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How about "Soylent Green Harvesting Inc"?
I like both, iTunes Radio and Pandora but I love that Pandora shows lyrics for the songs being played.
BBC's iPlayer not available in US. Too bad!
Do I need to buy from them? I am curious if i can bring my own unlocked phone and just pay the $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data.
When i tried to place an order for 14" MBP(Retina) + Parallels + Apple Care i got this note...      SHIPPING METHOD UPS and FedEx orders require a signature upon delivery. Orders may be delivered in separate shipments. We are unable to accept orders with a billing address in Florida for the following item(s): Apple AppleCare Protection Plan for 15" & 17" MacBook Pro & 15" MacBook Pro With Retina...
Contrast this with incredible advances in China where they are going to build echo friendly tallest building in the world in just 90 days. http://gizmodo.com/5962070/china-will-build-the-tallest-building-in-the-world-in-just-90-days
I got the shipping notification today too. Mine order delivers on October 11th, 2012 but i have placed it on September 14th. About a month (long long month)  late and not a moment too soon.  
I have pre-ordered the adapter when I pre-ordered the iPhone 5. I got the phone alright, but I am really upset that i do not have the adapter for it. My gym equipment has the legacy 30-pin and w/o the converter i am not able to connect the phone. Same with the iHome stuff i have have at home. Why there is no good explanation for such a delay Apple? It's one thing to block the third party manufacturers (even these who would pay royalties) but please Apple, supply your own...
Colonel Klink of Stalag 15 would never let it happen
“Prosecutors also allege Howard, who was on parole, has a 2010 burglary conviction from Los Angeles County and a 2008 robbery conviction,” Burge reports. Equonne Romon Howard, 22, of Los Angeles, was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the Temecula Apple Store. (Photo: Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.) “Riverside County sheriff’s officials said Howard used his own 2003 BMW X5 to smash through the glass storefront and metal security gate about 5 a.m. Sept. 6....
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