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Those robbers know what's good. What they don't know is that Apple devices are easily trackable.
It isn't hard for me to imagine that some people really need a physical keyboard. What is hard for me to imagine is that people would prefer a Surface over an iPad for such irrelevant thing when there are a lot of solutions for the iPad out there. If you couldn't use a physical keyboard with the iPad, I could give Microsoft that as a selling point, but that's not the case. Since day one the iPad has been able to use bluetooth keyboards. So, that's why, for me, that...
If they ever release that thing on that size I'm confident that it will have at least one feature (besides the screen size) that could make it different from the iPad and the Touch. You have to think about the Apple lineup to know that it must make sense to exist and it must be desirable to buy it even for iPad owners. The Apple lineup has been built in a way that people want to buy every product for any need. The only exception could be the Touch if you have an iPhone,...
I like your creepy style
It does include a stylus, or a stylus will be available, as in the presentation they demoed that even there's a magnetic zone aside the Surface to attach the stylus
I certainly think that keyboard selling point is the dumbest think I have ever seen, specially that cover keyboard. How is that think supposed to stay in a lap? You can't use that if you don't have a table. Even if you have a lap plate to rest that thing you'll be stuck in its fixed angle. It's a total mess. If I would use a keyboard frecuently with my iPad I could use a Apple Wireless Keyboard with me that is small enough to carry on, or use that Logitech cover or any...
I really don't know what to think about the 7". I wrote about it in my new blog when the Nexus 7 came out. I look at the Kindle Fire and I think "hmm… this size is somehow comfortable" but then, after a couple of minutes it does begin to feel too small almost for anything. Sure, maybe I'm wrong. I think it could have a big segment waiting for something like that. But, what it would be? An iPad? I really don't think that Apple would degrade the iPad name to that thing. An...
It doesn't have anything relevant to switch. Uninstalled right away. Stick with Safari.
I do not agree with the impediment. What I do agree is that they force Samsung to change the design and the interface. Until that they can't sell it. 
Hello, Mr. Ballmer!
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