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 No.  They do it so the language becomes ubiquitous yet they still maintain control over its development.  It is also the right thing to do for core technologies.  They language may be a good fit for other domains.  It will be interesting to see it used for web servers, etc.  It also allows Swift to be a language of choice for backend code.  It will certainly be available on Windows and Android devices.  It is Apple's advantage to allow Swift developers to have the same...
 Sometime next year at the latest.  They may need to port the Swift runtime, but they get the language for free since Visual Studio can replace LLVM as a backend.
Based on comments at Microsoft's build conference when they announced Objective-C coming to Windows in the fall, Swift will probably be available in Visual Studio soon too.
Panasonic was in the same situation.  Sharp probably needs to follow their reorganizational strategy.  It is great that Japanese companies try to avoid layoffs, but eventually you need to cut unprofitable business or everyone will lose their jobs.  Like Panasonic, they probably need deeper cuts then the 10% layoffs coupled with significant additional investment in areas that will generate more profit.
Even if there were a back door, these terrorists could just encrypt at the app level.
Is the second gen AppleTV really unsupported though? HBO NOW was released for both 2nd and 3rd gen AppleTVs a few weeks ago.
They should also create another category for web browsers. Right now web browsers (except for Safari--another exception) are forced in a category with MA17 games. Their ability to be used for mature content can easily be limited by a content filter. Accepting brands like HBO and Playboy should not be very controversial as long as the content rating system makes sense. Just because they add a mature category doesn't mean they need to open the floodgates to all apps. ...
 It seems like a lot of felonies these days are caused by mental illness.  As long as they were actually treated in prison (probably assuming too much), I don't see any reason they shouldn't be treated like any other person.  Apple should probably just screen them if they are concerned.  If there were only 5 people, it can't be too much work.
Those don't sound like felonies, but I agree that the crime committed should matter. There is a difference between an armed robbery and smoking pot.
It would be interesting if the new MacBook Air keyboard design made it to the iPad (or iPad Pro) in removable form.
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