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If that's what Microsoft is focusing into may God save their souls.
What I would like to see is the same behaviour that the bookmark bar appears when one clicks in the address bar.
Quoting myself, there's a little detail behind that concept: Maybe the researches about that kind of wearable gadget aren't compelling at all. Probably people don't want to wear that kind of things… Who knows….
Man, one word for you: Restrictions.The iPhone have a lot of restrictions for parent control. Have you ever had an iPhone in your hands???
That doesn't mean Apple couldn't make a new nano design with physical buttons that have the same functionalities as the shuffle.For me the shuffle must die with an evolution of that nano into a really great wrist gadget that could interact with the iPhone. And that little device in one or two years could push FaceTime to the places nobody has ever gone before.It is the perfect device for a new Apple revolution.
No, no, no. I don't like that. I hope they don't do it. The next things must be:   Kill the shuffle Seriously convert the nano in the iWatch (iTime, whatever...). Throw that clip away, please... Rename the Touch to simply iPod, and upgrade its camera and storage up to 128GB Kill the Classic. About time... Release that iPad Mini, if it really makes sense. Release iPhone 5, The New iPhone, whatever they gonna name it... Upgrade...
Those robbers know what's good. What they don't know is that Apple devices are easily trackable.
It isn't hard for me to imagine that some people really need a physical keyboard. What is hard for me to imagine is that people would prefer a Surface over an iPad for such irrelevant thing when there are a lot of solutions for the iPad out there. If you couldn't use a physical keyboard with the iPad, I could give Microsoft that as a selling point, but that's not the case. Since day one the iPad has been able to use bluetooth keyboards. So, that's why, for me, that...
If they ever release that thing on that size I'm confident that it will have at least one feature (besides the screen size) that could make it different from the iPad and the Touch. You have to think about the Apple lineup to know that it must make sense to exist and it must be desirable to buy it even for iPad owners. The Apple lineup has been built in a way that people want to buy every product for any need. The only exception could be the Touch if you have an iPhone,...
I like your creepy style
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