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I do. I need the space to do 3D modeling etc.If this is true( I doubt it), I will be disappointed in apple and they will lose any shot of ever having my business for computers.
I won't be buying a MacBook next year then. Was planning on buying a 17inch so if they discontinue it. I'll look elsewhere
you must not know how to use it then
Solidworks (last i looked only windows)MathCad(last i looked only windows)and a program i had to use to program a board i used for projects, that was called ardiunobut i am mechanical as well and as far as i know, and i haven't looked in a whileall three of those are windows only
"The days when Windows running on Macs was a necessary selling point are long gone" I am currently studying to be an engineer and with the exception of microsoft office, there are very few programs that i use that will actually run on Mac, my friends who have macs all have windows on it because of it ( those who are engineers). I personally want a mac but windows is a must if i can afford one next year. As for the average consumer, i'm sure you are correct.
I have to join the conversation whether or not and ipad is a "PC". As an owner of the Ipad 2, I say it is not a "PC". If you can add a mouse to the Ipad and M$ office with close to full functions. I will classify the Ipad more like a device for low to mid range computing. Being an engineering major, the ipad will do little of what i need it to do as far as programs. That said, it is great for when i don't need the engineering specific programs. But until i can have a...
I disagree on the coke, like how you noted that GM has moved up in the rankings of best cars.
Only on out of state trips does he use it. And when he doing stuff for churches
Fair Enough; however, there are many kids with cars who either can't afford them or their upkeep; or they were given the car and pay only for the upkeep.
http://www.dell.com/us/p/d/campaigns...omparison.aspx Dell already has two "smartphones", although they look very outdated, so you may sorta be right lol
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