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In theory USB audio devices may (at least unintentionally) also work. Several work on iOS already.
 Not sure that is a good reason.  Hard drives only last a few years.  It made more sense to buy firewire drives as a Mac user in the USB 2.0 days since firewire was much faster.  The Firewire was standardized in 1985, so it predated the original USB by a decade.  It was entrenched in the video market and superior to USB 2.0, so it made sense for Apple to include the port.  I would certainly buy a USB 3.0 drive over firewire now because they are now the superior tech....
This has nothing to do with individual citizens financial problems or credit card debt, they literally are not allowed to send money out of country.  The banks are denying all credit cards and other payments.  If they were millionaires they couldn't renew their iCloud accounts.  
I think there may be niche areas where software patents may be acceptable.  They should just be extremely rare.  Software developers rarely patent algorithms.  Instead they rely on the fact that it is difficult for a competitor to enter the space due to the amount of work required and lack of first mover advantage.  Most patents are written purely as protection against patent trolls–not competitors.  I have nothing against patenting complex unintuitive algorithms, but the...
 The problem is almost all software patents are obvious.  Software takes a lot of creativity, time, and effort to write, but doesn't do anything particularly novel in the implementation.  Software should be treated the same as books and art.  Sure there may be some exceptions that deserve patents, but it should be rare with a much more rigorous process to grant them.  We would be better off with no software patents then the current system. In this case they are simply...
Software patents shouldn't exist at all.  Copyright law is sufficient to protect software.  
 No.  They do it so the language becomes ubiquitous yet they still maintain control over its development.  It is also the right thing to do for core technologies.  They language may be a good fit for other domains.  It will be interesting to see it used for web servers, etc.  It also allows Swift to be a language of choice for backend code.  It will certainly be available on Windows and Android devices.  It is Apple's advantage to allow Swift developers to have the same...
 Sometime next year at the latest.  They may need to port the Swift runtime, but they get the language for free since Visual Studio can replace LLVM as a backend.
Based on comments at Microsoft's build conference when they announced Objective-C coming to Windows in the fall, Swift will probably be available in Visual Studio soon too.
Panasonic was in the same situation.  Sharp probably needs to follow their reorganizational strategy.  It is great that Japanese companies try to avoid layoffs, but eventually you need to cut unprofitable business or everyone will lose their jobs.  Like Panasonic, they probably need deeper cuts then the 10% layoffs coupled with significant additional investment in areas that will generate more profit.
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