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Too bad the clean power is just offsetting another form of clean power. It would be nice to see more of these projects in the northwest where there is far too much dirty power being used.
Windows 8 running on a tablet would be in these stats, so why isn't the iPad in there?
  Everyone knows journalism is dead.  Might as well just call it advertising...
  It will save the session token for purchasing.  They can still password protect it from making these purchases in all cases with parental controls.
They do have this mode.  Parental controls allow you to add a password to in-app purchases.  These parents just didn't turn it on.  Apple should probably put this setting on the welcome screen because too many people don't learn how to use the device before handing it to their kids.
It is surprising that Apple was the first to talk to their partners about creating a scratch resistant screen. Watch makers and eyeglass makers have been on this for a long time. Why electronics were stuck with a plastic screen so long probably has more to do with the race to the bottom Walmart mentality of most of the industry. They were asking their parters how to make it cheaper instead of how to make it better.
Meanwhile there is a decrease in crime due to the Sony Walkman and Zune.
Other companies would gladly pay much more to steal him.  He works for Apple because he loves it. My local power company's CEO in south east Wisconsin (not anywhere near as large as Apple) makes over 13 million (more then 1% of earnings) a year and is raising rates due to poor planning and overspending.  The executives make their money no matter how they perform.  The only penalty to their poor performance was that a large local company, SC Johnson, built their own power...
shidell - The difference is that Apple didn't sacrifice battery life to do it. They also have a more polished OS. Anyone who has owned both phones will tell you that.
  Steve Jobs didn't leave his door locked.  It was in his bio.  Larry Ellison would invite himself in.  
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