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About damn time, I have had the phone "crash" about 10 times since the update (iPhone 5), more than it did during the beta stages lol. Still, the crash is very un-Apple-like.
Good. I am not happy with Apple at the moment due to my macbook
As a current iPad 2 owner, I wish the iPad had support for a stylus. It really strikes me as a deal breaker. However, I am hesitant to get a Samsung Note 10.1.    I will just wait to see what Apple has in store for the future or what my job will require as more useful.
I will be doing the same thing, looked like a stupid feature TO ME, just my opinion. 
There are several "flaws" on the iphone, like every phone and product. It is designed by humans. Dangerous? that 3.7 volts and low amps are dangerous stuff huh? Never killed me to use an iphone. Just an Android lover huh? Thats fine, there are a few nice phones with the OS; however, they don't wipe the iphone except in a few areas but the package just isn't there.     Dude, when you make 100 million of these things a year, of course you will see thousands of issues on the...
  You are full of ignorance. Clearly no experience with engineering? I am currently finishing my engineering degree and I study phones from top to bottom, although, I admit I struggle to get the time to keep up with all of the Android news. Anyway, by your logic, if all of Apple's phones are the same, then so are Androids. Your logic says that the iPhones only get faster, a few extra actually useful features, bigger, and better battery life. Sounds about like the Android...
I sadly just got a tv, LG TV, which I love; however, it will be interesting to see how Apple goes about doing this (if it is true). I am pretty tired of the cable company and look forward to satellite once I am done with college. Of course, skipping both would be pretty cool.   My LG TV is a smart TV and I think it is much better than Samsung's Smart TV (just my opinion). The issue is just lack of apps and content (I find the same problem with Samsung's TV). I would...
  I hear this from time to time from people, as well as the iPhone having bad signal etc... However, I usually have no trouble hearing people on the iPhone and if I am speaking properly, they have no trouble hearing me. Of course, I have some of the best hearing of my friends, probably the second best of anyone I know. But I suck at differentiating people's voices from other noises. The louder it is, the worse I am at understanding someone because I can not separate their...
Some of those problems may be related to your cellular and dsl/cable service. I find a lot of Apple's services to be slow at the moment. But due to it being a beta, that's understandable. Siri is really worthless at times due to the lag, by the time she responds, I could've done it myself. Although, at times, that may be due to ATT as well.
I agree with you mostly. However, I do not see the iPhone ever going below 400-450 new. Maybe that price will drop off slightly with newer models. So if they sell the iPhone 5C for the same price as the 4S would be after the iPhone 5S. I believe they will get same or better margins from the iPhone 5C vs iPhone 4S and it will have better internal specs.   Who knows, we can only guess.
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