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Flash games now use the Unity web plugin. Flash movies now use H.264. Time to get rid of flash completely.
 This AR tech may also have some applications built in to phones and tablets instead of glasses.  It will probably never be much more then Kinect level of usefulness.  It would be interesting for some casual games and 3D visualizations.  I would buy one, but I don't see it as transformative.  If they can figure out the haptic feedback problem then it might be interesting for application UIs, but that would be a huge shift for both developers and users.
AR could be interesting for some applications, but I don't have faith that Microsoft can turn it in to a good product... Reminds me of Microsoft Courier... Many of the applications they show outside of Minecraft are pretty ridiculous
Strangely this device might make me want more physical space for my virtual objects.  I might be a virtual hoarder... 
Pretty cool. Apple and Google have also acquired companies doing AR.
Wouldn't be surprised if some of these high end watch makers get in to Apple Watch accessories. This may be a new revenue stream for them. That may be the reason for the about-face. Luxury watches are a niche area, I doubt that their existing business will be impacted much by the Apple Watch.
 Not sure what SDK, but UIKit/Cocoa are not under Chris Lattner... just the standard library.  I personally like UIKit/Cocoa, but it will be interesting to see if they evolve to take advantage of Swift.  Interface builder has never quite got it right, but I really like the new features IBInspectable and IBDesignable that allow you to extend Interface Builder and storyboards.  Now they just need to add IBInspectable support for non-views (controllers, etc.) and IBDesignable...
Wouldn't it be interesting if they DID replace Intel processors in the Mac Book Pro with ARM... I'm imagining like sixteen A10 ARM processors with 64 total cores for $400 to manufacture...
Some things you write in C are not clean because modern language features are missing.  Every C programmer has had to resort to ugly preprocessor hacks to make up for missing features.  Swift is a very nice language.  It catches *many* classes of bugs that are hard to catch any other way.  I was starting to write some backend code for a Cocoa app in Rust to avoid C/C++.  Now it is all in Swift.  I can see a lot of directions they may take the language (golang style...
The few people using it are asking for a lot of help maybe?
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