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The major point made by the analysts (I think Gartner started it) was that iPad was outnumbered by White Box cheap pads. Until they invented this category, in my opinion making their statistics pointless because only a fairly minor percentage is named, they reported iPads as owning the market. So far I have not seen any statistics where named Android brands are not outnumbered by iPads. Based on this statistics your Coby vs Samsung comparison makes very little sense as the...
Like all business users I don't personally pay for it... BUT, and this is a big one, I need Visual Basic in Excel. That is why stepped over the previous version of Office to the current one, and that is why I won't be using Open Office or any other similar application. Lots of users are in the same position.
Doubt that it has 128 GB of RAM as is printed on this chip, apparently it is the SSD
But 10+ years ago ScienceBoy obviously was not around...
Why is a 3.5" to big? Because you and I believe our iPhones are perfect for us? Why is it so hard to let the market decide?Personally I am totally convinced that Apple would strengthen its position in the market strongly by offering a choice.
 You are totally off the point, this is a US federal court, and the judge is appointed by the president, he is a native of Florida, and may even know something the average readers on this forum do not know about law, at least his doctorate in law may indicate this. Blaming the current state of US patent law on local conditions in Eastern Texas is probably not very reasonable.
 How can the majority get it in 2016/17? The majority runs a several generations old Android at any time, I have 2 Andoids in my household, they were bought based on price only, and they are not close to running the latest version of A. I also have 2 iPhones (4 and 5), they obviously have always been fully up to date, but for the Androids that has never been an option.
  I totally agree about the value of the physical book, given it is a piece of literature that I would like to revisit, however most of what I read doesn't come into this category and availability and price becomes more important when I need a book to pass some hours on a plane or whatever.  However for what I consider quality I am willing to pay what a written book costs, but I am not willing as a matter of principle to pay a price dictated by any government.
Because for me the battery life is good enough, for the iPad Mini the price point, particularly for memory, and the screen is not.   I can even live with the battery life of my iPhone 5 which is pretty bad compared to what it could be if it wasn't considered more important by Apple to shave of a mm of thickness compared to the 4s, in my opinion a totally wrong decision.
  Are you saying that the simple fact that China is a developing country where the vast majority is nowhere near being able to afford Apple products is not a part of the explanation?
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