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Good to hear. Hopefully GE gets some inspiration from Apple products too. Their products seem uninspired and often cut corners in places where there should be no compromises.
Or it could simply be that they didn't get along or the deal didn't work out and IIRC used that as an excuse.
In other words, Apple is exactly like almost every other company out there. Pairing new employees is common practice. Most companies call this shadowing. In fact, that is probably what Apple calls it. I have a hard time believing that they actually call them "iBuddies". A certain level of secrecy is necessary for all companies for competitive reasons. These are not the qualities that make Apple special.
I'm not sure if he would like being CEO. My impression has been that he likes to be in control of all the details of a product. I think that he would lose that as CEO. I think he prefers to be in charge of Apples most successful product instead. Besides, Tim Cook makes a good CEO. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
You are off base (or trolling). These are not Apple's employees. They are suppliers employees. They are getting involved not because they have to, but because nobody else is. They are not crowing about anything. This is an internal memo.
Unfortunately I highly doubt this is the reason. Almost nobody looks at a company's social responsibility when they purchase a product.
Apple is in it for the long run. I wouldn't invest in a company that uses slash and burn tactics to make a quick buck. I suppose much of Wall Street follows Tea Party mentality these days though...
Actually China is pushing for green power much harder then we are in the states. Since this was published a contract has surfaced for building a solar farm next to the data center. I wonder if Greenpeace actually tried to contact Apple about their plans for the site before publishing this?
Collective Bargaining taken to the extreme. Too bad that wouldn't work in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker would probably encourage the suicides.
Apple actually asked Corning to come up with Gorilla Glass. Corning dug up some old research they didn't think had any market value. Apple pushed them to turn it in to a product in a short period of time. Now it is a 700 million a year business. Reminds me of Xerox. Except in the case of Xerox, they didn't know they had something of value until too late. We would still be using plastic computers right now if it were not for Apple pushing the boundaries.
New Posts  All Forums: