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Meanwhile there is a decrease in crime due to the Sony Walkman and Zune.
Other companies would gladly pay much more to steal him.  He works for Apple because he loves it. My local power company's CEO in south east Wisconsin (not anywhere near as large as Apple) makes over 13 million (more then 1% of earnings) a year and is raising rates due to poor planning and overspending.  The executives make their money no matter how they perform.  The only penalty to their poor performance was that a large local company, SC Johnson, built their own power...
shidell - The difference is that Apple didn't sacrifice battery life to do it. They also have a more polished OS. Anyone who has owned both phones will tell you that.
  Steve Jobs didn't leave his door locked.  It was in his bio.  Larry Ellison would invite himself in.  
  That isn't WEP/WPA.  It is called a captive portal.  Since there is no standard for this, it is difficult for Apple to do anything.  It would be nice if they can get autofill working on captive portals, but it may not work all the time.  
A good incremental update.  I hope they change the notification center icon.  It just doesn't feel like something Apple made.  I'd rather see notification center slide out when you move the mouse to the right side of the screen.  I think the notification center view should also be used for spotlight.  That would remove two menu extras that feel out of place.  It is kinda like they didn't know how to activate these features so they put them in the menu.  I do like how...
Maybe it is just me, but I would love a fridge that could automatically toast frozen bread...  However a tablet with a keyboard just seems silly.
www.google.com could just become "google". Of course Google or Apple could just make their own DNS system that only works on their devices or browsers and do whatever they want with fallback to DNS.
How about .app for appstore app websites?
"It's what we've all been waiting for." - Must be the reincarnation of Steve Jobs.  They put him in cryostasis while nano-bots rebuilt his body over the last few months.  He will make a surprise visit during the keynote.
New Posts  All Forums: