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Unfortunately, reasonably good sound reproduction, at a very agreeably price I agree, has replaced great sound reproduction, which is still fairly costly.
I totally agree with you. This product points to the future but it is not quit there. Personally i can live with what I have. But soon I shall get wat I want! 
Have absolutely no doubt that a year from now I will buy the product, which will then be right. But 80 bucks is a rip-off, couldn't care less about the amount, but i dont accept to be ripped off! And I shall still like to connect my 1000 bucks Grado Statement headphones at that time, not the Beats crap!
Haven't used the RJ-45 since 2009, have owned at least 20 Mac's, give or take, currently 6 in my household. Have jumped over a couple, and to me this looks like a jumper. Still good to be able to charge my iPhones, use an obsolete stick, or hook up an old-fashioned camera or harddrive from time to time. Wouldn't be a problem if that stuff was all wireless, but there will still be some stone-age technology around, even if Apple has moved on.
Are you telling me that the owner of the Mac is so stupid he can't pick the right port for charging, or that Apple is so stupid that it can't sort out the precedence in SW! Universal: Yes, single: No way an improvement! This is the kind of comment that feeds the trolls that imply that the Apple crowd will accept anything!
 With some ridiculously costly adaptor?I have been a happy Mac owner since the eighties, seen a couple of instances where Apply has stumbled just short of making a great product. This looks like one of these, but I have no doubt Apple will make it, still to me this looks like a half-baked product!
You are quite right, planned a new one, but I shall stick to my mid 2011 MBA, hoping things will improve!I quite see the improvement in the new USB, but Apple could have included an old USB to ease the transition, and to me having to choose charging or connection in combination with the slow processor makes this look like the 1st generation MBA; Promises of what to come.
I quite agree, they may. But the magic of the cars will then be lost. When did you last care about the brand of bus you were in? A self driving car will loose all the appeal which is now the reason why many people find an identity  in the car they drive. But integration with smartphones? A little bit limited if you ask me!
Well, I think they know quite a lot more, and I think what they know related to engine technology, materials, structural analysis, regulations (a major task in itself when you are dealing with people health), not to mention systems engineering, etc etc. Bottom line is, information technology may, stress may, because I have been wrong so many times before, not be what should be the main target of the car manufacturer. Cars are interesting in the way that they have, as the...
But how many of the systems in a car are developed and manufactured by the car manufacturer, and how many of those systems are actually only specified by the car manufacturer and then developed by subs based on the subs own IP? I sincerely doubt that my car radio, even if it carries the name of the car manufacturer, is actually their own technology, and what is the situation for the other systems in the car, with the exception of the engine and the vehicle platform?
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