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Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that post was stupid.
  I find this to be a horrible comment. First off, processors today are not like yesterday. A 2 fold increase in a single core 500Mhz processor is less than a 10% bump in a quad core processor clocked at 3.6ghz. Second, the market is all about portability now. Smartphones and tablets are killing PCs for those who never really needed one in the first place. Getting better battery life is very important. Third, not everyone needs 2x more power. The high end professionals...
I agree. However, since Samsung is a big deal in Korea, there is certainly a level of biased that will take place.
I am afraid of how these kids will react to material that is not games. Seems to me (I am only 21 ATM), that when I was a kid and I had learned things through games, I hated going back to learning the more traditional way. Now if these kids are exposed over the course of years to "fun." What happens when the fun ends?   I also know 10 years ago, if you asked me to manage my education, I surely would have waited until the last minute to do my work. Now that I am 21 and...
That is not exactly a fair conclusion to draw.   A proper way to state it would be to say XX% of home school students became college students vs XX% of traditional.   Of course you will see more people from traditional schools because more people go to traditional schools.     Anyway, I think this will be an interesting experiment.
I think this is good news. I really want to see iPhone move forward. I hope they have some nice features to add with the iPhone 5S (although, I won't be getting it, as my iPhone 5 is plenty). Then the iPhone 6 should be really nice.     On a completely different off topic, my mom may be in the market for a PC. I always decide was PC she should buy. Does anyone here have a new Macbook Air? Are they fast even with a dual core? I would instruct her to get either an i5...
Get better friends? /s   Probably not a bad feature
Again, I have to agree with you here. I think Apple is too concerned with the draw backs of a larger phone. I think with a little better (and cheaper) technology, they will be ready to release one, and I am sure they have many prototypes with larger screens.    My opinion, Apple needs to release a 4.5'' iPhone by holiday season of next year.
Merely your opinion (which i somewhat agree with), nor did I ever say 5'', where 4.9 may be close to 5, it is not 5.
I am sure Apple wants a Global store for apps and itunes. Sadly, it is not that simple. They licencing deals they have to work out and such, prevent such a simple system from existing.
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