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Yes, that is what I meant. Pretty obviously I would have thought. I continue to have zero success using Apple Pay for any purchases.
Leading with "reading comprehension" gambit? Nice. Got any more tired, old canards you want to lay on me? This article, and your support of it, is loaded with the much the same form of "some say" logic. Who are these "some" exactly, and what do they "say," precisely? Lacking some minimum of disclosure of the persons and the arguments that you are attempting to refute, the result is simply vague and generalized straw man bashing. Easy, but not very sporting. Straw man...
 IOW, you can't explain your position, but you expect me to accept it anyway. Like that's supposed to happen. This is not one of the moments that make me feel any pride at being an Apple fan. In fact it makes me feel like I wandered into something like a comic book convention surround by people living in a geeky fantasy world where none of the usual rules apply.
 Why don't you start by telling me why it does matter.
I see, it's a moral issue. Feet back and spread 'em punks!
Bah. I suspect he does know that. Sure, Apple led the way. They've been doing it for decades now. Leading the way means having followers; always has done, always will do. Tell me again why this matters.
That's the great thing about these boards. They give people with nothing to say a place to say it.
So much of this is reasoning is questionable, it's difficult to know where to begin taking it apart.   Start with the false "winners" and "losers" dichotomy. Normal markets are full of winners, each in competition and serving different segments. This is the definition of a healthy market. Most markets are healthy. The domination of the PC market by DOS/Windows in the 1980s and '90s was not healthy. In fact it was a freak of nature. The writer here doesn't seem to have...
I don't know any GA pilots who use night vision goggles, but I haven't flown at night for years, so maybe I am behind that curve. In any event all of the GA cockpit lighting systems I've ever seen are red, for the scientific reasons already described. Even the paper charts are set up to be viewed under red light. All that being said, it probably doesn't make a dime's worth of difference what color you use on your watch face in a movie theater. The modular face with all the...
As I know, and as the article mentions, disabling the wrist-raise is a five-step process (which would then need to be reversed). Switching to the custom face, once set up, is quicker. It is also better if you feel the need to check the time while the lights are down.
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