, it makes sense that I prefer apple products. Mainly cause they work. However, I do want a 17inch screen, it may not be all the much bigger but it's a selling point for me.
Buying a PC is exactly what I will do. I need the space because iPad won't do heavy things such as modeling and even if it did, doing them by finger would suckWas planning on buying a MacBook pro 17 in a year with internship money, if it is discontinued. I will not be switching from PC to Mac.
April fools was 22 days ago dude
I do. I need the space to do 3D modeling etc.If this is true( I doubt it), I will be disappointed in apple and they will lose any shot of ever having my business for computers.
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