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It is Microsoft's only play since they can't get many developers to write native apps. Apps built for tablets (iPad's strength) will always be better. It will be nice if the iPad were to move a little closer to the the MacBook Air (or Surface) in terms of ease of multi-tasking and better options for temporarily adding a keyboard. Really those are the only places the surface can one-up the iPad. The rumors indicate that Apple is on this. Maybe we will see something...
If you used the oculus, you might think different. I could see using one for work in a few years after the tech has matured a little more.
You always need to leave room to negotiate. Most likely the numbers would be different in a final bill. The one time taxation fee is probably the most likely to be negotiated. I wonder if the republican controlled congress would be ok with some sort of shuffling around of corporate taxes. This tax structure will benefit some companies so there may be money spent lobbying for it.
Yeah, I've had the same experience before.  They are set up only for pickups as a last resort.  If a signature is required and three delivery attempts have been made.  If they allowed pickups from a retail location, I think it would be better implemented including some sort of web API for websites to integrate with that allows you to pick a delivery location.
I see it as more of a UPS store type atmosphere.  Radio Shack stores are usually in the same type of locations.  Probably at a minimum they would stock Amazon electronics and third party products that compliment them.  Hopefully they keep the components.  Not everyone has a big component store to run to if they need a capacitor or resistor right away.  AmazonBasics electronic components maybe?
No, it makes perfect sense.  Not everyone wants their packages sitting on their doorstep all day.  If you are picking up packages, you would also see the latest Amazon product in person.  What doesn't make sense is why FedEX or UPS doesn't do this.
If they are paying corporate taxes on the same revenue in another country, then they should get a break on it here.  I don't know the law, but it feels like corporate tax law wasn't written with multi-national companies in mind.  They are not moving the money to other countries to shield it from taxation, it was just never in the US to begin with.  From other posts, it sounds like there are proposals to fix this. With how hard it is to get anything done in government,...
I think we need to figure out how to fix this broken part of the tax code, but I'm all for frequent tax holidays until we figure out a better solution. As long as companies are onboard and will use this, lets do it. I think these tax holidays are more strongly supported by the Republican party, but there is a fair amount of bi-partisan support. Obama has generally been against these, so there may need to be a compromise. Maybe some of the taxes go to mass transit or...
You still need to buy the first copy.  They moved to Apple's model.  You buy one license with a new PC.  All updates are free for the life of that PC.  I'm not sure if they defined how long that is, but I imagine it is at least 2-3 years of free updates.
Flash games now use the Unity web plugin. Flash movies now use H.264. Time to get rid of flash completely.
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