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I just hope that all the "leaks" of parts of the new iPhone that emerges every single day are false too, and Apple shows a completely different design.
I really thing Apple should create some super-secret assembly HQ. These things must be stopped just right now.
The day Apple unveils the new iPhone we'll know everything about it. No emotions at all. And then dissapointings begins…
Why not a magnetic port, just like the magsafe? :/   Also, why not a mini thunderbolt?
I don't like it. At least not what we are looking at. I hope that isn't. The 4 looks better than that. I hope that we all are being fooled.
If that's what Microsoft is focusing into may God save their souls.
What I would like to see is the same behaviour that the bookmark bar appears when one clicks in the address bar.
Quoting myself, there's a little detail behind that concept: Maybe the researches about that kind of wearable gadget aren't compelling at all. Probably people don't want to wear that kind of things… Who knows….
Man, one word for you: Restrictions.The iPhone have a lot of restrictions for parent control. Have you ever had an iPhone in your hands???
That doesn't mean Apple couldn't make a new nano design with physical buttons that have the same functionalities as the shuffle.For me the shuffle must die with an evolution of that nano into a really great wrist gadget that could interact with the iPhone. And that little device in one or two years could push FaceTime to the places nobody has ever gone before.It is the perfect device for a new Apple revolution.
New Posts  All Forums: