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I disagree on the coke, like how you noted that GM has moved up in the rankings of best cars.
Only on out of state trips does he use it. And when he doing stuff for churches
Fair Enough; however, there are many kids with cars who either can't afford them or their upkeep; or they were given the car and pay only for the upkeep.
http://www.dell.com/us/p/d/campaigns...omparison.aspx Dell already has two "smartphones", although they look very outdated, so you may sorta be right lol
Makes sense, I really use my smart phone a lot since being in college. However, my father is retired, 61, its nearly impossible to talk him into having a cell phone, much less a smartphone. The older folks don't want to be "tied down". And anyone under 13 owning a smartphone is ridiculous.
Maybe not prefect (fooling to expect that), but most importantly, not awful. Also, so freaking what? Just about every other product has been delayed before, big deal. Has no reflection of Cook what so ever
Well, depending on how you define out of date, the IPhone comes out with outdated hardware. Now I own a IPhone 4 and love it. However, Steve is wrong, there is no one size fits all. Otherwise, It wouldn't exist. I am in college(Engineering); so a lot of my friends like to mess with coding and stuff. The android is open so they can do this. I do not know anything about that stuff, so a phone that works great and does most of the same thing, IPhone is better for me. (Until...
I liked Steve, but i agree with a few earlier posts. Total a$$hole move to park in a handicapped place if you aren't. Especially someone who does it because he feels better than everyone else. I've read that Steve can be an a$$, I figured that was because he couldn't deal with people who weren't as in touch with the future. I was wrong, he just thought he was better. Lost some respect for the guy, just cause you are sitting on millions of dollars doesn't mean you are...
they are just getting this? talk about being behind the curve
New Posts  All Forums: