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The name “Thomas” sounds close to ”teoma”, Aramaic for “twin”.
Something along the line of “the Jyllands Posten is a bunch of provocative retrogrades”.
Quite so.
Dabbling in amateur politics is quite usual for many academics.If it is interpreting these developments in the light of his actual field of study (unlike say, professors of Victorian litterature who write about the politics of paleontology), then perhaps.He definitely is on somebody's side:Hence “superior scholar”.I do get to hear the opinion of Mr. Cole (and like-minded others) quite often.One should doubt more, it improves one's health.
(Well, this Eurasian is busy fighting the Eastasians and you the Oceanians against whom we've always been at war, but I'll leave these matters at the doorstep). I have read some of Professor Lewis' works long ago. I don't presently have any volume at my disposal and my memory isn't quite what it used to be, so I cannot offer any insight, italic or otherwise, pertaining to actual words from the person in question. From what little I remember, he was quite intrigued with how...
Ah, yes… the nineteen-eighties. Colour TV (one channel) in all its glory, cheap white Subaru sedans (only around 200% tax for 1300cc engines and less, instead of the usual 500%), and VCRs. The first Macintosh. The digital audio Compact Disc (¡el futuro es aqui!), the Laservision video-disc, and the unhappy Betamax but also the forgotten RCA SelectaVision video-disc and Philips/Thomson Video2000 VCR (2x4 hours reversible cassette!); the X-cars. The coming ice...
While I am not privy to the exact numbers, the attacks have indeed been fewer and farther between recently. However, it seems more a case of ‘cannot’ than of ‘want not’ on the side of Hamas and like-minded organisations, as these have seen their offensive capabilities somewhat impaired, although not neutralised. Most of the violence these days however, is between rival Palestinian militiae, yet there was also an altercation between Israeli troops and Islamic Jihad (in...
Thank you.This depends on who “we” is; aften that, ability comes with volition.Or considering ideas*… *« On n’a pas de pétrole… etc. »
My Iran conspiratorial theory, here: “Iran is great fun for your entire family, every home should have one.”
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