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In the future we will wear our iPhones on our lapels. ;-)Scotty was just off by a couple decades.
If you sit 5 feet away from your macbook air it is a retina display ;-). How about a 30" retina display iMac. I'd like to see that.
Repurpose the switch on the side to turn on and off LTE?
The car will drive 500 miles per hour, but will run out of gas in 10 minutes.
Yeah. I thought Apple was going somewhere when I switched at OS X 10.3. Never imagined them making it this far though. Both Mac and iOS numbers are amazing. The Mac is also drawing in people who would never use something considered a niche OS. It still surprises me to think of OS X as mainstream. In someways it feels less exclusive now. You used to be able to make certain assumptions about someones tastes if they used a Mac, but as long as they continue focusing on...
Yeah. My mom won one in a contest. They used it so much they now have a second iPad. They probably wouldn't have one at all if they didn't try it first.
It looks like you have no choice with pre-orders already moving almost a month out. It will probably take months to be even with demand. I'm happy I decided to pre-order on the first day. I'm wondering if I'll regret going with the AT&T model now that I know there is no tethering support at launch though.
Schools for documentary assignments. Augmented reality apps. QR code scanners. OCR programs. It may also just be the device you have with you.
They say the next iPhone will have a higher resolution screen.... What is the point in going higher resolution then your retina? I can see a wider color gamut, a reflective screen, tactile screen, or a 3D screen. I kinda doubt anything other then better color gamut is possible right now though.
I heard he just increased the price target by $0.99 to 699.99. He stated the key is to keep the estimate just under $700 to reduce the effect of skepticism that a company can really defy the economy.
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