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Hey Jobs!!! I don't have money to buy a new 13" MacBook Pro, and I want it SO, SO BADLY. Send me one please. I swear I will notify any major news sites about my history, I SWEAR!!!!
The whole web isn't going to change to HTML5 because of Steve Jobs, it'll change because of Flash. Flash has been a bad choice since the start of it, just because the ease of use. But Flash is bad to the client, it works horrible with the machine resources and Adobe haven't done anything to optimize it, maybe because it is impossible to make it better just because of its core malfunction. I guess Flash will never work well in mobile devices. It worked horrible in Desktops...
Completely agree! They are making pressure to put flash out of the way and they are going to make it.
He didn't say any real secrets. Everybody knows it's going to be a tablet device, a lot of evidence everywhere... He only confirmed that it runs iPhone OS, of course, it should be a more advance OS. The surprises will be in the software and the hardware. Let's just wait a few hours more
They won't. It'll be $999. That's what they consider a price under $1000. I really hope that device won't cost $1000, not $900, neither $800. The price should be between $500 and $700. Otherwise, with all this crisis, I don't think they're going to sell too much of those tablets at $800-$1000.
The thing that no one seems to note is that the market has started to saturate of smartphones. The people that can afford one already have bought an iPhone, Droid or Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, PRE, or another, and generally they are happy. Particularly the iPhone have a very large lifespan people are still using the 1st Generation like they bought it past week, and we're talking almost 3 years now. It's too late to catch the iPhone.
Maybe the french guy didn't understand the questions and just answered "oui" to everything
I have always thought the logo should be the Flash, 'cause it doesn't affect the design, and since Apple likes those cool details maybe it could happen, but I wouldn't count too much on that, we'll see. Now, that's the reason I'll upgrade from my 3G
I suggest Nintendo to add a phone to the DS and then call it: NinPho
Heheheh, just release the fucking iPhone unlocked, you can't expect to have such a cool device just for a niche. APPLE WILL NEVER WIN THIS CRAPPY WAR, IT IS IM-PO-SSI-BLE. Steve Jobs should know this, he was a hacker and now he's been hacked. Not a good sentiment Steve to know you are being robbed right? Well, these kids are thirsty for more. Are you ready to expend a couple of millions more trying to secure your device just for nothing? Everybody wants an iPhone, just...
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