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The way is is explained in this article, the sharing program is totally useless to me, no way I will give my kids full access to my credit card. Hopefully the description is incorrect, and there is some way to connect to the credit card number only without access to charge to the account.
You sure you didn't misspell your name? Shouldn't it be Russell Troll?
There appears to be two parameters in the iPhone design that when criticized here make a number of people go ballistic. One is the trade-offs related to thickness and battery, and the other one the size of the screen. Based on the article leading to this discussion, and the general belief that there will be at least one larger iPhone launched, it MAY look like Apple is rethinking these parameters. I don't think that will result in Apple loosing millions of users, but...
Then please document that no other trade-off of the iPhone parameters could have resulted in a larger sale!
You shouldn't talk like this, it may be perceived as if you imply that Apple intentionally has sacrified a tiny weight decrease thereby maybe admitting that their previous trade off was less than perfect.
So you have no documentation at all ! Quite what  I expected. Who said this was such I HUGE problem, people buy iPhones based on an overall assessment, and except for some people writing here, most of them don't believe that all aspects of the iPhone is perfect, but are willing to accept some less than perfect features if it all sums up be be the subjectively perceived best phone.
Can you please document that only 1% want a larger battery. In my job we have 5000+ iPhones, I have asked a number of the people working close to me, and more than half the people asked would prefer a larger battery at the penalty of a little more weight and thickness. Several people, including myself, have battery cases, and I have yet to talk to someone who likes this solution. I have no problems with you saying what you yourself prefer, but stop telling that 99% of...
Couldn't agree more! Wish DOT could pass a law prohibiting any passengers in my car to use their phones, we really need more laws regulating all aspects of human behaviour which I oppose! 
Huawei was banned from the tender list in US and Australia for a national telecommunication system, and was scrutinized in other counties (an hopefully banned, i don't know), because obviously basing sensitive telecommunication on Chinese equipment may provide for an opening to monitor the communication. For the same reason, given the nature of my job, I am not allowed to use a memory stick at all, and if specifically given one I have to hand it over to our security...
Nice word Solips, had to consult may son who is studying for the SAT. Think what I wrote was pretty clear though! Still I believe the Russian position is mostly for propaganda reasons.
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