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No, it is because of lazy reporting. They are giving a mouthpiece to someone without checking the facts. They didn't even ask for a comment from Apple before publishing.
It is too bad to see the NY Times go the way of Fox News. Giving up integrity to make a quick headline...
Or that they work better for business travelers: lighter, smaller form factor, better battery life, less security vulnerabilities, easier Wifi connectivity, less support, easy to get replacement parts in the field, etc.
They can be rotten. That is why you look at facts instead of stereotyping. In this case, there are no facts... just something that some guy said with no specifics.
This kinda feels like blaming our police officers for not catching every crime ever committed. Apple is the only company to audit supplier's suppliers. They are definitely pro-active. That doesn't mean that they have time to police everything. I wouldn't be surprised if these instances are related to prioritizing issues they plan to solve. Of course, this could always be some former exec spreading things he heard in the rumor mill or didn't fully understand the...
Probably only a 10 - 20 year trend... we'll just sit this one out.
They were married, so this doesn't make sense.
This is where Bain Capital comes in.
There is no limitation on the PDF output of iBook Author. Of course there would be no dynamic content.
Good to hear. Hopefully GE gets some inspiration from Apple products too. Their products seem uninspired and often cut corners in places where there should be no compromises.
New Posts  All Forums: