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No problem to print my ticket at the check-in devices, that is what I frequently do, because of low battery. Please tell Apple that they should withdraw the passbook app, because even people with 15 340 posts at this site doesn't see the need for it.
Great news. Finally, as the owner of 5 ATVs, I will get what I have always wanted. A thinner design version. Just like the thin iPhones in my household, with the perfect thin (thank you Steve for, one of a very few, stupid things you said) design, that gives me a thrill when I have to show my boarding pass at the end of a long day (and charging periods) when the phone is dying on me!
Of course you are right, after USB 3.0 we never need an improvement, neither non-USB or USB ever need an improvement. End of history as far as connections are concerned!
Birthrate is going down in all countries (more or less) and appears to stabilize around 2 (+/_). This will according to demographers result in a stable population on earth of around 11 billion, which hardly means extinction and which I believe the earth can fairly easily support. Eventually the age distribution will level out, but before that I doubt this will pose the level of problem you present, and I doubt paying females can make a difference.
What very few people know is that about half of the 0.8 C generally accepted increase since 1850 (and I guess if you asked most people they would never guess at such a low increase), are corrections which have not been properly documented. After we got a more scientific base for the recordings (the US reference climate network, satellites and balloons) the increase have slowed dramatically.
Would greatly appreciate that if you want to cite me, do not pick a single sentence only! I find it very hard to see the relevance of this (Great!) statement of George Orwell.
I dont dispute the basic concept, very few does, but not nobody, but I can assure you the effects and the understanding of the entire field of physics is not even close to the setteled state you hear about from most politicians and journalists. There are few areas we are so short of having the full picture as in climate science.
 Problem is, these people you refer to are not climate scientists, they are politicians.
I am acutely aware that we have strayed off the main topic of this page, but still: Yes this is a theory (above) which I believe has a lot of merit, and basically it is based on the long time constants (~800 years delays) related to heating and cooling of the oceans.But there are also other effects where science is just scratching the surface.Thermodynamically, increased CO2 in the atmosphere (and the increase is a proven fact, a small fraction of what is man-made) will...
Really love it when what I say is taken out of a context. There is no simple relationship between CO2 concentrations and temperature, repeat: THERE IS NO SIMPLE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CO2 CONCENTRATIONS AND TEMPERATURE.Still CO2 influences temperature, but still we are not even remotely near understanding the total influence on nature, and historically there is no evidence of a simple relationship.
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