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Notifications from games, iMessage, e-mail, etc.... I would be willing to guess.
   I use touchscreens all the time, on my iPhone, on my tablet, and I spend about an hour at bestbuy 2-3 times a month messing around with the floor PCs, etc.. I enjoy technology and am quite open to new ideas and user interfaces, assuming there are advantages to the system. I for one, am not a fan of Windows 8, or using touch on a computer. My experience with touch screen on a PC, granted not the most experience here, is that the touch is just a "hey dude, look what my...
 I can not think of too many situations where I would agree with you. Now, everyone has there preferences but when I get in front of my computer, I like the mouse. It is easier and more accurate than a finger (IMO) given that a pointer is much smaller than my finger.  I do a lot of 3D drawings and can't imagine reaching to the screen every second. I can see some use for simple games. Maybe a tiny bit of use of touching the save button rather than clicking it with the mouse...
When I am on the PC, I want to sit back and use a mouse. Not lean forward and finger print the hell out of my screen.
Totally agree. Something along the line of 75% to 125% more battery life would be pretty nice. I wouldn't want a phone too much thinner than the iPhone 5. A little more round in the corners would be nice but that is about it to me.
Ridiculous for the consumers, not so much for a company looks for tons of money. I agree though, will be keeping my Office 2010 for as long as possible.
I hope the bezels are reduced more, I think it would be awkward to handle with one hand, much like the HTC One M8
I am in touch with technology, phones, computers, iOS, Android, etc.... but I have not heard of Cat7? lol
A bit late but hopefully you will see this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2598676/Apples-iPhone-6-bigger-cheaper-declining-sales-court-documents-reveal.html Read this link and tell me that >4'' phones are small. Apple will release a 4.5+'' iphone and watch sales figures climb even further, proving me right. While Apple will never follow the cheaper phone trend, a larger phone is the way go to, along with a 4'' screen. I predicted with the release of the...
I do not intend to play games on my TV, as I have an xbox 360 that I rarely, if ever, use. There is a market for the TV gaming though. Much like smartphones have cut into the mobile gaming, Apple TV could cut into console gaming and I would like to see Apple hit this market, it is unlikely to break records doing so but it is better than nothing at all.  I just see so much more potential in the AppleTV and I am willing to bet Apple does too. Just hope they get to it. I know...
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