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maestro64 - This isn't the first time. I'm sure other companies do this too, but it helps to have a lot of cash. It is great to see Apple is using their capital to push new areas forward. This seems to be lacking in much of the industry. Probably too much bottom feeding outside of Apple.
dgnr8 - It is more work for developers to support older platforms. Usually when a developer wants to support a new OS feature, they think seriously about dropping support for older platforms. If the OS is free, more people will upgrade and more people will buy from the Apple Store. That makes more money for Apple. Apple doesn't need to worry about pushing security updates out to older platforms or other legacy support issues that slows Microsoft's development pace. ...
I'm sure this mindless rant will convince people to buy a Surface to type all of their documents.   I think we are on a trend where common software is subsidized by hardware and/or services.  Microsoft may be based on a failing software-centric business model.  Especially since they don't seem to understand how to create a hardware-centric model if the Surface (hybrid product for a market that doesn't exist) is what they came up with.
64-bit is more ideal for the Objective-C runtime. It also means they can use the same runtime between OS X and iOS. Specifically, 64-bits allows for a technique called tagged pointers that can speed up dynamic programming languages that use boxed types. Objective-C is a hybrid language, so the impact will not but huge. Many people have speculated that Apple will release a new language someday that will sit on top of Objective-C. Most likely a smalltalk inspired...
Feels like iPhone activations right after a new model comes out. They said on the news that they were getting millions of hits in the first 90 minutes in single states.
Sounds like a good idea to me.
Sounds like a good idea to me.
Is this Wi-Fi or bluetooth? Wi-Fi feels like too much of a hassle. Bluetooth would be great.
I think the success of a business model largely depends on how well it is executed and how nimble it is to change under competition. The fact is, broadly licensed platforms are hard to get right and are not as nimble to change under competition as Apple's model.
mcarling - Apple (via Steve Jobs, not the company that stays politically neutral) was a big supporter of Obama. Either way, that has little to do with the DOJ.
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