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Even if there were a back door, these terrorists could just encrypt at the app level.
Is the second gen AppleTV really unsupported though? HBO NOW was released for both 2nd and 3rd gen AppleTVs a few weeks ago.
They should also create another category for web browsers. Right now web browsers (except for Safari--another exception) are forced in a category with MA17 games. Their ability to be used for mature content can easily be limited by a content filter. Accepting brands like HBO and Playboy should not be very controversial as long as the content rating system makes sense. Just because they add a mature category doesn't mean they need to open the floodgates to all apps. ...
 It seems like a lot of felonies these days are caused by mental illness.  As long as they were actually treated in prison (probably assuming too much), I don't see any reason they shouldn't be treated like any other person.  Apple should probably just screen them if they are concerned.  If there were only 5 people, it can't be too much work.
Those don't sound like felonies, but I agree that the crime committed should matter. There is a difference between an armed robbery and smoking pot.
It would be interesting if the new MacBook Air keyboard design made it to the iPad (or iPad Pro) in removable form.
It is Microsoft's only play since they can't get many developers to write native apps. Apps built for tablets (iPad's strength) will always be better. It will be nice if the iPad were to move a little closer to the the MacBook Air (or Surface) in terms of ease of multi-tasking and better options for temporarily adding a keyboard. Really those are the only places the surface can one-up the iPad. The rumors indicate that Apple is on this. Maybe we will see something...
If you used the oculus, you might think different. I could see using one for work in a few years after the tech has matured a little more.
You always need to leave room to negotiate. Most likely the numbers would be different in a final bill. The one time taxation fee is probably the most likely to be negotiated. I wonder if the republican controlled congress would be ok with some sort of shuffling around of corporate taxes. This tax structure will benefit some companies so there may be money spent lobbying for it.
Yeah, I've had the same experience before.  They are set up only for pickups as a last resort.  If a signature is required and three delivery attempts have been made.  If they allowed pickups from a retail location, I think it would be better implemented including some sort of web API for websites to integrate with that allows you to pick a delivery location.
New Posts  All Forums: