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 I really have to agree with you. Not much to add to that except some people may say it can compete with a chromebook (which is kinda worthless). But Apple could never price low enough to hurt the small chromebook market. There really doesn't seem much for Apple to gain other than making a more PC-like iPad. Which would be cool but I can imagine the price would be in the ~700 or ~800 range and by that point, might as well go up a bit more and grab the Macbook Air (which is...
About time. I'd be instantly in but I don't want to pay a subscription yet. I have a 2010 license for my MacBook (windows) and I love it as is. Will be 5 years before I switch to subscription.
I use and love the mechanical click. Especially on windows 7. Preferences. Not everybody is you...........
I switched to itunes radio with iOS 7 Betas and liked it once it launched. I really loved it. Recently, it has been song, commercial, song, commercial....... It get annoying on 5 hour trips. Currently, switching back to Pandora on the road. Itunes radio still is used when I am at my PC. At the current rate though, I will switch back to Pandora.   Just my experience, I really don't care if it hasn't done song, commercial for you but it has for me for hours straight........
Apple sold me my Macbook Pro Retina display mid 2012 BECAUSE it could run windows. As an engineer, I need windows because many of the applications I use are for windows only. Without the i7 and windows support, I would be doing just fine on a Dell, Samsung, or another computer that I would have selected. However, since my macbook pro runs windows 7, I am a happy camper and the laptop is prefect. The day Apple's Macs can not run Windows, is the day I switch back to a pure...
Can't get too much worse than Nissan's commercials. Their commercials really bug the hell out of me. The truck having a plane's front wheel land in the bed? Really? 150mph? SUV jumping on a train? Truck doing a flip?     Please, most car commercials are stupid but at least they usually list features or semi-facts.   As long as Apple is realistic with their commercials, which they always seem to be, they won't bother me any.
About damn time, I have had the phone "crash" about 10 times since the update (iPhone 5), more than it did during the beta stages lol. Still, the crash is very un-Apple-like.
Good. I am not happy with Apple at the moment due to my macbook
As a current iPad 2 owner, I wish the iPad had support for a stylus. It really strikes me as a deal breaker. However, I am hesitant to get a Samsung Note 10.1.    I will just wait to see what Apple has in store for the future or what my job will require as more useful.
I will be doing the same thing, looked like a stupid feature TO ME, just my opinion. 
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