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The tone of the comments is interesting. It sounds like everyone is upset that he leaked info that _should_ have come out of Steve's mouth.
They are definitely not selling below cost. Apple just reported 40% margins. You seem to be looking at this backwards. BTW, free is not by definition below cost. There are other ways to make money on a product. In Googles case, they are funded by advertising. They are not using anticompetitive practices to run someone out of business just to raise prices later.
What ever happened to Trolltech and QT. I thought that was Nokia's way forward for smart phones... Speaking of Trolltech... maybe Nokia should change their name. Sounds like the perfect name for a Patent Troll.
If only government law was as inflexible as laws of nature...
Good point. Being a rumor site I think we expect these postings to be inaccurate, but it would be nice to see more people do their homework (unless you want to lose readers). That is why I stopped reading Slashdot. Too many postings that were bogus because they were not researched.
Normally a product is not considered an import in a multinational companies home country. Lawyers always try to spin things, but the ITC probably doesn't really have the ability to ban the iPhone in the US... It might be able to ban one of the chips inside the iPhone though...
Right. Let us get this ridiculousness done with quickly. I doubt they will put restrictions on either company, but it would be funny if Nokia ended up getting the restriction and had to pay for a license from Apple to sell in the US instead of the other way around. The ITC may very well throw out Nokia's complaint because they are trying to use their patents to get free access to intellectual property owned by Apple. Although I'm not a lawyer, so this theory is...
Yeah, expensive boxes running cheap software (compared to the competition). Overall you save money. Especially since Apple drops the price of their Pro software with every release. Perhaps this is the way Apple deals with software piracy. Although for some, the new i7 iMac is bringing the hardware cost down too.
Steve Ballmer just bought this guy a new MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Dual 30" screens, and a iPad after this sells on Ebay. Way to support the Mac ecosystem Microsoft!
4G LTE equipment isn't available yet. Maybe that is the plan though. Fill in coverage area when 4G LTE equipment becomes available.
New Posts  All Forums: