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Is this Wi-Fi or bluetooth? Wi-Fi feels like too much of a hassle. Bluetooth would be great.
I think the success of a business model largely depends on how well it is executed and how nimble it is to change under competition. The fact is, broadly licensed platforms are hard to get right and are not as nimble to change under competition as Apple's model.
mcarling - Apple (via Steve Jobs, not the company that stays politically neutral) was a big supporter of Obama. Either way, that has little to do with the DOJ.
inkling - You obviously are not from Chicago. Citizens put up with Chicago-style politics because most of it is done in the common interests of both the people and businesses of Chicago. In this case with obvious pandering to Amazon with nothing going to the common good would not be tolerated in Chicago. Corruption at the state level in IL is a different story, but it is much better then it used to be.
Intel may not compete with AMD and Nvidia on the Desktop, but for mobile the Iris 5200 is more optimized for professional work (since it has more compute then fill rate) then the gaming oriented chips made by AMD and Nvidia. Intel's drivers have been improving over time. I think it will be a good update for pros.
64-bit would be nice. It is a nice width for dynamic languages like Objective-C that use pointer tagging for efficiency. Normally the execution units are also utilized for better SIMD support. I'd hate to see a delayed move to 64-bit support hold Objective-C back from future innovation.
So now it is OK to sell the exact same thing to one company at one price and to another company at another price? If companies were people I would call that discrimination. Got to love the legal system.
cash907 - Other vendors have not released any machines with this chip either. Nothing beyond 2-core, Iris 5100 and lower chips so far. It is not clear if they are waiting for Mavericks or if the machine and suppliers just are not ready.
deansolecki - They will definitely drop the discrete GPU. The Iris 5200 can almost match the 650M and can beat it in OpenCL tests. It also has the advantage of ECC memory unlike the 650M and far lower battery drain. The discrete chip is definitely going away.
  I think anything that sounds like abuse of the patent system is what many people consider trolling.  It is probably not the right definition though.  Interpreted literally, it is probably more like your definition.  Basically creating a lawsuit against random people/companies without any actual knowledge of infringement (or use of a broad patent that could apply to practically anything) to see what sticks.    I don't like to see what appears to be double dipping on...
New Posts  All Forums: