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It is a joke of a product because Apple hasn't been able to negotiate good content deals. If they had an all you can eat subscription plan that could be used in place of cable, they would be flying off shelves.
There is always grey area. Apple does the right thing if it is black and white. Apple's policy is don't sue us if we get in your grey area and we wont sue you if you stumble in our grey area. This is really the only sane way to do it. Apple of course isn't so generous with trademarks. They own the letter i. Of course, it might just be that Nokia is overcharging like crazy. It also doesn't make any sense that open standards can contain patented technology (like...
Hopefully charging more means we will get more. Interactive features? Besides, they are hardcover eBooks so they are worth more... those softcover eBooks fall apart at the spine. Actually, it would be nice if it were just an open market. Let independents in and everything. AppStore model for books.
Maybe he wasn't briefed. The CEO may not have been in direct contact with Apple. Perhaps he is repeating what he heard from the people who were briefed. It did sound scripted though... maybe he gave out too much.
Or 3.2 is just the beta for version 4.
The tone of the comments is interesting. It sounds like everyone is upset that he leaked info that _should_ have come out of Steve's mouth.
They are definitely not selling below cost. Apple just reported 40% margins. You seem to be looking at this backwards. BTW, free is not by definition below cost. There are other ways to make money on a product. In Googles case, they are funded by advertising. They are not using anticompetitive practices to run someone out of business just to raise prices later.
What ever happened to Trolltech and QT. I thought that was Nokia's way forward for smart phones... Speaking of Trolltech... maybe Nokia should change their name. Sounds like the perfect name for a Patent Troll.
If only government law was as inflexible as laws of nature...
Good point. Being a rumor site I think we expect these postings to be inaccurate, but it would be nice to see more people do their homework (unless you want to lose readers). That is why I stopped reading Slashdot. Too many postings that were bogus because they were not researched.
New Posts  All Forums: