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I could tell you, but then I'd have to shoot you. Seriously, whenever I get disgusted with forums I simply walk away from them. When it happened long enough ago for me to forget exactly why I left, sometimes I will come back -- and hope I am not reminded. 
Short term movements can be the result of all sorts of technical causes, and non-news items that cannot be explained in simple terms (least of all, by "manipulation"). Option expirations could be one of those, program trading could be another. Investors placing stop orders at nice round numbers is another. Any of them and especially all of them working together can result in both cascade buying and selling. Anyone who worries too much about what a stock does on a daily (or...
The general impression of investing is that it's either gambling or voodoo, so people with this idea don't invest. The other problem, equally wrong, is that individual investors buying stocks can readily beat the markets, so they either make bad investments, or try to time buying and selling. Two sides of the same coin. Others turn to professional managers. One of the dirtiest secrets of professional management is that a great many of the people who peddle investment...
It's well documented in many places now that active fund managers are unable to beat the broader markets over time and few can pull it off even over short stretches. The remarkable thing is that so many investors remain willing to pay through the nose for this lack of performance. The other key to index fund investing is diversification and rebalancing, as this takes sector rotation into account, another market behavior that active managers have a poor track record in...
A big issue, one which I am seeing mentioned hardly at all, is that Microsoft is now positioning itself as both a partner with and a competitor to the OEMs. If the Surface products are any kind of success, this relationship is bound to chafe the backsides of their OEM partners. They had better be very careful about how they deal with the OEMs or they could find themselves back in hot water with the Department of Justice.
Estimated EPS * Estimated PE = Forecasted Stock PriceIt worries me more when they turn out as nice round numbers.
What you mean is, there's no point in discussing it when I cite sources and you totally ignore what they say.
First of all, no corporation pays the full 35% rate. The effective rate is usually much lower due to all the dodges and loopholes built into the tax code. Second, the tax rate they pay for repatriation is less the foreign tax paid. So what they'd pay would depend on where the money was earned.Thank you for grasping the scale. Few do, for some unknown reason. FWIW, acquisitions of public companies typically involve some sort of stock swap, so they are not usually totally...
Oh? Maybe you need to read the article. As it says very clearly, many institutional investors can't buy AAPL now because they pay no dividend. This means that the institutional investment market for AAPL is pretty much tapped out currently, but will open up to new customers if/when the company declares a divided. Perhaps this logic is just too straight forward for you to understand.
Both the cause and the effect are right there. Nothing is ever definitive but the evidence is very strong.
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