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Thank you. Although what you may consdier antiquated I think is contemporary, and what's problematic is that as long as there are many nation-states around one's collective welfare is better served by having one too.
That would be impossible since “Nation” and “Ethnos” are practically synonymous, but if I understand you adequately you consider nation-states to be wrong, as you also cited the US Constitution as what you consider the proper foundation of any political edifice. The US is not a nation-state, its identity is not national (not to mention ethnic) but political and statist, centred around the very document you cited and the various state institutions it regulates. But the US...
No. A nation-state is one whose sovereignity has an affinity to a national or ethnic identity (“Ethnos” being the Greek word for “nation”) and its culture. Italy is the nation-state of the Italian nation even though some of its citizens are not ethnically Italians (like the German-speaking Tyrolians of Alto-Adige). Spain is the nation-state of the Spaniards even though it has many sizable minorities such as the Basques, the Catalans, the Gallegos. Iran is the nation-state...
I don't understand you. Do you mean that some ethnic identities can have nation-states and others not, depending on whose identity it is?
Probably for the same reason why the Poles wouldn't want to be part of some Russo-Slovak confederacy, or why the Bangladeshi didn't just want to be Eastern Pakistan.Do you mean that all nation-states are racist, unethical? Feh Ireland! Why can't it just be part of England? Shame on Armenia, what don't they like about being in Greater Turkey? And then there's India, giving up on being the Crown's jewel. Not to mention the whole process of de-colonisation, now stricken down...
Soll der Schwartz mit dir zein.
I see, it's the miracle-formula popular wherever neither Israelis nor Palestinians live; for it is something neither Arab Palestinians nor Israeli Jews want. Arab Palestinians want their own Arab nation-state, Israeli Jews like having their own nation-state too.I cannot know why you don't hear about it. Ra’am-Ta’al is an Arab nationalist party, it sent four MKs to the Knesset in the March 2006 elections. Balad (“Motherland”) is another nationalist Arab party, it has three...
President Skroob sucked their air with MegaMaid®.
What's a “cooperative state”, like a big kibbutz? (The dream ideal of my youth)Equal voting rights for Arabs and Jews? That's the way Israel currently exists. As for the rest, who'd have expected an officially recognised Iranian Jewish organisation to publically express the official opinion of the Islamic republic of Iran?
Thank you. It's probably because I have many relatives and friends in France and I can still manage with the language.
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