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This looks like one of those ‘WTF’ threads we have downstairs. It reminds of a certain fragment of a speech:Garbage…
You are just saying what you believe to be the truth (which is a disputed matter to say the least).No, it’s what you want to say. _ I was glad to learn the Steve Jobs had studied calligraphy and that it motivated him to bring multiple fonts to the first Mac, as I love calligraphy and practice it a little.
What Steve Jobs created had and has great impact upon my life, and I guess for many others here as well. To me this is the saddest day of this year. Thank you Steve Jobs and so long.
It reminds me of some display aliens used in a science fiction flick from the 90s, I forgot which one.
Well, it can certainly make itself heard and more than it used to be, but not all that loud.
2002 Quicksilver PowerMacintosh G4 800 Dual; Jaguar to Tiger. Only one repair in its lifetime (hardware), still in excellent condition. Still works relatively fast with the mid-noughties software installed, does have trouble with some video loads (notably streamed files). I’m very fond of it and still use it sometimes.
Please forgive me the belated reply.When Islam first reached that part of South East Asia it was more tolerant and enlightened than in later centuries, Islam’s expansion there was also peaceful and gradual, unlike say, in Egypt or Iran. It could be why it is more flexible.With the development of modern technologies, several influences began having serious impact, notably Islamic “hard-lining” as in more women wearing religious (often Middle-Eastern inspired) garb and the...
That always puzzled me, as countries with much older Muslim traditions (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran) one can be non-Muslim and still be considered Egyptian or Moroccan, in theory at least (let’s just say the situation has become more difficult in recent decades).Indonesia’s Muslim majority is overwhelming, unlike Malaysia’s, and yet it’s more pluralist. Islam in Indonesia is also known to be “softer” (in a sense resembling Middle Eastern Islam of Medieaeval times), one...
The Sixites were a million laughs, I enjoyed them a lot. We also had some propserity and rising living standards (well, in the developed world we had, not sure how much of it was “Twist”-related); I fondly remember my Jag E-Type… But not for long, I got married, and then moved to some dirt-poor Anarcho-Syndicalist community (and I actually enjoyed that too). But “Twist”, not for me. More like the Blues, and that is probably pertinent even more for our days than back in...
Thank you BR, I’ll search these documents.
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