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I agree with you mostly. However, I do not see the iPhone ever going below 400-450 new. Maybe that price will drop off slightly with newer models. So if they sell the iPhone 5C for the same price as the 4S would be after the iPhone 5S. I believe they will get same or better margins from the iPhone 5C vs iPhone 4S and it will have better internal specs.   Who knows, we can only guess.
It is not unusual for companies to do this. It works pretty well. People will see Apple as a company that likes to take care of its customers. This probably won't result in much due to the few people who will find out about it. But for me, the company giving a feeling of rewarding it's customers or appearing to give a damn, is a big deal. When I had trouble with my iPhone 5 lock button. Apple replaced it, no questions asked. (In fact apple replaced my iPhone 4 that was...
The thing with technology, you need to constantly be looking forward. Even if it may not seem like a good display now, it is very well likely, that it will be tomorrow. Apple seems to hate OLED technology at the moment (I agree with them, however, I can see why people think the screens are so nice). I think Apple should go IGZO and see what comes after that.
  Wow........... You are comparing a down quarter for Apple and a quarter right after the S4 introduction along with the introduction of multiple other S4 models.   A lot of Samsung's growth came from within the Android ecosystem, not really from Apple's.
  Then why doesn't Apple just join up with Samsung? We don't buy Apple for cheap $hit and not one does. They will never make a $250 phone. They don't want to be king of crap. They "iPhone Lite" is to capture the mid-tier market. They won't aim for the bottom-tier and never should. They can ruin the name of the true iPhone if they are not careful on how they carry out the cheaper phone. A phone in the 400 range would be the best balance. I am interested to see if Apple...
  I agree with your comments as far as people not upgrading as much. That's just how things work. Computers should be replaced on a 3-5 year cycle not a one year cycle. So it 10% boost happens 3 times, you are looking at a processor 33.1% faster. Now that sound interesting. The boost in graphic over that 3 year cycle is even better.    BTW, FEA on large models can be quite demanding. The Xeon processor I have on my work station is often running pretty hard. It'd be cooler...
  You shouldn't say comments like "no one here is a computer user."  I use my MacBook Pro for engineering work that includes simulations so I use the quad-core to its maximum potential.    If it's so easy to increase power by two fold, why isn't AMD passing intel?
Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that post was stupid.
  I find this to be a horrible comment. First off, processors today are not like yesterday. A 2 fold increase in a single core 500Mhz processor is less than a 10% bump in a quad core processor clocked at 3.6ghz. Second, the market is all about portability now. Smartphones and tablets are killing PCs for those who never really needed one in the first place. Getting better battery life is very important. Third, not everyone needs 2x more power. The high end professionals...
I agree. However, since Samsung is a big deal in Korea, there is certainly a level of biased that will take place.
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