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Huawei was banned from the tender list in US and Australia for a national telecommunication system, and was scrutinized in other counties (an hopefully banned, i don't know), because obviously basing sensitive telecommunication on Chinese equipment may provide for an opening to monitor the communication. For the same reason, given the nature of my job, I am not allowed to use a memory stick at all, and if specifically given one I have to hand it over to our security...
Nice word Solips, had to consult may son who is studying for the SAT. Think what I wrote was pretty clear though! Still I believe the Russian position is mostly for propaganda reasons.
I didn't hear to many protests when countries here in the west were skeptical, and some (in my opinion correctly) banned the installation of Huawei telecom structure, not quite the same but still a fairly similar reaction which I can quite understand trying to see it from the other side.
I have seen a lot of your arguments, as I have seen Solips arguments and I don't believe they are good just because of membership seniority nor ownership of Apple products. However, even in a time with an abundance of commenters with single digits of comments and no seniority trolling here, I think a little bit more constructive criticism of Apple, and tolerance for that, could elevate this site.
I do have several of the solutions like that, including a number of battery cases that no longer fit, so I have resorted to my old dumb-phone as backup. And change to what? My son's HTC is a pretty good piece of merchandise, and is has the larger screen that he wanted (and if he wanted a Samsung I told him to pay for it himself). The size was the reason he refused to have an iPhone, but battery wise it is not better, and it doesn't run iOS. I am perfectly happy with having...
I do not want to argue that our employs occationally do other things with their phone than work, and so what; the phone is actually made for it, and were I live we pay tax for being fortunate to have a company phone so we never have to leave work. I actually do myself occasionally, like  when I spent hours upon hours on various airports recently, checked into a hotel at 5 am and was picked up 2 hours later for a full day of meetings, the entire trip not able to reach an...
Please tell me what claims I made that I can not back up. As far as I can see I have not referred to Steve Jobs doing this or that (but why should that in itself be wrong?). And I do not believe that Tim Cook should be fired. Far as I can see I said that I (and a large number of my collegues (first hand, not hearsay!) would like more battery time, and that I would like a larger screen. I have used Apple products where available since the SE, and I don't like to be insulted...
Just like size doesn't matter? For years the single most criticized topic on this site has been that 3.5, then 4 inches is perfect and wanting more was trolling!
Believe my I am happy to see a larger iPhone, and hopefully also a choice between two sizes, but I would be even happier if it had happened sooner, both for my own uses, and because Apple has left this field open for the competition for way to long.
I don't think you are right that people don't care about this campaigns by Samsung. A standard theory in marketing is that criticizing competitors in general is not an approach that works well, and if not very cleverly done may backfire. Based on my assessment of these campaigns by Samsung, I would believe that Samsung may actually be loosing customers because of the stupidity.
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