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Thank you very much Tallest Skil. I’ll try Subler.
I don’t know, I only have the mp4 file, and while the VLC video menu shows the presence of an enabled subtitled track, it doesn’t display it. If there’s an SRT file within the mp4 file I cannot tell. Thank you.
I recently watched an mp4 video file with subtitles on my Mac, however, whether I play it on QuickTime or VLC the subtitles aren’t displayed. It’s the first time I have to deal with such a file. Is this an issue with the mp4 file format? Is there some setting to be adjusted in QuickTime or VLC?
If one wants a BMW compact (internationally sized) sedan, then one’s out of luck: the 1-Series only comes as hatchback. For a sedan this size one could go for a Mazda3, a Ford Focus, or a Volkswagen Jetta if one still wants to go Teutonic (well, the Focus is mostly German-designed and engineered but never mind). The same thing goes for the headless Mac or xMac as one chooses to call it.
Thank you for that link e1618978.
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this report, could that be another real-estate bubble bursting?Chanos: China’s hard-landing has already begun - Marketwatch China’s bust will be a thousand times worse than Dubai (Oct 17 2011) (I admit suspicion of such predictions) Extract:Then there’s the well known part about the CCP’s influence:I lack sufficient information to have an opinion on the matter, has the Chinese government some advantage it could leverage to weather such...
Kurdish Iran is a very small part of Iran. And how much of it do the rebels hold at present? The last I’ve heard, very little. And what war are they waging currently? Not much… Before NATO started bombing Libya (thus weakening the Libyan army), Libyan rebels have already taken over sizable parts of the country (notably the country’s second city, Benghazi), not to mention they represented more than a small ethnic minority (Kurds make ~7% of Iran’s population). Even taking...
So they may, yet they’re not likely to defeat the Iranian armed forces.
I was not referring to a particular suggestion, rather to the general idea of the US waging war on Iran. As for “bombing them and arming their enemies”, that would require an actual armed conflict with enemies likely to defeat the Iranian armed forces with the assistance of US bombing (perhaps following the example of that short Libyan internal conflict), since such enemies aren’t available, that option isn’t either for the time being.It’s not that certain Iran actually...
Iran’s offensive capabilities are quite limited, at most it could conquer the small Gulf fiefdoms if those weren’t under US military protection (if I recall correctly, CENTCOM is based in Qatar). However, while I haven’t been following it all that closely, the US military is stretched quite thin as it is, and Iran’s size and difficult terrain would require a substantial amount of personnel to invade and conquer. So, if the US wants a military intervention in Iran, it’d...
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