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That could be true, hard to say. In any event, channel filling is difficult to estimate, and Apple realizes no revenue from shipped but unsold products, so even if that is the correct interpretation, it is a rather meaningless number.
We have to expect lower sequential iPhone sales in fiscal Q2. This would likely happen even if it wasn't a result of the huge iPhone 6 upgrade cycle hitting in fiscal Q1, as FQ1 sales for Apple are normally higher than the other quarters across the board. Not that the muddled information presented here won't be used by everyone to support whatever argument they were going to make anyway. We are, after all, on the net.
Even with that assumption, it still doesn't make sense. If the Q1 column refers to calendar, then this was still a quarter when no Apple Watch sales could have taken place, since it ended ten days before preorders even began. The first quarter of Apple Watch sales won't be reported until July, unless Apple decides to preview the results of the first few weeks at the earnings report next week. The problem isn't with Kuo, it's with the reporting on this research note, which...
Exactly, and a condensation that appears to be faulty in some fundamental way. It also reports 631,000 Apple Watch sales occurring in a quarter when nobody could buy one, so that has to be wrong no matter how it's read. 
The article says "fiscal quarter" right in the first sentence, and that can mean only one thing, so this reporting is messed up for sure. And what does the "revised" column mean?
Or, more likely the entire story is being misreported.
None of these numbers make any sense. Apple's fiscal Q1 2015 results were reported in January. The results to be reported this month are for Q2.
I'm not seeing it either. No space on that dial is large enough, as far as I can tell.
I counted 570 Apple Watch apps in the iTunes App Store, so I have a feeling that this grouping isn't necessarily the best or the most interesting.
Verified. Mine just arrived and and it was setting in its slot when I opened the box.
New Posts  All Forums: