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Of course if they watch you purchase something then follow you, it doesn't matter what kind of bag or backpack it is in.
It's not as bad, but playing favorites isn't a good way to encourage an ecosystem around Android.
We've been hearing two numbers floating around: $999 and $600. Carrier subsidies are about $400 for the iPhone. So it would make sense that the tablet will be $999 or $600 with a two year contract.
Samsung has been a long time supplier for Apple. Most of the parts in the iPhone are Samsung components.Apple recently redesigned the white macbook, so it is unlikely an entirely new design is coming to replace it. Most likely the tablet is a new category of device that is not designed to run heavy-weight apps.BTW, it has been shown that Apple fans usually prefer a Samsung product if they can't find a similar product from Apple
Yeah, the hardware specs can only rival a phone that will soon be replaced by a new model... Hardware is always a moving target. Basically just a win for the component manufacturers. Google needs to differentiate with the software side. They are certainly second to Apple, but they seem to be a distant second.Apple may have a surprise on the component side though with a PASemi designed chip. If their PowerPC chip is an example of what they can do with ARM, then there...
I doesn't need to be but it will be.
recalcitrant |riˈkalsətrənt| adjective having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline : a class of recalcitrant fifteen-year-olds. noun a person with such an attitude. DERIVATIVES recalcitrance noun recalcitrantly adverb ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Latin recalcitrant- ‘kicking out with the heels,’ from the verb recalcitrare, based on calx, calc- ‘heel.’
It would be interesting to know the number of paid downloads. Duplicate downloads don't count, but free ones do.
It didn't make sense in the past. There are new hybrid CDMA/GSM chips, so it might make sense now.
Maybe digital ads for the tablet. Electronic magazines and streaming television subscriptions with digital ads? Or maybe they will just use them to profile their iTunes users to recommend Apps and other content. Perhaps it is just to get the DOJ off of Googles back? A secret plot to kill Bing?
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