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That looks very nice and i like it but with the discontinuing of the 17 inch mac book pro, i won't make the jump to OS X, i will continue to buy iphones and update my ipad when it is old enough, but a 17 inch screen on a laptop is not only the selling point for me, but its the first requirement. That said, i like the airport express, i will probably buy one of those, as well as, the new iphone
You see, the thing is I need to be monitor free. I currently have an old LCD monitor hooked up to my 15.4 inch laptop. However, there are some 4-10 hours a day where I am not at my desk in my room. However , I continue to use my PC outside of my room (iPad has helped cut down on it some). Weight isn't an issue. I already have a book bag with a book or two that'll always weigh more than a laptop.So I don't want to have to carry around a monitor to have a big screen. Nor do...
You couldn't be more wrong. I am waiting for the day to switch to mac and just install windows along side it. My brother plans to do the same I'm sure. I am happy with my dell but will say macs are better in a heart beat. Having an iPhone and and iPad, it makes sense that I prefer apple products. Mainly cause they work. However, I do want a 17inch screen, it may not be all the much bigger but it's a selling point for me.
Buying a PC is exactly what I will do. I need the space because iPad won't do heavy things such as modeling and even if it did, doing them by finger would suckWas planning on buying a MacBook pro 17 in a year with internship money, if it is discontinued. I will not be switching from PC to Mac.
April fools was 22 days ago dude
I do. I need the space to do 3D modeling etc.If this is true( I doubt it), I will be disappointed in apple and they will lose any shot of ever having my business for computers.
I won't be buying a MacBook next year then. Was planning on buying a 17inch so if they discontinue it. I'll look elsewhere
you must not know how to use it then
Solidworks (last i looked only windows)MathCad(last i looked only windows)and a program i had to use to program a board i used for projects, that was called ardiunobut i am mechanical as well and as far as i know, and i haven't looked in a whileall three of those are windows only
"The days when Windows running on Macs was a necessary selling point are long gone" I am currently studying to be an engineer and with the exception of microsoft office, there are very few programs that i use that will actually run on Mac, my friends who have macs all have windows on it because of it ( those who are engineers). I personally want a mac but windows is a must if i can afford one next year. As for the average consumer, i'm sure you are correct.
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