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 You are an Apple fan that doesn't understand Apple at all. Want to see your face in the Q1 '14 when the 5C will be sold at record highs. It's a very hot hit just now. 
 In fact, it isn't too much. It is the same iPhone 5, which until today costs $649 but now at $100 less, because it isn't in a premium enclosure. The new enclosure isn't cheap neither, I expect it to be very popular handling drops that otherwise could create very ugly dings in a 5/5S. I think it could be one of the most resistant smartphones out there. And I want the yellow one NOW! 
Now I understand why the borders of the buttons in the keypad are transparent circles 
I see that iPhone 5C packaging and I think more that Apple will ditch the iPod Touch and substitute it with the 5C with a starting price of $299. Don't know if they are going to do it just today, but I'm pretty sure that the real plan.   The Touch is a product that every year makes less sense. It also have a very low resale. In fact, it is very difficult to resale. I have a 64GB and a 32GB my wife, both 4th Gen, and months have passed and we have been unable to sell them...
Next time I think Apple must not make a public event at all. Just record a video presentation at the web homepage showing every new product and refresh the d*mn store and web site with all the new things. I think then we will be really surprised with all the new stuff. All these crazy leaks are really a big turn down.
I would say: 16GB iPhone 5C; 32GB iPhone 5; 32, 64 and 128GB iPhone 5S.   8GB it's too little
The back of the 5C will be a complete electroluminescent panel. Why and what for? I don't know, because it's cool! :)
Right now, with the launch of this iPod Touch without the back camera I don't know what are they smoking at Apple. It will not sell. The camera is probably one of the 3 biggest points of sales for an iPod Touch. Photo sharing social networks are in bloom. And major social networks are offering easier options to share photos. What are they thinking about? And, all of the previous generation have cameras. Bad cameras, but at least they had one. In fact, they added a better...
The only surprise I want to hear is: "Hey, you know what? We bought Yahoo!".
What the h*ll is Apple waiting to buy Yahoo! ? Apple's webservices aren't good enough, and instead of building an all new infrastructure they should save money and precious time by buying Yahoo! It's a no-brainer....
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