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I quite agree, they may. But the magic of the cars will then be lost. When did you last care about the brand of bus you were in? A self driving car will loose all the appeal which is now the reason why many people find an identity  in the car they drive. But integration with smartphones? A little bit limited if you ask me!
Well, I think they know quite a lot more, and I think what they know related to engine technology, materials, structural analysis, regulations (a major task in itself when you are dealing with people health), not to mention systems engineering, etc etc. Bottom line is, information technology may, stress may, because I have been wrong so many times before, not be what should be the main target of the car manufacturer. Cars are interesting in the way that they have, as the...
But how many of the systems in a car are developed and manufactured by the car manufacturer, and how many of those systems are actually only specified by the car manufacturer and then developed by subs based on the subs own IP? I sincerely doubt that my car radio, even if it carries the name of the car manufacturer, is actually their own technology, and what is the situation for the other systems in the car, with the exception of the engine and the vehicle platform?
Quite agree, in my guess Apple is not aiming for the car manufacturing business, but is aiming at developing a a common integrated electronic control system taking care of all diagnostics, control, information and interfacing to electrical car systems far beyond entertainment systems. There are currently a couple of initiatives being run to make standardised systems in similar areas for military vehicles, an my guess is that Apple is aiming at a similar personal car system.
Talk for yourself!We have 7000 iPhones supplied by my employer where I work, allmost all 16GB. This is not considered a problem, and a very tiny amount of our employees take opportunity of an offer to pay a modest amount out of their own pocket for a larger memory.
Unlike you, I am of the opinion that the Motorola SEP trials were plain and simple extortion, and I dont buy your opinion that Google just had to play out what MM started
I remember it was reported in the press that Google was invited. Obviously this dos not make it the truth, but can you please provide some backing for this.
Quite right, I believe that Google "Do no evil", wanted to buy these patents to make them available for free to the best of mankind. No way in the world they wanted to buy them to do what they do best: Extortion.
Really? Half the population are females. My wife carries a handbag where she goes, and unlike me, she wants the largest one because that is where she keeps her current phone. But I guess that is because her individual taxable income is fairly low!
In my opinion, Apple should not sell anything non-retina. But I guess the production volumes in question still makes this a manufacturing problem.
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