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At least they are talking about a full reform.  These tax codes evolved over time.  That makes the most sense.  Although when you need to factor in the state level, it gets more complicated.  Some states don't like the feds telling them how they should tax.
Isn't that what parental controls are for?  Let's sue credit card companies for allowing kids to place orders online with their parents cards now.
Although I think Google is on poor legal ground, the range check code sounds like boilerplate code to me.  It is kinda like saying someone copied something like "Once upon a time" or "The end." from their book.  It is not substantial enough to be a copyright violation.  Particularly when something like this is likely related to a programmers style.  Kinda like a writing style, anytime you encounter a particular problem you are going to write it the same way.  Just...
With utility companies paying their CEOs millions of dollars (local utility pays their CEO 12 million a year, 2.5% of the utilities income before profits) a year for what is essentially a monopoly, I think so too. They will probably always be pretty expensive, but I understand they are supposed to last a really long time. People may need to get accustomed to taking out a mortgage for their power plant. I see this happening in rural areas first where there may be...
I believe fuel cells release oxygen and water as bi-products. There are probably benefits to using fuel cells over other renewable energy if you don't want to store the energy in batteries since solar and wind can't provide a constant output all the time. They would need to produce bio-gas to make it renewable, however natural gas is not so bad for the environment–-especially when used in a fuel cell. I read that it is expected that these fuel cells may get rural...
Thats not called survival. That is called a slow death. There is no way they can grow off that. They will probably follow in IBMs footprints (or at least try). They will sell the phone trademarks and designs to a chinese company that can work with lower margins (maybe even Lenovo) and sell patents to Apple or Google. Then they will need to figure out where they can quickly carve a niche with QNX.Next up may be Nokia. They seem to be following the same path as RIM. ...
In the future we will wear our iPhones on our lapels. ;-)Scotty was just off by a couple decades.
If you sit 5 feet away from your macbook air it is a retina display ;-). How about a 30" retina display iMac. I'd like to see that.
Repurpose the switch on the side to turn on and off LTE?
The car will drive 500 miles per hour, but will run out of gas in 10 minutes.
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