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I heard he just increased the price target by $0.99 to 699.99. He stated the key is to keep the estimate just under $700 to reduce the effect of skepticism that a company can really defy the economy.
Same here, but it is no longer my primary machine or under warranty. That MBP went through three logic boards and all of them had the flicker problem. I had to keep it on the discrete chip to avoid the problems. I wonder what took so long?
Why do we let executives take huge bonuses when their companies are in bankruptcy? Sometimes it is hard for government to get involved because they do not have direct control over the private sector. Besides, their government is supportive of these efforts and have some of their own as far as I've heard. Despite the fact that many people like to spread FUD about this, China is a free market society just like us. Think of it as a multi-pronged approach. We can try to...
It is *the* fair trade organization for the textile industry. It was formed by Bill Clinton in 1999. More importantly it was the organization that was mis-quoted as having an anti-Apple stance in the New York Times article. They are primarily supported by universities in the USA. As with anything in academia, I'm sure there will be papers. Just look in to them.http://www.fairlabor.org/fla/
Component suppliers set up shop pretty quickly around the automakers in detroit, but not nearly as fast as they do in China. When major product revisions happen as quickly as they do in the electronics industry, it is a big risk to make changes that may disrupt that. One delayed project can cost a significant amount of money. I think that is a bigger issue then labor costs as things become more automated and more reliant on machinists to set up the equipment. Steve...
Everyone is rate limited. Otherwise only one person could use the cell tower at a time. They may just be limiting unlimited users disproportionately. AT&T could argue the 3 GB customers are paying for better quality of service. Hopefully this is just interim and AT&T will show us that they will provide us better service when they can provide us better service after the move to LTE.
I've thought something like this would be natural for iOS since shaders first came to the iPhone. Although full 3D might be interesting, they could get part of the way there with normal maps. A normal map shows the angle light reflects of a surface. They could be defined without redoing an existing interface. This would allow for dynamic gloss lines and beveled surfaces. Movable shadows could use layers. That would also be simple to incorporate in existing...
I've had a hard time understanding why a phone needs to pay royalties for wireless patents that apply at the chipset level. Wouldn't the chipset manufacturer have to be the sole payer in a reasonable world? If they wanted to take it to the extreme, they could probably have the wireless chip plug in through an expansion port so they can avoid the royalties.
"and used the company's accelerator in its 6th generation iPod nano later that same year." I didn't realize the iPod had an accelerator.... Grand Central Dispatch could be considered programmer-driven parallelism or kernel-driven parallelism. However, it has very little to do with compiler-driven parallelism. In fact, it isn't even compiled... it is linked via a shared library. At best, this looks like a small improvement to vector processing units. It doesn't look...
I don't understand why this gets the red breaking news color. Big companies move to iPhones and iPads all the time. Maybe a company moving 100,000 devices would be slightly newsworthy, but this doesn't seem like that big of a deal.
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