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If your short novel about the adventures of Mssrs. Alphabet was destined to me, I'm afraid I wasn't able to follow; quite a confusing text.
The more someone uses South-African terminology about Middle-Eastern conflicts the less seriously I take him. The settlers' entreprise was a foolish one and the state involvement in it was mistaken; the settlers enjoying Israeli ex-territoriality in the West Bank is a peak of idiocy. But it's also foolish to argue that Israeli Jews living there is a crime.No scope was changed,you asked further explanation and got it. We talked about “stolen land”, and that can only apply...
As I replied to you in one of my messages above: in its current state, international law is as good as nothing.For such improvement to happen, international law needs to emanate from a permanent sovereign authority, both independent from UN member states and overriding all states' sovereignty, and a strong permanent standing army to actively enforce international law on states, and particularly to oppose any further genocide. Bascially: to have a real international law you...
Since the territories in question were unattributed and never recognised as either of Jordanian or Egyptian sovereignty, state-lands were under the jurisdiciton of the de-facto ruler (Jordan/Egypt before 1967, Israel after 1967 till the Oslo accords, presently either Israel or the Palestinian Authority in A and B areas).I need proof that almost all settlements are built on land stolen from its righful private owners.
Why of course! And the police, even though able to intervene, is supposed to stand by and whistle while bank robbery (let alone bloody murder) is being perpetrated, wait until the deed is done and then try to arrest somebody. But nevermind.
No. In the case where state-land is in question, you cannot.Here you enumerate allegations of irregularities and abuses, which are known to exist, yet do not prove that as a general rule, settlements were built on land deprived of its private owner, e. g.: stolen.Proof of what claim?Wrong. The tool used was military might, the motivation had to do with some kind of convictions.Not quite. He was arrested after the civil war ended, so him being tried in The Hague played no...
If it's my quoted writing you refer to, no it's not about one single thing. It's about several, I re-quoted it here so you could read it again.What are you talking about, the present trouncing of Hizbullah? Hizbullah sure is insecure.When I hear the tired phrase about anything being everything I don't even bother.
Where were the evil fascist Westerners going to East-Germany and killing people? Are you telling me there were no Palestinian terrorists going into Israel and blowing themlselves away with as many Israelis as they could? The latter are real and the security fence is stopping them and saving lives, but perhaps you couldn't care less.A fool could argue anything. Were there actual “West German fascists” actually killing people in East-Germany, where and when?
It's not that I am ignoring it, it's that I am not caring about the old East-German propaganda. The fact is the Berlin Wall kept East-German civilians from leaving East-Germany, the Israeli security fence keeps Palestinian terrorists from entering Israel and killing, if you cannot grasp that essential difference I cannot do it in your stead.
So to describe it inaccurately as a “wall” even though it is mostly a fence is supposed to give an accurate impression? Just don't let any fact get in the way of your “truth”. And no, that barrier is not mental, it's very physical.Perhaps you didn't notice, but the Berlin Wall was built to prevent East-Germans from getting out, not evil fascist Westerners from getting in (and what would they do in such a dreary place as East-Germany?). The security fence was built to...
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