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Get better friends? /s   Probably not a bad feature
Again, I have to agree with you here. I think Apple is too concerned with the draw backs of a larger phone. I think with a little better (and cheaper) technology, they will be ready to release one, and I am sure they have many prototypes with larger screens.    My opinion, Apple needs to release a 4.5'' iPhone by holiday season of next year.
Merely your opinion (which i somewhat agree with), nor did I ever say 5'', where 4.9 may be close to 5, it is not 5.
I am sure Apple wants a Global store for apps and itunes. Sadly, it is not that simple. They licencing deals they have to work out and such, prevent such a simple system from existing.
I have to agree with the original post. Large screen phones are doing well in Asia and Europe. I also know a few people who only went Android for the larger screen. I personally will stick with the 4'' screen, unless the larger phone has way better features and specs.  That said, I think Apple is nearing a huge turn in the road. Samsung is some serious trouble. Apple will never complete on the low-end, cheap side of the market and I do not want them to try. A mid-level...
I have to agree that the iPhone is no longer the God of all smartphones. There are actually alternatives with their respective pros and cons. That said, I'll be sticking with the iPhone for years to come as long as Apple creates a quality product.
I think this has to be the funniest thread I have looked through in awhile.    I currently own a Macbook Pro Retina 15.4'' (I think the 13'' isn't even a pro model, it's intel GPU is sad). I LOVE this Macbook. I do not miss the CD drive and I think it is a way better buy than the regular 15.4'' model. That said, I see the market for both of them. I know a ton of people that use them and need the CD drives. You all say that people who want CD drives need to store all...
To your question why should apple pay to decrypt the phones? Because its the right thing for a company to do that is making 13 billion. What is 5 million to ensure public safety?As far as drugs being legal, you need to consider. Can we afford the increased health costs, the increased addicted, as far as the economy goes, parasites.It's estimated the amount of people that are addicted (also don't work, steal, worthless from an economy stand point) will at least double, pay...
The engineers at Apple, you are silly to think that they don't plan on a deadline. A delay is when you need to push your launch date farther into the future. It is possible that the iPad Mini 2 will be launch later than originally planned.    That said, I don't know if I really believe anyone has any idea what Apple is truly up to.   I hope they bring a stylus (similar to the S pen) to the large iPad. I am ready to replace the binder.
I agree a year is a bit exaggerated. But my iPhone 5 is over 7 months old now. By the time they announce this new phone, it'll be 8 months and probably closing on 8.5+ by the time the phone is released. Hard to stay in business when you are so far behind.I'd really like apple to shake up the industry though. In my opinion, the smartphones haven't really taken a big step since the iPhone 4. Everything else is just cool stuff or worthless, nothing that I would say is truly...
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