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 While I am okay with most of your points, please....please don't use the term "free" for this. It is not "free." It is simply 32GB more for the same price.....still a cost. Anyway, I am not an iPad mini owner; however, I found the Mini 3 to be pretty stupid. I know some of you will defend Apple at all costs, (I own a iPhone 6 Plus, mid-2012 retina, iPad 2) but you have to admit that to call it new and put a 2013 chip in it is very un-Applelike. The new A8 that powers the...
I agree, 100%, be hired for your skills and experience. (qualifications)  I agree. As long as people aren't taking less qualified men to avoid women.....who cares? This is so stupid. As a former engineering student (graduated in May), I know what engineering classes look like. So many people join up freshman year (a surprising amount of young ladies) but men still make up more than 2/3 of the class. In my area, most women choose either industrial or chemical. I have met an...
Got to say, Apple needs to stop being so sloppy (8.0.1). Test this stuff more, its the Apple way.   I say this as an iPhone 3G,4,6 Plus owner, iPad 2 owner, and Macbook Retina mid-2012 owner (of course Apple burned me on the Macbook Retina screen IR).    All in all, great products.
 You are far from alone apparently. I am super excited to see this. Wish Apple talked about it or included the 2.1A charger.  http://www.macrumors.com/2014/09/22/iphone-6-and-6-plus-charging/  This should be safe too (without reducing the longevity of the battery).
I actually have not heard of LTPS but if it is as efficient, then it could possibly be that screen. I also haven't heard that it works better for tablets, what is the reasoning behind that? Just curious. It may have been because early on, yield rates were poor? My understanding is that Sharp got the kinks ironed out.
I do not see how Apple could hit all their targets without an IGZO screen, including the thinner body and larger battery. Mark my words, IGZO or this will be a big miss in the battery life department.  Additionally, we haven't had any screen leaks at all, given we don't know the resolution.  Also, notice I said a 35% bump in screen time. The savings of an IGZO will easily offset the bump in screen area and likely most of the resolution increase (processing).  Calling 14...
 I imagine it would add several hours to the talk time, why do you believe the battery increase will not increase battery life? During a phone call, the screen is off, thus the extra battery will power the chips MUCH longer. Also, the chips are more efficient, thus, even better battery life.     Am I the only one thinking IGZO? Much like the iPad Air?? The screen size increase should easily be offset by the IGZO technology. The screen will be thinner and use anywhere from...
400? I will pass on that one.
I personally find neither pill not circular shaped any more appealing than the other. Just my preference. Hope the flash stays just as good.
Too bad, with capped data plans taking over, most users won't be able to use that speed for long.
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