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@gatorguy The blink for facial recognition is sort of like the extra in fingerprint recognition gates: testing for a pulse. Ick!
  Only if you see some special privilege in a score of zero.  HTC, in second place with three stars, is 48 points higher than the two star leader.  Apple's margin, for its five stars, blows HTC away by 59.  It has 67% more stars and 23% more separation from the lowest ranking group, exactly as the graph shows.   It is not close.
The Washington Post has the IDC second quarter as             Android  104.8 million units, 68.1 percent share             iOS            26.0 million units, 16.9 percent share.   I would assume that "share" means revenue.   http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/worldwide-market-share-for-smartphones-a-market-dominated-by-apple-and-android/2012/08/20/dc1bb65e-eb10-11e1-866f-60a00f604425_story.html
Nah.  You're just getting old.
We need a constitutional amendment forbidding patents on inventions employing software, wood products, or glass.  All require entirely too little investment.   Anything so inexpensive hardly deserves the attention of overworked judges.   What were Madison and those dreamers thinking?
Because software does not protect in any way what the software does.  If I systematically rewrite code to do exactly what the original does, using minor variations from the original, I have not violated any copyright.   If I copy all the names and numbers from the phone book and publish a phone book of my own, with my own header and format, I do not violate the original copyright.   Copyright is totally ineffective for ideas or fact embedded in the words or symbols.
All that you have made is a paper tiger.  The question is not the "end result" but the specific method patented, off limits for the term of the patent.
So your legal opinion is that the patent should not have been issued, as the description is too vague to tell one "knowledgeable in the art" (viz. , Google engineers) enough to enable them to build it.   I know nothing of your legalistic or technical skills in general, but what you quote is from the claims section, not intended to describe anything, but to set out the scope claims for the lawyers.  What you ought to be reading is the Detailed Description on the Invention,...
The value of a product name is measured in dollars.  How lousy is it, exactly?
Price fixing is illegal among competitors. Macmillan and Apple are not competing, but have an agreement under which Apple sells books at a price set by MacMillan -- exactly as Apple sells We Are Young, or Angry Birds Space, at prices set by the originators.
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