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Right. Let us get this ridiculousness done with quickly. I doubt they will put restrictions on either company, but it would be funny if Nokia ended up getting the restriction and had to pay for a license from Apple to sell in the US instead of the other way around. The ITC may very well throw out Nokia's complaint because they are trying to use their patents to get free access to intellectual property owned by Apple. Although I'm not a lawyer, so this theory is...
Yeah, expensive boxes running cheap software (compared to the competition). Overall you save money. Especially since Apple drops the price of their Pro software with every release. Perhaps this is the way Apple deals with software piracy. Although for some, the new i7 iMac is bringing the hardware cost down too.
Steve Ballmer just bought this guy a new MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Dual 30" screens, and a iPad after this sells on Ebay. Way to support the Mac ecosystem Microsoft!
4G LTE equipment isn't available yet. Maybe that is the plan though. Fill in coverage area when 4G LTE equipment becomes available.
May happen. They will be welcomed by robots not workers though. I'm sure Apple would like to move out of China to have more control over quality.BTW, I think that Nokia isn't trying to ban the import of iPhones to the USA. I think the origin of the company is what matters, not the origin of the manufacturing. Most likely they are trying to ban the export to the EU.
Yeah. MacTripper is probably an alias for Tekstud.
Right. The big question is what GPU will they use? Will all MacBook Pros have a discrete GPU chip?
Yep, us early adopters will get it and everyone else will see it in buses and airports. Kinda like the iPhone. There will probably be commercials (like the iPhone) that demonstrates how much easier it makes things. After two years it will be half the price and everyone will have one. Beyond replacing TVs and paper, hopefully we'll see some RTS games and not just tower defense.
I heard they are going to be able to support the $10 per month data plan by broadcasting to the cell tower in the unregulated visible light spectrum. There may be some slight reception issues indoors, but it will fall back to wifi.
I think most of us would agree that accuracy is important. No background apps means more powerful apps. There are limited resources on the iPhone. If it could run background apps, no app could push the system because it would bog down. I think ease of suspending and resuming apps along with push notifications is good enough. Background apps also drain power. It is not a computer. It will work as a phone in the background. That is good enough. Maybe when we see 2...
New Posts  All Forums: