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I've had some more issues lately with points of interest in maps.  For example I was looking up for some nearby Best Buys.  I found one and I do remember the point on the map was correct but when I click the point to start getting directions the actual address was two states over and when I used the directions it was a 7 hour trip instead of 15 minutes (of course I realized it was an error).  I did send a bug report on it in the app so I'll help improve it but I've had...
"What am I suppose to do with the hundreds of floppy disks I have" said by thousands when the original iMac came out.I understand people still have a need for optical discs but in a couple of years it won't matter. There will still be a market for external optical disc drives for years to come and eventually those will be phased out just like floppy drives.I'm sure apple's has looked at the statistics and realized the majority of users rarely use an optical drive and its...
I've read on some other forums that if you buy the AT&T at full price and connect to iTunes it'll show as unlocked. Not sure if there is any truth to that though
Now that the troll has been taken care of, I am quite impressed with the benchmarks (especially from Anandtech).  I mean I knew the iPhone 5 was going to be fast but honestly I thought it was going to be what the iPhone 4S was around the time it came out.  the 4S was fast but it had some close contenders.  iPhone 5 just blows away everything.  I mean it even beat the iPad 3 in some graphic tests.  I understand its due to the high resolution of the iPad 3 but that's some...
  1.  Why do I need folders?   I can copy and paste on my iPhone file,  I can copy an entire document or photo without issue.   2.  I'll agree with you on this one, Apple needs to work on this 3. I can check email while watching a video.  I can also listen to music while using turn by turn voice navigation. Receive skype messages or a skype call while multitasking.   Also gps navigation works while talking on the phone.  Multitasking is important but no reason to...
http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview   I think overall this shows you the performance of the iPhone 5 and not one benchmark where the Galaxy S3 beat the iPhone. 
http://kotaku.com/5903555/gabe-newell-says-valve+apple-meeting-didnt-happen     CEO of Valve is denying it never happened and he didn't say "no comment" like other CEO's have it the past .  He straight up said it was news to them and actually sent emails around the office to confirm Tim Cook actually wasn't at Valve
Seriously a stylus? That's exactly what we need, because using our fingers as a stylus has been a failure lol
Lately Best Buy has been running sales on all the macs including the new ones. Right now the 13 inch Macbook Air is running at $1234. Still when you factor in taxes it's still cheaper buying online
3rd party's do not get anywhere near 40% of the total purchase price. On Macbook's I know personally that it's less the 10% margins
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