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I see, it's the miracle-formula popular wherever neither Israelis nor Palestinians live; for it is something neither Arab Palestinians nor Israeli Jews want. Arab Palestinians want their own Arab nation-state, Israeli Jews like having their own nation-state too.I cannot know why you don't hear about it. Ra’am-Ta’al is an Arab nationalist party, it sent four MKs to the Knesset in the March 2006 elections. Balad (“Motherland”) is another nationalist Arab party, it has three...
President Skroob sucked their air with MegaMaid®.
What's a “cooperative state”, like a big kibbutz? (The dream ideal of my youth)Equal voting rights for Arabs and Jews? That's the way Israel currently exists. As for the rest, who'd have expected an officially recognised Iranian Jewish organisation to publically express the official opinion of the Islamic republic of Iran?
Thank you. It's probably because I have many relatives and friends in France and I can still manage with the language.
I certainly hope to be proven wrong in this case.People are too afraid that any change would put their acquis at risk, rather than hope that change would bring new advantages. So every timid tentative at reform (never mind that some reform might be ill-advised) ends in a fiasco.
I am afraid that once again, we shall see Mr. Le Pen in second elections round, furthermore I'm afraid Le Pen might get the most votes in the first round. Other than that, “Madame le président Royal” sounds wrong and irrépublicain. Then again, they do have Mr. Chirac now.
So Israel is Fascist now? Is there one party rule in Israel? Is Israeli society organised in a way which incorporates all individuals in an authoritarian ideological apparatus prohibiting all forms of association (political and otherwise) outside that apparatus? Is Israel governed by a dictator promoting a doctrine of “leader-principle” and the supremacy of the state over everything else? If so, care to substantiate your allegation or should one take the “Evil Fascist...
I hadn't noticed, but thank you nonetheless. As for placing Mr. Ahmadinejad and his various declarations in their proper context, it'd be useful to be informed on the militia where he came from, the Bâssij.
I know about the subject I made a statement about (what you learnt from me) from your writing here. So I know enough.Not that your last sentence has any relevency to the above, yet if it makes you feel better, good for you then.
Nor do I care to. Of what you learnt from me or not, I can tell from your writing here.
New Posts  All Forums: