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now that is a compromise... 
For all you know this is just a fake mockup... I hope it is
You got pebble so you know the way charging is done. And it's waterproof. I have a waterproof case for my iPhones with fully functional headphone jack. You can have a telephone conversation with this waterproof case on. So it should be possible for apple to do it w/o the need for the case. The phone is much more expensive than the pebble watch which is one more reason to protect it.I had and liked all previous versions of iPhones - but I don't like the bands on this ugly...
Probably many different solutions.  Gaskets, hydrophobic materials, submerging contacts in plastic, etc... I do know that there solutions are available and Apple can do better job than anybody.
Apple was very proud to show off iPhone 5's seamless joints and how the assembly robots match the best fitting parts when putting the phone together. The bands, if true, are a big departure and a lazy design.Regarding the waterproofing: iPhone is my always-in-my-hand camera - this means in the pool, on the yacht,  at the beach, and in the Jacuzzi - waterproofing is important to me and many others. I have a waterproofing case but its just not the  same. There is no excuse...
I do not like the bands either. I could understand if there were used for water proofing, impact mitigation but from the inside of the case you cannot see them so they appear to be purely decorative (sigh, ugly). With all the gaping holes i do not see this phone to be a waterproof - too bad my cheapo pebble watch is... so the technology is there. We shell see...
How about "Soylent Green Harvesting Inc"?
I like both, iTunes Radio and Pandora but I love that Pandora shows lyrics for the songs being played.
BBC's iPlayer not available in US. Too bad!
Do I need to buy from them? I am curious if i can bring my own unlocked phone and just pay the $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data.
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