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FYI to the writers here: the word "alleged" means "accused," typically of some kind of wrong-doing. It is not a synonym for "rumored" or "suggested."
We're in Southern California, ground zero for Trader Joe's, and nobody at the store could even understand what we were asking about? That's a lot worse than not going smoothly. This happened to be my second bad Apple Pay experience of the day. The first was in a Panera Bread, which advertises accepting Apple Pay right on the door of the restaurant. Turns out that works only if you happen to walk up the right register. I didn't. Kinda lame.  I went out my way to get a card...
FWIW today I tried using Apple Pay in my local Trader Joe's. I asked two employees about whether they were taking it. Neither had even heard of Apple Pay and were puzzled by my question. I might just as well have been asking them about their recent shipment of blueberries from Mars. 
Subsititue Microsoft for Apple and pick any of a list of other companies and products, and you get the same logical result. To me this raises a host of issues, obviously not all of them entirely positive either for Apple or their partners.
Last I checked, many local TV stations were still in business. This means people watch them. I don't watch them much, but your or my opinion about whether they suck or not doesn't figure into anything of significance. I am not trying to impose my viewing preferences on anyone else. I am simply pointing out that a great many people do have these viewing preferences. This tells me that any successful streaming solution would have to take them into account. ESPN is not a...
A lot of us cannot get HD over the air. Streaming PBS is good, but not live. Most content appears a day after live broadcasts. This matters mainly for the news programs, assuming you watch them. You cannot stream in-market sports, period (unless you hack the blackouts with a proxy server). Your or my opinion of the value of local TV is totally beside any important point.
Thanks for hijacking the thread...!  I think I understand most of what you explain here. Pretty sure my old Time Capsule broadcasts on a single band, and that the dual-band Time Capsules came on more recently. These should show up as two routers, I believe. Mine shows up as one router. It's also become quite flaky lately (it needs to be reset often or it fails to backup), so it might have another problem that caused the performance issue, though it was otherwise working...
True. And the real deal-killer: in-market pro sports. Nobody, not even Apple, could unravel that mess, not in a hundred years.
Exactly, they should have released the 2.0 version first. Stupid move releasing the first version before the second one.
 Question about this since it may be the reason why my download took three hours. I have an older-generation Time Capsule. First generation I think. The radio mode is set to 802.11n (802.11 b/g compatible). I presume this is both bands but I am not certain. If it turns out the Watch is not connected to wi-fi, I'm not sure I follow your instructions for fixing it.
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