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  I think anything that sounds like abuse of the patent system is what many people consider trolling.  It is probably not the right definition though.  Interpreted literally, it is probably more like your definition.  Basically creating a lawsuit against random people/companies without any actual knowledge of infringement (or use of a broad patent that could apply to practically anything) to see what sticks.    I don't like to see what appears to be double dipping on...
I think I have my own definition of patent trolling (If I think it is wrong, it is trolling).  I think the patent is legitimate regardless of how old it is, so it may not be trolling for that reason.  I just think they are either suing the wrong party or double dipping on licensing.  I would consider those actions trolling.
  Different things.  It would be closer if Ford was sued for the type of metal or rubber the windshield wipers were made of instead of the design.  That should be in the realm of the manufacturer.  It is true this case isn't as clear cut, but similar lawsuits often happen with the manufacturer both designs and fabricates the chip.  In that case there should be no question it is the manufacturer.  Either way, they should only be allowed to sue one company in the chain for...
The law should change. Apple shouldn't be the target of something they use instead of make. If they can sue use, then what is to stop a lawsuit against an end user for buying a product. It is the same thing. This is basically double dipping. It would be better if they could only sue the component maker. I think in an ideal world, Apple could directly license to avoid a ban on the component, but they should be immune from being sued because someone else infringed on a...
I never liked Time Warner, but maybe they have improved under the new CEO. If I never have to use my cable box with its awful UI, I'll switch in an instant. AT&T U-Verse, I hope you are in on this too or I may be leaving you!
Too bad the clean power is just offsetting another form of clean power. It would be nice to see more of these projects in the northwest where there is far too much dirty power being used.
Windows 8 running on a tablet would be in these stats, so why isn't the iPad in there?
  Everyone knows journalism is dead.  Might as well just call it advertising...
  It will save the session token for purchasing.  They can still password protect it from making these purchases in all cases with parental controls.
They do have this mode.  Parental controls allow you to add a password to in-app purchases.  These parents just didn't turn it on.  Apple should probably put this setting on the welcome screen because too many people don't learn how to use the device before handing it to their kids.
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